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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 6/13/2007 7:51 AM EST : 2007 Patron Day ( Father's Day ) Pictures
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We celebrated Father’s Day with a Star Wars theme on June 12th, 2007. HGS hosted the event and Advent provided security.

For information about the holiday, click on the ads below.

For Patron Day we went on a camping trip to Endor.

The Events Manager, Pex, provided live interactive support as and Elder Ewok patriarch. Thank you Pex!

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The Ewok Elder arrives and welcome’s us into his village.

 Spatial Chat
Green Custom Emote
Blue Event's Manager (Pex)

[Chat]  Tamlee Seba says, "Does anyone know the origin of the holiday?"
[Chat]  Issmir grins at you.
[Chat]  You give him a hug.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "Hello hunter"
[Chat]  Issmir says, "Coldblood!  You're looking delightful" in Dosh.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "thank you"
[Chat]  Tamlee Seba waves to Issmir.
[Chat]  "Hello Issmir.", Tamlee Seba says.
[Chat]  "Warmbloods.", Issmir says.  "Is good to be seeing you"
[Chat] Issmir says, "I am not remembering party way sbeing here,coldblood.  Is actually coincidence I was being here"
[Chat]  "it is a camping trip coldblood", Nallu Koras says to Issmir.
[Chat]  "Is good!", Issmir says.  "And I am seeing Zabrak female is bringing little warmblood!  Is snack?"
[Chat]  Ahn'issk says to Issmir, "Greetings, hunter." in Dosh.
[Chat]  "Coldblood.  A Pleasure to see you again", Issmir says in Dosh.
[Chat]  Issmir says, "You're looking delightful as always." in Dosh.
[Chat]  Issmir says, "But be careful - the tiny pelt is pretending not to be a snack." in Dosh.
[Chat]  "You flatter me.", Ahn'issk says in Dosh.  "Thank you. You are looking rather formidable, yourself."
[Chat]  "You're too kind, shjimmerscale", Issmir says in Dosh.

[Chat]   Ewok Elder pets Ultor.
[Chat]   Ewok Elder waves to you.
[Chat]  You smile at  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]  Khayman Braska bows to  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]  You bow to  Ewok Elder.

[Chat]  Ayala blinks in disbelief at  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "Hello, Your Elderness"
[System Message]  The Ewok Elder speaks in his native tongue which, luckily, you understand.
[Chat]  Tamlee Seba whispers, "Who's that?"
[Chat]  "<Greetings!>",  Ewok Elder says.
[Chat]  "<You have come to celebrate Patron Day?>",  Ewok Elder says.
[Chat]  You nod affirmatively to  Ewok Elder.

[Chat]  Ayala nods at  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]  "We heard about a Father Tree here", Nallu Koras says.
[Chat]  Tamlee Seba says, "I was asking earlier if anyone know the origin of Patron Day."
[Chat]  Ewok Elder says, "<Ah yes, The Father Tree.  I did not expect beingssuch as yourselves to care about such things. I know how this holidayhas changed off-world.>"
[Chat]  You nod at  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]   Ewok Elder says, "<The Father Tree is protected by Grudakk and is sacred to all Ewok kin.>"
[Chat]  "It can be materialistic.  I'm so elated you came to visit us in your village", Nallu Koras says.
[Chat]   Ewok Elder says, "<I am pleased to have you all here.>"
[Chat]  "<Today is a day we celebrate our fathers and our fathers before them.>",  Ewok Elder says.

[Chat]  Ayala looks down as she remembers her late father.
[Chat]  Tamlee Seba looks at the critter following Sil'ver.
[Chat]  Ewok Elder says, "<It is not about gifts...but even the young Ewokwill gather fruits for their elders.>"
[Chat]   Ewok Elder says, "<As a show of respect.>"
[Chat]  Nallu Koras tries to forget about the holoads for Patron Day droids and tools.
[Chat]  You nod at  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]  "<I hope you all will take some time to think of your own fathers.>",  Ewok Elder says.
[Chat]  You nod at  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "I'll comm my father soon"
[Chat]  Sil'ver Darkness says, "Excuse me elder"

[Chat] "<Every tree on my world can be a way to connect you to the FatherTree, who is the Father of all things.>",  Ewok Elder says.
[Chat]  Sil'ver Darkness says, "but I was wondering if I could hug you"
[Chat]   Ewok Elder nods at Sil'ver Darkness.
[Chat]  Sil'ver Darkness gives  Ewok Elder a hug.
[Chat]   Ewok Elder would blush if not covered in fur.
[Chat]  Ewok Elder says, "<I must return to my cubs.  They are planning somesort of surprise. I almost fear what a litter of young ones considersappropriate.>"
[Chat]   Ewok Elder laughs.
[Chat] "<Happy Patron Day to you all.",  Ewok Elder says.  "Maythe Father Tree and Grudakk guide and protect you all.>"
[Chat]  Ayala bows to  Ewok Elder.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "thank you, Happy Patron Day to you Elder"
[Chat]   Ewok Elder bows to you.
[Chat]  You bow to  Ewok Elder.

Our second camping location was the Ewok Tree Village. Some of us hiked there using our mounts.


SilverDarkness (Applicant) 6/13/2007 9:21 PM EST : RE: 2007 Patron Day ( Father's Day ) Pictures
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*points again to the part where I got to hug him* *giggles madly* I got to hug him and and and I didn't get shot!!!! *cheers wildly*

What a great event!

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