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Here we go.

Songman!, Jun 15, 13 10:44 AM.
One year on, from Reborn's last raid - give or take a few months.

The main lesson: Always remember to cancel auto renew's on your pay pal - thanks a lot douchbag Guild Portal. We’ve got another 6 months here before our logo’s turn to text.

Anyways, I used this as an opportunity to catch up on what’s gone on in WoW and Thunderhorn in particular.

First off, hi to all those fellow games who supported our guild till the end.

There are no more 25 man raid guilds on Thunderhorn, except Highland Warriors, but they kind of don’t really count, they’re 10, then 25, then 10, then not raiding, then raiding, then… you get the picture, but still, they’ve at least been around for ages and survive, I even remember Mannings (a rogue) sitting on his lvl 60, 60% frost sabre mount in EPL telling me they were the best guild to join! I didn’t want to join a guild at the time, Reborn started a few weeks later, as it happens. If you don’t remember EPL, it’s probably because you were 11 fucking years old at the time.

But wait just a minute, where have all the 25 groups gone… well, it looks like Ambuscade went to another server while being the best 25 group on the server – they reached the top on Thunderhorn! Finally, good luck to them. The other 25 man group, you all remember the ones that trolled our player base and new recruits swinging their little peckers around to the point of harassment, well, they couldn’t seem to last 3 months into a new raiding tier, never mind complete it. Yip, Alternate Reality, asshole fucking karma coming full circle, just like that. Jerks.

And as for the disappointing Reborn turn coats, you know who you are.

On a lighter note, I've joined magic school, coming to a pub, club and Bar Mitzvah near you. Not really.

Dragon Soul Tribute to Insanity style

Songman!, Apr 19, 12 5:46 AM.
This reset Reborn completed our "clean flush run" with no wipes all the way through Dragon Soul Heroic 25 Man. The run took about 2 hours 15 minutes from the first trash pull at the gates.

Next, we will turn this $100 bill... into one hundred pennies! **poof**

Well done Reborn!

Glory of the Dragon Soul Raiders!

Songman!, Mar 29, 12 3:31 PM.
Last night, Reborn became the first second raiders to ride the Meta drakes from Glory of the Dragon Soul Raiders, on the server.

Well done Reborn!

<photo's inc>

Dragon Soul Update: Madness of Deathwing Defeated, 25 Man Heroic.

Songman!, Mar 23, 12 8:12 AM.
That's it done, 13/13 Heroic, 7/7 Heroic, 8/8 Heroic, all as 25 Man, every time.

Last night we went into Dragon Soul and killed Deathwing Heroic. The last two Tiers have been more about getting 25 players online, keeping them online and converting the kill when we had them online, and it's great to get this done.

It's been the most challenging of the 3 expansions I've lead Reborn to keep a 25 man team running on this our server Thunderhorn, thanks to those who stuck with it and everyone involved who weren't there in the 25 to finish this off (we'll get it done again).

Well done Reborn!
F*ck all the nay sayers. That is all.


Dragon Soul Update: Warmaster Blackhorn Heroic Down

Songman!, Feb 28, 12 8:29 AM.

Last night we killed off Warmaster Blackhorn 25 Heroic, we had a few low % wipes on Thursday so we had to carry this over the weekend - but we're glad to get it done in the first few pulls of Monday. The kill came through nicely and it felt well controlled on the 5% debuff, giving us a clean 6/8 before the extra 10% nerfs hit tomorrow.

Remember kids, always have at least 4 players under every single barrage. All of the times. That is all.

Well done Reborn!

Dragon Soul Update: Ultraxxion 25 Heroic killed

Songman!, Feb 12, 12 7:19 AM.

On Thursday evening, the 9th Feb, Reborn tipped the scale off the back of a few low % wipes the night before to kill Ultraxxion 25 Heroic.

Well done Reborn!

Dragon Soul Update: Heoric Warlord Zonn'Ozz Heroic

Songman!, Feb 4, 12 11:12 AM.
 On thursday, Reborn went into Dragon Soul and killed Warlord Zonozz, nice fight in the end.  



Dragon Soul Update: Yor'sahj Heroic 25 killed

Songman!, Jan 31, 12 10:05 AM.

Last night Reborn went into Dragon Soul an killed the Unsleeping.

Well done Reborn!

Dragon Soul Update: Hagara killed by Reborn

Songman!, Jan 13, 12 10:56 AM.

