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Black Rose Knights_inactive
Tsoth's Epic
Feb 6, 05 10:36 PM
Aana's Epic
Jan 23, 05 12:24 AM
Tartenya Gets Epic
Oct 24, 04 6:23 PM
Completed Quest
Feb 28, 04 11:18 AM
Welcome to Black Rose Knights! The Black Rose Knights is a place where family and friends get together to have fun. We are open to all races, and classes after having an interview with a council member. One Alt may join the guild after the Main has reached level 30, then one more every five levels after that. We are not of guild of just Alts. If for some reason you are not happy with this guild and wish to leave, please contact a council member before doing so. We would like to know where our faults are so we can fix any problems. Hopefully after we address the problem you may feel differently. "Be Proud of Your Tag" If you wish level and class to be unknown please use /roleplay instead of anonymous. We are a proud guild, the more we let people see our tag, the more people may be interested in joining us. We will be doing raids, but we do not do raids specially for loot and xp. If that is what you are expecting, sorry you will be disappointed. Raids are for the guild to get together to meet people and have fun. However if there is a special drop item that you would like, bring it to the attention of a council member. We will see what we can do. We may be working with other guilds, so please be polite to everyone you meet. You'll never know when they may have to save your butt. Conduct rules: Begging for money, equipment, or power leveling is forbidden. It is the option of each individual if they want to help in leveling new guild members. KSing others, camp stealing, ninja looting, training, bad language in any type of public chat, and public disagreements are also forbidden. Please use private tells for disputes, but be nice (kill them with kindness). If a guild member has a problem with another guild member, please bring it to the attention of a council member. There will be council meetings held once a week, guild meetings twice a month, and we will try to raid at least once a week.

Tsoth's Epic

536977005_Inactive, Feb 6, 05 10:36 PM.
Congratz to Tsoth!!! He finally got his long awaited epic!!! This was completed on Feb 3. Thanks to everyone in Gforce and other various ppl!! Way to Go T!!!!

Aana's Epic

536977005_Inactive, Jan 23, 05 12:24 AM.
I want to thank BRK, KoSL, FoR and NH for all their help with my epic fights! Thanks to all you guys I finished my epic on Jan 16. Couldn't have done it with out you guys!! Love you all!!!

Tartenya Gets Epic

Tartenya, Oct 24, 04 6:23 PM.
October 23, 2004
Thanks to all BRK members along with FoR and KoSL who helped with final epic turn-ins in City of Mist. A special thanks to Chamak for all his help and support with Plane of Fear and faction work.  Tartenya will carry her weapon proudly---it is truly a proud reflection for the entire guild. Long live Black Rose Knights!

Completed Quest

536918638_Inactive, Feb 28, 04 11:18 AM.

Chamak is the first person of the BRK to complete his Shammy epic in January!!!
Ghrast has completed his Warrior epic in February!!!
Way to Go Guys!!!!

Looking to add more to this list soon, good luck to all who is working on them!!!

Have 2 more to add to the list =)
Ralan and Rakurai both got their Wizzy epics. GRATZ GUYS!!!!!!!!

Gratz to Tomazian, Gargar and Deathreaver. They have completed their epics. I am happy that more have been able to complete their epics, even at this time when numbers are low due to the nicer weather. I know that others have been working on theirs and their names will added to this list very soon. Great Job to Death, Tom, and Gar again.

The list is growing, not as fast as some would like, but we are trying to work on them. New to the list is Istari, and Faeelenya.
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