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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 10/12/2008 7:21 PM EST : Lona's Companion Auctions for Dummies
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disclaimer: This is a guide that I compiled from my personal experiences and the experiences of others. It is notmeant as the be-all and end-all to companion auction planning. Everyoneis different and may have a different way of approaching companion auction planning.

Hosting a 
companion auction takes a lot of effort and work, but the reward is worth it. Whether you're running a companion auction event to celebrate the holidays, bring players together, role play, or meet people, planning a companion auction eventwill allow you to organize effectively and will help youin getting the turnout you want and most importantly, enjoythe event.

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 1. Come up with an idea (Research).
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 2. Determine date(s) & time(s) for the event.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 3. Get help.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 4. Determine what is necessary to implement the idea (Storyteller props, Live Interactive support).
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 5. Advertise event.
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  • Figureout the process of an in-game player auction event - Buying and selling players by offeringthem up for bid, taking bids, and then selling their time to thewinning bidder. In an open auction players may repeatedly bid and are aware of each other's previous bids.
    • English auction - Players bid openly against one another, with each bid being higherthan the previous bid. The auction ends when no player is willingto bid further, or when a pre-determined "buy-out" price is reached, atwhich point the highest bidder pays the price. The seller may set a'reserve' price and if the auction fails to have a bid equal to orhigher than the reserve, the seller remains unsold. If there is noreserve price, the auction is called absolute.
    • Suggested Opening Bid (SOB) - In an open auction it is considered important that thereshould be at least a 50% increase in the bids from start tofinish. The auctioneer must start the auction by announcingan SOB that is low enough to beaccepted by one of the bidders.
    • When players bid the same amount at the same time, use the chat box to show who bid first.
    • Time requirements- Your auction should have a time required for preparing and conductingthe auction. If a participant does not get any more bids for up to 10seconds, start the countdown on them.
      • Countdown - [Amount of Bid] Going Once ... [Amount of Bid] Going Twice ... Sold to the highest Bidder!
    • Decideon a method of credit transaction - Auctions are great fundraising tools for a guildor city. Decide on what percentage of credits will go to theorganization (guild / city) and what percentage will go to theparticipant.
  • Select a themed. Pick a theme that you think will appeal to your bidders.
    • CompanionAuction - Seller / participant (player) can provide services such as going out tohunt or help with a quest with the winner, they can help grind groundor space experience, they can offer to craft items, or entertain(perform a dance or musicial number) for the winner.
    • Bachelor / Bachelorette Auction or Dating Auction - Participant goes out on a date with the auction winner.
    • Slave auction - A participant held in servitude to another. In Star Wars Galaxies slaves can be Twi'leks or Wookiees. But they are not limited to those races.
      • Understand that Star Wars Galaxies is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.
      • Understand the SOE's Community Policies and SOE's Terms of Service. SOE will not tolerate the following:
        • 1.7 Posting or transmission of sexually explicit images.
        • 1.11 Offering or solicitation of material that might be deemed illegal, indecent, or obscene.
      • Understandthat there are minors and kids under Age 13 that play SWG. If youoperate an online service (auction) directed to children under 13 thatcollects personal information from children or if you have knowledgethat you are collecting personal information from children, you mustcomply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
      • Some in-game slave auctions may involve cybersex and online predators. Before you plan the auction make sure you state the intent of your event.
  • Pick a location. Scout for possible areas that are accessible by all character levels.
    • Choose areas that can easily accommodate the number of expected sellers and bidders.
    • You can select an indoor area with a stage for the sellers to be presented on.
      • PA halls can be used or city buildings such as city hall.
      • Player-controlled theater or cantina
        • Mayors can place public gardens and other decorations around the city.
    • Possible Points of Interest for an Outdoor area.
      • Vreni Theatre, Corellia (-5420 -6260) - Great stage, but seats are far in the back.

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  • Plan a week or 2 weeks in advance for more than 20 attendees.
    • If your auction is public, advertise it on the forums.
  • The World Clock - Current local times around the world.
  • Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii and the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST (Daylight Savings Time) but instead stay on standard time all year long.

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  • Delegate tasks to guild members and or friends. Itis difficult to auction someone while receiving tells of "Can I join?"every 15 or so seconds. Assign clear duties and responsibilities.
    • Recorder - Hire orfind a volunteer to record the participant’s names, information, aswell as the winner (bidder) information and how much was paid.
    • Backstage Assistant - Hire or find a volunteer to organize the participants. This person will give instructions to them on where to go and when to go up on stage.
    • Accountant - Hire or find a volunteer to make the credit transactions during the event. This person should be someone who can calculate fast.
    • MC / Announcer - Hire or find a volunteer that will introduce the participant on stage, and take in bids.
    • Staging Personnel - Hire or find a volunteer to place storyteller props and assist with the staging of the auction.
    • Assistant Auctioneers - Two or three people can understand what's happening much faster than one person trying to see everything on a screen.
    • Photographer (optional) - Hire or find a volunteerwith a good video card and the proper gamma setting. Use the optionSHIFT + CTRL + H to turn off the HUD. The photographer should also turnoff chat bubbles and player names as well as turn up their detailsettings to get higher resolution photos. Event pictures can be used for event reports.
    • Organize a Security Team.
  • Have a backup roster of helpers in case something comes up.
  • You can also contact an event helper for help with your event.