Last night Reborn went into Dragon Soul and took down Hagara, a little late in the day as we've been trying to pull through Morchock with lower than desired healer numbers but good timing on a second kill for us regardless. Lots of disconnects, we did it with 24 players in the raid - yay for us.

We are actively recruiting skilled healers, please feel free to touch base with me online or via the forums.

Well done Reborn!

Heroic Ragnaros 25 Killed - Firelands Cleared Heroic.

Songman!, Dec 14, 11 11:05 AM.

This is a news update I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time, centred around our 25 man team taking down heroic Ragnaros 25, our guilds first ragnaros heroic kill. 


We’ve tasted all the renditions of this boss as he’s been changed along the way, we’ve experienced it all, pretty much. It’s taken a lot of grit from my core to get this done, as we did a majority of the pulls with less than 25 players, a different setup pretty much every night and more shitty trials and players that let us down than I can throw wet-post-ingested-fhuk-hue fish at.


We missed our goal of a pre-patch kill by a few pulls and a few %.

We got down when we had a low attendance and did 23 and 24 man pulls all those nights.

We got down when players were DC’ing, so so much.

We got frustrated when we had single wipe mistakes.

We stuck together and did our first kill as a 25 man team, as always.

We came back again and again to get this done.

We showed true grit.

We have true grit.

We got put through hell at times.
We got it done.

We are Reborn!


<Screenshots Inc>


We also killed Morchok heroic this reset, a 6 or7 healer fight from a 3 or 4 healer fight on Ragnaros, thanks a lot Blizzard.


<Screenshots Inc>


Well done Reborn!

Dragon Soul - Normal Modes cleared

Songman!, Dec 8, 11 4:32 AM.

Reborn started the Normal modes on the first reset and cleared out Deathwing to unlock the heroic modes of the last raid tier.

Not short of being a little less smooth than we'd like, with buttons going missing, players FPS dropping through the floor or falling off Deathwings back and having to wait 20 minutes through a round of offliners, but we made pretty straight forward progress on the encounters - as many seem to have done.

The goal now is to push through the heroic modes, enjoy some festive period time in a few weeks and finish off Cataclysm.

Well done Reborn!

Legendary Quest Chain Completed

Songman!, Aug 31, 11 6:49 AM.

Over the many years we have been a raiding team on Thunderhorn (from around Feb 2006), Reborn has shown the server a number of things...

The first Warglaive of Azeroth dual carrier, the first Violet Drake from our Sartharion 3D HM kill, the alliances first Legendary Mace, the servers first Algalon event, we opened the Lich King cinematic on the fountain of Dalaran, we showed the first Invincible mount, we showed the first Ironbound and rusted proto drakes, we showed the first raiding ICC mounts, we had the servers first plagued proto drakes and we showed the server the first Legendary Axe.

It's proud that we've showed the server the first legendary staff event in Stormwind with Dontbescared earning his; Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

Well done Reborn, congratulations Dontbescared!


Heroic Firelands Update: Majordomo Staghelm dead.

Songman!, Aug 31, 11 6:13 AM.
This little annoyance has been cleared up, Majordomo Staghelm has been cleared on 25 Man heroic which lines us up with the watershed 6/7 Heroic done. Nice to get there. 

Reflecting back on the 6/7 we had the usual summer break's injecting fragmentation into our roster, we had a few reset's with no progression raids and probably the biggest disappointment being not getting the boss we could have, earlier on - and this would be Staghelm. 

Speaking of druids, to all the nay sayers, resto's are just fine. 

Well done Reborn!

Heroic Firelands Update: Heroic Baleroc 25 defeated.

Songman!, Aug 30, 11 2:39 AM.
Last night Reborn went into Firelands to kill Baleroc on Heroic mode. It's been a little bit of a long time coming and after getting locked out of the zone by le fire wall, we had to get GM help to reset our instance. This added to screwing our momentum and I'll moan about that right here - that said the GM came back to us quite fast. But we got it done, nice kill too.

Last night marks a return to a full roster too, good times. 

Well done Reborn! 

Firelands Update: Alysrazor Heroic defeated

Songman!, Aug 12, 11 4:24 AM.
Last night Reborn went in to achieve the Alysrazor heroic fight and got the job done, Baleroc and Mjordomo next on the list.

Well done Reborn!

Firelands Update: Heroic Beth'tilac and the state of the nation.

Songman!, Aug 10, 11 5:09 AM.
It's been a lethargic start to this patch's content during this period of the year, probably expected and last night we finished off Beth'tilac Heroic 25 on our first fragmented reset back as lots of player vacation breaks start getting our roster on track.

