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Forums : Behind the Scenes > Nominations for Role Playing Senator – 7/30/10
Guppy (SuperAdmin) 6/24/2010 12:40 PM EST : Nominations for Role Playing Senator – 7/30/10
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Accepting Nominations for Role Playing Senator
Draakull said:

The Galactic Senate gives players a stronger voice in the game and helps strengthen the dedicated Star Wars Galaxies community.

A Galactic Senator represents to the best of his or her ability the segment of community for which he or she has been appointed. It is the responsibility of the Senator to take into account the interests and sentiments of those represented in an unbiased and objective capacity, serving as advocate, leader, and unified voice for the players.


Candidates for the Galactic Senate may be nominated by any player in good standing, and self-nominations are also considered. Clarity and influence are among the top desired traits for a Senator to possess. An election commission comprising of the Star Wars Galaxies Community Team will appoint the title of Senator to players from the pool of nominations. Once appointed, a Senator will serve a 6 month term at which point the position will be open to new candidates.

We are now accepting nominations for the following senators:

Existing senators can serve consecutive terms on the following conditions:

  • The senator must nominate himself/herself for the desired position.
  • At least three other players must nominate the senator for the same position.
  • May not run for Senate again if previously removed due to violation of forum rules.
  • Nomination does not automatically guarantee a consecutive term; the existing senator must also be chosen by the SWG community team


Sending in Your Nomination

Send us an email at to nominate yourself or a fellow player for a senate position. In your email, be sure to include:

Position Nominated For:
Character Name of Nominee:
Forum Name of Nominee:
Real Name of Nominee (if known):
Server of Nominee:
Player Association of Nominee:
E-mail Address of Nominee (if known):
Reason for Nomination:

Remember, players are not chosen based on the amount of nominations! You are not voting for a senator, but instead telling the team why that person should be chosen.

Nominations will remain open until Friday, July 30th, or until the open position is filled. Filled positions will be announced once a selection has been made.

visit this page for more information about the Galactic Senate.

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