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  • Recruit participants that will be auctioned to other players.
    • Askthe volunteer what their character would do. Request a small backgroundor what they could offer: Quest help, experience grind help, craftingetc...
  • Decorate an auction stage. Refer to the guide to home decorating and plan out what type of furniture / decor you want to include.
    • Provide a building that is large enough to accommodate the bidders, participants and guests.
    • Droids, vendors, or items can be named "Costume Party Next Door", and they can be dropped in entryways to provide directions.
    • If you have a trader character, pick a unique building sign. Use hex codes for your building signage.
  • Use Storyteller items. View Storyteller Decorations.
examplesof auctions and storyteller props from left to right: 1. A guildhalldecorated with storyteller props. 2. Storyteller props made in theshape of a heart for a Hunk Auction. 3. Stud Auction held in MosCarova, Tatooine (Starsider). 4. Ahn'issk struts her stuff at acompanion auction.

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  • Send out auction invitations
    • In-game email - Include invitations to each person assisting you with the Show (entertainers, and traders of any goods you will be distributing or using).
      • Email invitations to multiple guests by separating the names in the To: field with semicolons. A guild officer or city mayor can do a mass mailing for you.
      • List the name of the Show, month, date and time at in the Subject line. This will decrease tell hell during the event.
      • Include a planetary waypoint to the Show in the email attachment.
      • Provide a notice in the invitation if there are certain rules i.e. no weapons, fighting, dueling, bounty hunting of guests, pets, etc...
      • Send the first email one week in advance.
      • Send the second email (reminder) one day in advance.
  • If this is a public event, publicize the event as much as possible. Read the the guide to promoting your event.
  • Forum announcements
    • Provide a notice in the invitation if there are certain rules i.e. no weapons, fighting, dueling, bounty hunting of guests, pets, etc...

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  • Remember to delegate tasks. Don’t try to do everything yourself.
  • Beflexible - Players will join at the last minute. Allow flexibility andinclude late volunteers. The more volunteers you have, means morefundraising credits.
  • Decide on the Means of Communication. How will you communicate with the event helpers?
    • Set up a specialized chatchannel.
      • Type /chatRoom join SWG.Starsider.Chat.StudAuction [Replace "Starsider" with your own server. "StudAuction" chat channel can be any name you come up with]
      • Or right-click on a Chat-Tab and than click on "Join Channel". Under [Enter Server here] -> Chat, find the "StudAuction" (or whatever you create) to join.
  • 1 week before the auction.
    • Email invitations and post announcements in your server galaxy.
    • Hire a security detail of bounty hunters, city militia or other bodyguard-type classes to report any griefers.
    • Send a copy of the Welcome Speech to the MC.
  • 2-3 days before the auction.
    • Get admin rights to any building(s) you may be using for the event (cantinas, PA halls)
    • Set up as speech macros and rehearse as many time as needed.
  • 16 to 4 hours before the auction.
  • 1 hour before the event
    • Auctioneer, participants and event helpers must show up at the event by this time.
      • Group-up and decide on a means of communication: /GuildChat, /GroupChat, /ChatRoom, or voice chat program such as ventrilo, teamspeak, or in-game voice chat.
    • Ensure that helpers are at their designated locations.
    • Your photographer should be there.
  • During the auction.
    • Haveyour guests write down a description of themselves.The announcer will introduce each participant as they work it on the runway.
    • Keepup the pace and keep everyone well engaged. Have your assistantauctioneers scan the crowd for bidders. Players will loose interest ifthe auction is dreadfully slow.
    • Assign a volunteer to record names of attendees. These names can be used to send thank-you letters.
    • Assign volunteers to be the security, eyes, and ears for the event use necessary means to get rid of griefers. Use these methods:
      • /report in game.
      • /denyservice if you are an Ent.
      • Write a ticket Without the ticket, /report does nothing. Clearly state how the griefer is violating the SOE's Community Policies, SOE's Terms of Serviceand harassing you and what you have done to try to make him stop.Include any evidence you have, like screenies, logs, FRAPs video etc.
      • /addignore in game. Do not acknowledge their existence. Getting into an argument with them will not solve anything.
        If someone is harassing you to no end, e-mail the Online Community Relations Team at
    • Make sure the photographer takes screenshots of the show and other back stage activities.

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  • Send a thank you letter to all of those who attended the event.
  • Write an event report and post in the galaxy forum, events, fan sites or role playing server communities.
  • Tell people how the event went. Post images of screenshots and give them the URL.
  • Contact people who run fan sites and pod casts to feature your post-event news. You can find these people in the community news forum.

Copyright2008, LonaValamari. All rights reserved. All text, content, graphicdesign, logotypes & art work are registered trademarks, copyrightsand property of their respective owners. LonaValamari does not make anyprofit off this design. This is not endorsed by Wiley Publishing, Inc.,LucasArts or Sony Online Entertainment and is intended forentertainment purposes only.

Additional credits: A guildhalldecorated with storyteller props by Rapture in Riva Dorata, Corellia (Starsider). Stud Auction held in MosCarova, Tatooine (Starsider) by Kiora & Lula. Ahn'issk struted her stuff at acompanion auction in Sunrunner. Saiic shared his personal experiences with companion auction, which was also used in this guide.

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