Bethtilac was a clean kill after 2 nghts of mindless wiping, we didn't take a screen shot but we did take a movie:

Well done Reborn!

So we're half way through the trash bosses and we're off to get some new kills as we start to tune this up.

Firelands Heroic Update: Lord Rhyolith 25 Heroic has been killed.

Songman!, Jul 19, 11 11:09 AM.
We started on Lord Rhyolith Heroic at the beginning of this lockout, I'm glad we got it done and that it's over after a little over 3 days raid time on him. Sunday night was a pain in the ass on missed volcanoes and a raging comedy of errors, but our kill on the night was pretty solid and probably repeatable. 

Well done Reborn!

Firelands Heroic Update: Shannox has been killed.

Songman!, Jul 11, 11 8:03 AM.
Shannox Heroic has been killed by Reborn earlier this reset. 

Well done Reborn!

Firelands Update: Heroic mode Unlocked

Songman!, Jul 6, 11 11:46 AM.
Still chilled? Well, more persoanlly pissed off that Blizzard nerfed "Stay Chilled" as foretold by the prophecy, our first firelands reset and we got Ragnaros down to open up the Heroic mode content on the seven bosses.

I've stopped kicking up a fanfare about these normal bosses since TOC but nevertheless a good reset to knock it on the head. We didn't speed through the bosses, but had all 7 on Server first 25 man if that means anything to anyone on Normal - the other teams were probably farming trash at the start of the reset or practicing heroic tactics, I'm sure.

Heroics incoming.
Well done Reborn!

<kill shots incoming>

News Update: Blizzard will be nerfing the "Stay chilled" achievement, to the ground, very shortly.

Songman!, Jun 23, 11 8:01 AM.
Yes, they will, because we got through it last night to finish off the last of the Glory of the Raider meta achievement for 14 of our players. I think we did very well with this one on 25 man given the limited availability of useful guides out there, we did it our way.

Picture incoming, well done Reborn!




Pictures and Video's

Reborn Pictures

Reborn Movies
-= Black Temple=-
1. Illidan Stormrage View

-= Mount Hyjal =-
1. Archimonde Download for better quality.

-= Serpentshrine Cavern =-
1. Lady Vashj first kill View

  -= BWL =-
1. Reborn kill Nefarian (2006-08-29) Download - 28MB
2. Reborn kill Chromaggus (2006-08-09) Download - 9MB
3. Reborn kill Ebonroc and Flamegor (2006-07-31/08-01) Download - 6MB
4. Reborn kill Firemaw the Drake (2006-07-24) Download - 11Mb
5. Reborn kill Broodlord Lashlayer (2006-07-21) Download - 8MB
6. Reborn kill Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (2006-07-18) Download - 17MB
7. Reborn Kill Razorgore (final moments) - Download - 10MB

 -= Onyxia =-
1. Reborn kill Onyxia (2006-07-02) Download - 20Mb

 -= Silithus =-
1. Reborn kill Silithus bosses (2006-08) Download - 28Mb

Episode 1




Guild Progress

Dragon Soul (8/8)
Morchok (25)
Warlord Zon'ozz (25)
Yor'sahj (25)
Hagara (25)
Ultraxion (25) 5%
Blackhorn (25) 5%
Spine of DW (25) 10%
Madness of DW (25) 10%

Firelands 7/7 HC
Beth'tilac (25)
Lord Rhyolith (25)
Alysrazor (25)
Shannox (25)
Baleroc (25)
MD Staghelm (25)

Ragnaros (25)

Progress: 13/13 HC
Blackwing Descent

 Magmaw: 25H
 Omnotron DS: 25H

Maloriak: 25H
 Atramedes: 25H
 Chimaeron: 25H
 Nefarian: 25H

The Bastion of Twilight
 Halfus WB: 25H
 Valiona & Theralion: 25H
 Ascendant Council: 25
Cho'gall: 25H

Throne of the 4 Winds
 Conclave of Wind: 25H
 Al'Akir: 25H

Baradin Hold
 Argaloth: 10/25

 Farmed Instances 
  Ice-Crown Citadel
   -11 LK HC 25 Kills
  Naxxramas (10/25)
  Malygos (10/25)
  Sartharion (10***/25***)
   Ulduar (14/14 )

  Black Temple (10-06-08)
  Sunwell - Brutallus (pre 3.x)
  Lady Vashj Pre Nerf
  Hand of Adal pre Nerf 

Killed HC
Killed Norm









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