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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 7/14/2008 11:27 AM EST : Station Launcher
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Ashlanne said:
Station Launcher is a simple, one-clickapplication that securely delivers all of your Station games, friendsand community news right to your desktop. Manage your Station gaminglibrary like never before; it's fast, easy and secure.

Access all of your Station games in one convenient location.No more need for multiple desktop shortcuts and launch pads for allyour Station games. Station Launcher offers one easy to use and secureapplication that delivers all your favorite Station games and servicesright to your computer.

Purchase games, updates, services and more.It doesn't matter if you're looking for the newest Station game, thelatest expansions, card packs, news updates or Dev chats - StationLauncher has all your Station games and information on file soeverything is just a click away!

Connect with friends from any Sony Station game.Stay connected to friends, meet new players and reconnect with formergaming buddies. Station Launcher makes it easy to connect across allStation games and manage your friends list.

Click here for the full Feature List.

Station Launcher is currently in Beta. For more information and to participate in the Beta Testing, visit the Station Launcher website.

Find Your Friends Fast!

You can view your friends in different ways:

  • By Activity:View friends by their current activity. Got a friend playingPlanetSide? Go join 'em soldier! Is your friend currently in StationLauncher? Start a chat and convince them to join you in EQII to helpfinish a hard quest!

  • By Friend: View your entire friends list alphabetically. Need to find a particular friend? Use this view!

  • By Character: Viewyour friends by which of your characters they're linked to. Want toplay your fave character? Check out who's on that character's friendslist here!

Search For Old Friends


Friendsfrom your character's in-game Friends Lists are automatically includedon your Station Launcher Friends list. You can chat with friends fromthe game you currently play, or with friends from long ago!

For example, you can look up old friends from EverQuest by using the EQPlayers website, and the same for EQII Players, Planetside Players, and Vanguard Players. Friends from Star Wars: Galaxies and The Matrix Online can also be added.

Use the "Add" button in Station Launcher to put them on your Friends list by filling in their character name, game and server.

Privacy Settings

Restassured! You can turn off the Station Friends system from the statusarea. You can also access privacy settings for each of your charactersin: Options Menu > Preferences > Privacy Settings

Check out all these cool Station Friends features and other Station Launcher features on the Station Launcher website, then sign up for the Beta and start chatting with your friends!

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