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Karen' (Applicant) 11/11/2008 8:01 AM EST : Karen' Starwalker
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Character Name & Aliases

Name – Karen' Starwalker

Born, cloned, hatched, or spawned  - Born - Doaba Guerfel, Corellia

Resides Sandstorm City, Tatooine

Profession(s)  Entertainer

Appearances – About 5.6 moderate build with fair skin.  She is often smiling

Hair – Strawerry blonde and medium length.  Falls in her face from time to time.

Voice – Her accent is hard to place, but its definitely distinct. 

Scars & Markings – Just a small scar on the side of her calf from a swoop accident

How they Act – Karen is very friendly but shy.  

Faction(s) – Nuetral

Player roleplay Allies – really friends more so than allies

Player roleplay Enemies – none

Roleplay storyline Allies – havent really developed any yet

Roleplay storyline enemies – none yet

Motivation(s) – She is basically a fun loving girl and seeks to do the things that makes her happy or what gives her a sense of making a difference.

Fatal Flaw(s) – She tends to avoid conflict.

Skeleton(s) in the closet – Ummmm, lets skip this one

Player PvP – What's Star Wars without a little action? Blaster bolts and explosions, battle cries and death throes. How far are you willing to go?
Not v ery interested in PVP and as an entertainer not much she can do

Player Time Zone – EST time zone and pretty much every chance I can get.  Mostly nights after 9:30 pm but I do pop in during the day when i work from home and of course on the weekends

Guppy (SuperAdmin) 2/5/2009 8:19 PM EST : RE: Karen' Starwalker
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Karen is modeling in the Festival of Love campaign ads.

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