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Upnau (Member) 3/20/2009 4:01 AM EST : Upnau

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Underground Hit

Name : Upnau ( Oop - Now )

Born, cloned, hatched, or spawned : Born, The Herdship "Tafanda Bay"

Resides : Unknown ( OOC'ly has buildings in Tergill, Naboo )

Profession(s) : ( Spy ) Scout, Tracker, Survivalist, Herbalist, and now Bodyguard.

Appearances : 6'4" ( 7'1" if trunk is fully extended ) , 207 Pounds , If seen appears humble and calm.

Hair : long gray trunk hair.

Voice : Stereophonic when speaking Ithorese. Quiet whenspeaking basic. Like all Ithorians, possesses the ability to bellowloudly and violently expel air, resulting in a deafening and concussivescream.

Scars & Markings : Various scars from past injuries while hunting.

How they Act : Polite, humble, and respectful, even ifconfused which is often. Abides by the "Law of Life" and will not killa sentient unless it is -absolutely- necessary.

Faction(s) : None. ( Rebel OOC'ly )

Player roleplay Allies : Brindan Call, former employer.

Player roleplay Enemies : None

Roleplay storyline Allies : Wimmel, Mate, Deceased. 8 Offspring, 3 Living.

Roleplay storyline enemies : Only the savage beasts he's hunted.

Motivation(s) : To protect life. To have purpose. To commune with nature.

Fatal Flaw(s) : Too trusting and a lack of social skills.

Skeleton(s) in the closet: Has taken 2 sentient lives. Both in self defense, but the second wasone of his offspring who had a violent nature and had killed three ofhis siblings already. Was forced to kill him to protect the others andhis mate, who later died of natural causes.

Player PvP :
Full PvP – Will engage in any kind of PvP. Whether it is structured with rules of engagement or a free for all, letting the fates decide.

Player Time Zone : EST Every day.

Characters: Upnau

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