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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 11/15/2007 3:56 AM EST : SOE Forum Collection
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Guppy Queen
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A new forum game where you can win this forum icon

Click on
this link

Forum Collection

Welcome to the Collections game! This is yourchance to collect various links and images from across the Web toreceive the title “Collector” here on the forum.

You'll also receive a forum icon  along with the new title.

The first three players to complete each collection below will receive the Collector title and icon (fifteen Collectors total).

You may only choose one category below to post the “collected link” for. If you postcollections for more than one category, you will be disqualified. Also,duplicate posts (copying and pasting someone else's links) willdisqualify you – no two collections can be exactly alike! One or twolinks can be the same as another posted collection, but not more thanthree. 

Please remember to post the category name youcompleted and the URLs/links for each collectible – please do notinsert the images into your post.

Don't forget to double-checkthat all URLs in your answer are appropriate, adhere to the forumrules, and are working correctly. Edited posts are not eligible.


SWG Forum Collection

  • A screenshot from Thunderheart's Home Show
  • A Puzzler with a location on Lok
  • A post written by Teesquared
  • A Galactic Tale written about the theme “Star Destroyer”
  • A Friday Feature scramble with a line of dialogue from Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Guides Collection: Completed by Powers and sumone55, one spot left!

  • A guide to a heroic encounter
  • A guide related to paintings in game
  • A video guide (must be a movie link)
  • A guide related to the Galactic Civil War
  • A guide to fishing in Star Wars Galaxies

SWG Web Site Collection

  • A Friday Feature written by Matt Bogue
  • A blog written by Head GM Moonlite
  • Fan Art created by GarVa
  • A Galactic Hot Spot on Tarquinas
  • A profile of a Star Wars Galaxies Game Master

Fan Site Collection

  • A spotlight of a player not spotlighted on the official web site
  • An interview with a member of the Star Wars Galaxies team
  • A Star Wars Galaxies wallpaper gallery
  • A walkthrough of a collection
  • A Star Wars Galaxies name generator

Image Collection

  • A screenshot of the “Dusk in Kachirho” painting
  • A screenshot of Pex in his Zabrak form
  • A photo from the 2007 Fan Faire
  • A screenshot of the Wookiee Cultural Center (Intrepid)
  • An out-of-game map of Death Watch Bunker

Good luck!

Guppy (SuperAdmin) 11/15/2007 6:07 AM EST : RE: SOE Forum Collection
GP User: Guppy Queen
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Guppy Queen
Posts: 41034
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Congrats poArexa!



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Powers is the first Collector! Great job!

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