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Welcome to the Sons of Morrigan guildhall! Here you will find Morrigan's truest defenders of Hibernia. Morrigan is the Celtic War Goddess and often takes the form of a raven on the battlefield. We are her Sons and Daughters and we defend Hibernia on the Guinevere server. We are also proud members of the Resiliance Alliance.
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Klora Plast, Jul 1, 11 11:42 AM.
What's up old friends?!?!

DAOC is coming up on it's 10 year anniversary soon and it got me thinking about all the great times we had together...

So I stumbled by this old site to say hello and let you guys know I am still playing WOW and DAoC once in a blue moon.

I play on Illidan as Klora but I will be transferring back to Thunderlord in the next few weeks.

Anyways, I hope anyone who still checks this website is doing well! 

Comment below with the skinny on what games you are playing, servers, emails or whatever. 

My email is


World of Warcraft Releases!

Klora Plast, Nov 23, 04 9:00 AM.
Hello Mighty Sons! I promise this will be the last WoW spam on the Sons site.... For those of you interested in World of Warcraft, please visit prophets From there you can join up with the Prophets and play Horde or you can link to Sarm's Offenders if you wish to play Alliance. The two guilds will have a bloodfeud on the same server. The server choice is East Coast PvP. The server name in Mannoroth. Have fun and see you in game!

Allied Guilds and Forum Features!

Klora Plast, Nov 15, 04 3:05 PM.
Hello everyone! First of all I would like to thank Doland for sponsoring both Prophets of Rage AND Sarm's Offenders! Doland now gets to be called Executive Producer or "SugarDaddy" to you ladies out there. Me excluded of course, we are related on the firbolg side. As World of Warcraft approaches release I want to welcome all of the Sons of Morrigan player base to check out the Prophets of Rage website. If you are interested in Alliance characters pitted -against- the Prophets of Rage, then visit Sarm's Offenders. Some new features will be tested out that will effect players in all games and servers. I need everyone to check out a new Forum called the Kiosk. The Kiosk should be accessible from any Guildportal hosted Sons guild. A list of links of the Allied guilds can be found on your respective guild's homepage. Prophets and Sons can find theirs in the top right corner under the banner labled "Allied Guilds". The forum is a communal forum that is listed in each guild but viewed by all. Now we can keep up with everyone in a single shared forum. In addition to the Kiosk forum, there is the Inner Sanctum (sounds menacing doesn't it?) forum to be shared by all officers and GMs across all Allied Guilds. I need anyone with officer or admin status in any Allied guild to confirm that this forum is viewable from your respected officer forums. Once everyone can access the shared forums, the shared forum can replace some of the sprawling general and off topic forums. Currently the shared forums are hosted on the PoR site so I can monitor it without the clutter of the SoM page. If it proves to be efficient, I will move it to the Sons page. Please feel free to post or email me about the new forums, I need feedback for it to be a success. Remember to post in the new forums if you can see them =P Thanks for your time, ~Klora Mon Troll Shaman Herbalist "if I don't meet ya no more in this world, I'll meet ya on the next one.....and don't be late" -Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"


Klora Plast, Oct 18, 04 8:47 AM.
Congratulations Fey!! (sorry this is a week late) Last Sunday Conno, Elden and myself surprised the wee one with what should have been hers for quite some time. Fey Veru is now a Hierophant Morrigu aka Rank 0 aka Hefe aka Patron aka Bossman aka Dragon Lady aka Head Honcho aka Don Squeaky. Make sure you all congratulate her on her new posistion and when she says jump, you say "when can I land?" She will be covering mine and Eldens asses officially instead of unofficially. And of course she will be tending to the feeble and senile Connobaamh in his old, delusional age. Now she has some authori-tay, so listen to her or be flogged. Three cheers for Fey!!

End of Summer and Site Updates

Klora Plast, Aug 22, 04 10:02 AM.
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great summer, I know I did. Around this time of year the game population will decline slightly. Most of us are going back to school or ending a nice summer vacation from work. Keep in mind that everyone will be on a little less. Some people do not take this into account and assume the guild is "getting thin". Lets all try to keep up with each other on the website. Speaking of the website.... All the sticky posts are updated to the best of my ability. Please review the "Site Features and You" especially if you are unfamilar with the way guildportal works. Another sticky that was in much need of editing was the MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS sticky....please review that one and always direct possible recruits to that sticky in the Perch. Lots of other stickys were edited so dig around. Next up I will revamp the Raven Lore Information boxes to reflect the guild changes and restructure of the ranks.. Look for that sometime this week as I wil lhave to rewrite a lot of things. HAve fun at school/work and keep in touch on the boards if RL takes over =) Peace and Chicken Grease, ~K-Lo aka The Kloranator aka Dumbass, aka She-Male Princess of Power, aka Natty Dread the Time Pirate aka Fey's Backdoor Mann.
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Jul 1, 11 11:42 AM
World of Warcraft Releases!
Nov 23, 04 9:00 AM
Allied Guilds and Forum Features!
Nov 15, 04 3:05 PM
Oct 18, 04 8:47 AM
End of Summer and Site Updates
Aug 22, 04 10:02 AM
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