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Sakkra (Council) 11/1/2008 1:19 PM EST : Holowood Galactic Studios FAQ
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What is expected of HGS members?
Members must embody the spirit of HGS and represent the Studio with class and respect – no leets and or cyb0rz (NSFW link!).

Do I have to be an Entertainer to join HGS?
No. OOCly, we accept all professions. You can role play anything from a Galactic Celebrity,bodyguard, Mandalorian, physician, pilot, Hapan Princess, or RICHSullustan businessman. You can RP anything that your imagination canlend itself to as well as create an IC profession that will be an excellent reason for the Studio to offer you a contract.

Can I work for HGS ICly, while not being guilded OOCly?

There are times when we will contract non-HGS guild members such as an arrangement with the Planet Holowood tent (you don't need to be in HGS to perform there). However, players who do not wear the HGS tag OOCly are not considered HGS Studio Membersand will not have any special privilege to the private section of ourguild forums, cannot be featured in our annual calendars, websitebanners, represent the guild in any way, or say that they are a memberof the Studio.

Do I need to guild all of my characters in HGS if I want to join?

Youare allowed to have your alts in other guilds. However, you may not beadmitted into HGS if you plan to or already have your 'clone' alt(essentially the same RP character) guilded to other guilds. i.e. AClone alt would be: Sakkra', 'Sakkra, Sakkra- or Lovelee &Ariadnae, who are RP'ed as the same person with only variations oftheir names.

If my character is ICly in a band or a dancing troupe, can I still join HGS, and keep my membership of my band/troupe ICly?

Yes.HGS is not a band or troupe. Think of it as an entertainment union or anetwork of talent and stage crew. Also, admittance into the Studio doesnot require you to join a band or dance troupe.

If my character is ICly working at a non-HGS event or venue, can I still join HGS, and keep my other working contract ICly?

Yes.You can keep your personal performing gig contracts at non-HGS eventsor venues.  You can also keep your piloting contract, your personalclothing business, and or your non-HGS bartending contract.

I’m already a Galactic Celebrity and have my own Studio/band/dance troupe/recording Studio. Can I join HGS?

Yes.It is not uncommon for the real-world Studios of today to work outagreements with well-known Stars. The alliance with the brands is seenas a plus for both sides. Typically, the Studio will provide space forthe Stars production company in return for distribution rights formaterials produced during such collaborative efforts.

Essentially,you would still be producing your own stuff, but HGS would help toproduce it in an executive fashion and might distribute it to placesyou may not have access to on your own, ICly. Also, HGS will notinterfere in the management of your personal studio/band/dance troupe.

I was harassed in the past. What is HGS policy on OOC harassment?

We have zero tolerance for harassment. We have zero tolerance for online and RL predators of any sort.

Do I have to provide any personal (real life) information during my application?

Wewill not ask for your RL name, age, sex, religion, race, forumpasswords, or RL location. Any information that we do ask will berelated to the game or forum handler identity only.

HGS is based in Riva Dorata, on Corellia. Do I have to move my houses to Riva Dorata?

No. HGS membership does not require Riva Doratra citizenship. If you want to move to Riva Dorata then you will need to contact the Rive Dorata City Council members.

I play on a different server, and will be RPing on Starsider occasionally. Can I still join?

Yes. We have a couple of members who call Starsider a second home.

If my main character is in another guild, can I still join on an alt?

Yes.You are allowed to join HGS if you have a main character, not your'clone' alt (essentially the same RP character), in another guild.

Can I invite friends to apply to HGS?

Ofcourse! You can sponsor a friend to HGS. Our application process isweighted heavily on referrals from current HGS members as well asmembers of the community.

What are referrals?

Theseare IC or OOC contacts that you have role played with in the past orwith whom you currently play with. These can be players on differentservers. We will ask for a list and contact them in regards to yourapplication. Referrals are not meant to be IC work referrals. You donot have to spend time networking and gathering RP work referrals.

Do I need to appear at all HGS events?

Wewould love for member participation. However, showing up to our eventsare optional. We understand that RL comes first, this includes RLemergencies, obligations, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, family,school, work, etc...

Do you have non-US timezone players in HGS?


Does HGS emote fight or duel?

Mostof HGS members are non combatant and are ICly unable to fight. That iswhat security is needed for. However, your character is allowed tofight. Both methods of /emote or /duel fighting are accepted in theHGS. Always ask, OOCly, to see how the others in the conflict prefer,and work it out with them.

What can an IC combat character do in HGS?

You can RP as a Close Protection Personal, security, pilot, fencing instructor, Stunt Performer, or anything that your imagination can lend itself to.

Can I OOCly bounty hunt or PvP, being a member?

Yes.When you participate in bounty hunting or PvPing make sure you indicatethat you are OOC by either not wearing the (ROLEPLAY) tag or wear the(OOC) tag.

Can I ICly bounty hunt or PvP being a member?

No. As an entertainment Studio we can’t have our members ICly scalping players out. That would jeopardize the Studio ICly.

Will you kick my character if I will have temporary problems to pay for my subscription?

No. We will not penalize you if you have financial problems that temporarily prevent you from playing SWG.

Does HGS help low combat level characters grind?

Yes. We do our best to help one another.

Does HGS help new members with credits and gear?

We do our best to help one another. However, HGS is not an ATM machine and we do not have unlimited funds.

Does HGS run weekly guild instances?

We will organize a guild instance runs when the need arises but we currently do not have a regular weekly instance night.

I don't want to join HGS. But want to RP with this guild. How do I start?

Feelfree to initiate RP with any HGS members. If you would like to organizea storyline, plot, or intra-guild event please refer to this guide: Role Playing with Holowood Galactic Studios.

I don't want to join HGS. But want to attend HGS events and be notified through in-game mails.

Add you character name(s) to the Holowood Galactic Studios Event Mailing Sign-Up page and you will be notified via in-game mail.

I want to join HGS. Where do I start?

Please Start here.

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