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I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants!

- From Ewena
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Welcome to The Order of Loki,

The cornerstones of the Order of Loki are Honor, Kindness, Cooperation and Courage. The Order of Loki is currently recruiting people that reflect those traits.   Loki is currently on the look out for wizards and chanters but all are welcome.

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537207809_Inactive, Sep 25, 07 7:18 AM.
Anguish, Qvic and soon Theatre of Blood.  Progression continues to come along nicely as well as quite a few 1.5 weapons, Borachon, Sexytoes and Grod have achieved. All in all things are going great except for some holes in the guild that will never really fill.....Our long lost friends Mari and co...Slicin, Eaglethunder, Litheoryia...Miss you guys. The Order of Loki is currently recruiting folks that have never had the oppurtunity to be in Loki! There has to be one or two of you guys out there? Ally raid requirements are 65+ qvic, anguish and tob keys very helpful. Loki will continue to do Loki events as numbers allow. Newest Member of the Quarter is Cannben ...always willing to help.

537207809_Inactive, Apr 24, 07 11:42 AM.
You Don't have a can of Bug Spray big enough to get rid of us! Recent events saw yet another Loki exodus to a bigger larger guild. Big Deal. Loki did what it has always done..Pulled together and came out stronger than before. With the addition of the Lany's Alliance Zones that were inacessible are now possible and we have the potential to see game content we never have before. Members please sign up at the

Happy New Year For Loki

537207809_Inactive, Dec 31, 06 7:29 AM.
LOKI has ended 2006 on a high note. Recent targets included CT, BoT Towers, Epics, and Arcstone Named. While exploring the new content Loki has also burst into MPG and Riftseekers. With the current gearing up...2007 promises to be great.

2006 Member of the Quarter

537207809_Inactive, Apr 2, 06 10:12 PM.
Thank You Litheoryia! GUILD Member of the Quarter. Lith has spent countless hours in PoK trying to build our numbers. Thanks for your effort!

Guild Member of the Quarter end of '05

537207809_Inactive, Feb 12, 06 11:25 AM.
THANK YOU AVYLANA! She is our Guild member of the quarter. Nominated for her selflessness and participation in all things Loki.
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