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Blades of Glory recieves a new Commander.
Welcome Beatcha Toapulp Guild Leader to the guild Blades of Glory.
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Welcome to BoG
Hail and well met

Welcome to the home of Blades of Glory, a guild based on the Tholuxe Paells server of Everquest. Members of this guild are bound to each other by blood and honor.

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Guild News

A New Beginning!!!

536881862_Inactive, Jan 15, 05 6:09 PM.
Lords and Ladies of Blades of Glory and to any who enter our realm,

Welcome to the new BoG. BoG will be doing an overhaul, a revamp if you would say. Feel sorrow for those of our friends and comrades who have departed and then turn and head down the road you choose. It is now time to place your armor upon your bodies, sword in hand and go out to battle the deviants of Norrath. This is your Call to Arms. Join us to battle those that would slay us all. Together we are a strong unstoppable force, divided we will crumble to the ground, withering and dying. Stand beside ME my Brothers and Sisters of Norrath, Stand and Fight.
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