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Welcome to Aurian Sanctuary!

We are no longer an end game shell.  If you would like a pearl for social purposes, please contact any of the below officers:




Airlea, Feb 19, 07 3:18 AM.

I know it took forever, but I'm finally fixing everything on our website.  I still get some applications, so I just wanted to make it official on our news page that AS has disbanded, and we no longer do end game.  I apologize for any inconvenience, I realize our site is misleading. 

I've already expressed this many times, but I just want to say once more that I value all of the experiences I had in AS, especially the many friendships I made.  Thank each one of you for making our ls the great place it was right until the end.  With that said, here are some final screens of our last events.

  Sorry for the lack of screens on drops but I missed it. 
Congratulations to Houtz on this one for his long awaited Shura Body!
We also got an osode drop on this one.

Congratulations to Sonbra, Reyne and Mystyk!


Congratulations to Guffy and Lirielle!
I also want to mention that out of the 4 billion Suzys we have killed this is the first time Shining Cloth has ever dropped for us.  I'd like to officially say that TH is a load of crap.

I posted the picture below solely to document the monumental moment in AS history, in which I came to gods as blm.

I honestly have no idea where the hell these genbu triggers came from, but luckily for our mages they magically appeared in our final days.

Congratulations Sonbra, Reyne, Faye, Tazzeno and Kyluu!


Airlea, Jan 7, 07 12:58 AM.

Some Gods and Dynamis Jeuno~!

Congratulations to Virimauru, Sonbra, Guffy, Wovenwildfire, Guyfleegman, Reyne and Nosese!

 Congratulations Guffy!

 Congratulations to me! >.>

Congratulations Balinormetzen!


Airlea, Dec 12, 06 12:25 AM.

Great job on Friday everyone!  Too bad we got crap for drops. =(

 Congratulations Guyfleegman and Virimauru!


Airlea, Dec 6, 06 3:33 AM.

Our lastest Rostrum Pump Run!

Congratulations to Reyne, Neona and Vagabond!


Airlea, Nov 27, 06 7:16 PM.

Our Dynamis Sandy went great this weekend!  We had only 14 people and came pretty close to being able to clear.  Sadly not many good drops though.

Congratulations to Shannakitty, Mystyk, Aoishi and Sonbra!

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