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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 9/25/2007 3:07 PM EST : Racing Events for Dummies
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disclaimer: This is a guide that we (lonavalamari & SciFiGeek) compiled from our personal experiences and the experiences of others. It is not meant as the be-all and end-all to race event planning. Everyone is different and may have a different way of approaching race event planning.

Hosting a racing event
takes a lot of effort and work, but the reward is worth it. Whether you're running a racing event to bring players together, roleplay, or meet people, planning a racing eventwill allow you to organize effectively and will help youin getting the turnout you want and most importantly, enjoythe race. 1. Come up with an idea (Research). 2. Determine date(s) & time(s) for the event. 3. Get help. 4. Determine what is necessary to implement the idea (Storyteller props, Live Interactive support). 5. Advertise event. 6. Host event. 7. Follow-up from the event. 
  • Learn about swoop racing and racing to get an idea of what it is.
  • Look at all the official race tracks.
  • Learn how to use a Race Droid to create and hold your own races. *Publish 21: Race Coordinators are still broken*
    • Deploythe droid in the desired location. Program the droid with a number ofwaypoints. Initialize the droid. It will allow racers to run yourcourse and it will record the best time for that track.
  • Scoutout an area to hold the racing event. Test the track. You can createshort tracks with a lot of turns or long tracks. Get feedback fromothers.
  • Create a racing theme or concept:
    • Holiday race. i.e. Lifeday race, Labor Day Race etc...
    • Planet specific race. i.e. The Race on Rori
    • Player city specific race. Hold a race in your city.
    • Create an annual, monthly, or weekly race. Come up with an interesting name: The Great Lok Race, The Amazing Race
  • Determine race types
    • Vehicle race. You can specify what kind of speeder if you want. i.e. AV-21s only, etc...
    • Mount race
    • Nekkid race. No combat, no dueling, no buffs. Participant will need to be completely "nekkid".
    • Relay race. Each team consist of four players. Three players are given waypoints to a relay point at a merchant tent (pit stop) orbuilding. Starting players all are given a baton to pass off to theirteam member as they reach the relay point. Station race volunteers ateach relay tent to ensure that each team completed each leg. The firstteam to bring the baton across the finish line wins.
    • Galactic Rally race (no racing droid). Works best on long races as you can't really do tight turns.
      • Set up merchant tents on a course. Each tent has a standard vendorwith a fireworks in it. The final tent is located at the start (onecircuit race) with only 5 fireworks with the names “First place”,“Second place”, “Third place”, and so on.
      • As the playersare racing, you can run a chat room while spectators watching from thecity receive "radio" reports from players near the vendors, announcingthe leader at each leg.
      • Galactic Rally race allows peopleto choose their course (i.e. set two vendors either side of a lake,player has to choose drive over the lake or race on the shore).
      • At the end, everyone sets off the fireworks.
  • Plan a week in advance. If you want to build hype, plan a couple weeks in advance.
    • If you want live interactive support you will need to give the Events Manager 2 weeks notice in advance.
  • The World Clock - Current local times around the world
  • Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii and the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST (Daylight Savings Time) but instead stay on standard time all year long.
  • Delegate tasks to guild members, friends or community members to take pictures or record attendance. Assign clear duties and responsibilities such as:
    • Find Engineering Traders to craft the vehicles.
    • Find a volunteer to help design and test the tracks. 
    • Find a volunteer who can officiate at the race. (If you set up races that do not use the race coordinator droids).
      • You will need officials at each waypoint to make sure the racers complete each leg.
    • Find volunteers to distribute prizes to the winners after each race.
    • Find a volunteer take pictures of the event and the winners.
    • Find volunteers to launch fireworks.
  • You can also contact an event helper for help with your event.
  • Create your own fireworks. Since the event is outdoors, it's a great opportunity to use them.
    • Have some firework show packages put together and have various people spread out to set them off at the right moment.
  • Check the "Player Runs by Default"box in Options (this makes your character run rather than walk bydefault). It effects vehicle speed, so if you want to race, check thebox.

  • Use Storyteller items. View Storyteller Decorations.
  • To request Event Support (Pex), follow this Step-by-step guide. **Live Interactive was cut in May 2008 (Time to say farewell)**
    • If you plan to request an NPC played by Pex, do researchon the character. Pex will need to follow certain character guildlines.i.e. Find a character that would be interested in a race. Remember thatswoop racing is illegal. The Emperor doesn't allow for formal competitions. A helpful resource is Wookieepedia.
    • If you plan to request an NPC played by Pex, look at the character list. You can also request non-canon characters.

Star Wars characters can be played by Events Manager, Pex.

example of race track that consist of AT-ATs, AT-STs and persistent effects (electricity, smoke and fire)

racers can weave through a maze of Sandcrawlers and Jawas
  • Publicize the event as much as possible. Read the the guide to promoting your event.
  • Post an event announcement on your Galaxy forum "Upcoming Player Events" post. This will be posted on the Current Player Events.
  • Advertise your event in fan sites or Roleplaying Server Communities.
  • Create visual ads and post them in the events forum, and your server's forum.
  • Advertise the rules in advance. This will help to eliminate any misunderstandings or false-expectations.
  • Advertise in-game. Ask another event host to sponsor your event. Spreadthe word. Send Emails (Guild Mail, Event Mailing lists, City Mails)
examples of a racing ads. The Great Lok Trek by lonavalamari. Tour of the Galaxy by -SupermaN-

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  • Remember to delegate tasks.
    • Assign people to officiate at the race. (If you set up races that do not use the race coordinator droids).
    • Assign people to distribute prizes to the winners after each race.
    • Assign someone take pictures of the race, participants, and winners.
    • Assign people to launch fireworks.
    • Assign someone to record the names of attendees.
    • Assign someone to record chat logs (/log). This is entirely optionalbut we find it really helpful to read after an event. It gives us achance to see tells that we've missed, or have documentation to settleany disputes that might arise later.
  • Create a schedule or organizational chart. Post on the forums prior to the event.
    • Be specific about what race(s) will take place at such and such time(s):

example of racing schedule

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 10:00 am PT – Swoop race(s)
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 11:00 am PT – AV-21 race(s)
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 12:00 pm PT – Jetpack race(s)
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 1:00 pm PT – Mount race(s)
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 2:00 pm PT – Relay race(s)
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 3:00 pm PT – Nekkid race(s)

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  • Send a thank you letter to all of those who attended the event.
  • Write an event report and post in the galaxy forum, events, fan sites or roleplaying server communities.
  • Tell people how the event went. Post images of screenshots, and give them the URL.
  • Contact people who run fan sites and pod cast to feature your post event news. You can find these people in the community news forum.
  • Ask for suggestions, feedback, and comments.

Copyright2007, LonaValamari. All rights reserved. All text, content, graphicdesign, logotypes & art work are registered trademarks, copyrightsand property of their respective owners. LonaValamari does not make anyprofit off this design. This is not endorsed by Wiley Publishing, Inc.,LucasArts or Sony Online Entertainment and is intended forentertainment purposes only.

Additional credits: SciFiGeek's Relay race, Ani_cul's Nekkid race, and Red-Dwarf's Galactic Rally race. Images of AT-Ats, AT-STs, Sandcrawlers and Jawas by

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