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               Hey guys thanks for looking us up

     Welcome to Epic Reign, established in 2005. Our
focus is to help new and existing members working toward end game activities.  To this end we will hold a variety of events at all player levels in Instance Zones and/or Raids to help build needed skills and experience, and acquire appropriate weapons and amor.  The long term goal will be the ability of Epic Reign as a guild to participate in end game activities, either by itself or in alliance with other end game guilds.

We are seeking new members any level.  If interested,  go to our recruitment page for more info.

      1. Be friendly and willing to help others.
      2.  Be committed to the guild.

  1. Put others down for race, religion, etc.
  2. Use foul language
  3. Be inconsiderate of others playing the game.
Other Guild News

New Ventrilo Server is On Line

Klinkandklan, Oct 1, 13 7:38 PM.
Our new vent sever is up and operational.  See the members forun for more details.

Critter Kill Squad Achievement Complete!

Klinkandklan, Apr 23, 11 6:25 PM.
Congratulations to Serduia, Vriiktar, and Mizzirose for finishing out 50K Critter kills!

Whipstich was on hand to see the kill numbers reach 49,999.  "I watched with abated breath as suddenly it jumped to 50,000 and the achievement appeared!"  he said. He reminds the members of the guild with Revered or above that they can now obtain their Armadillo pup from the guild quartermaster!

Omen Taken Down for Elune's Blessing

Klinkandklan, Feb 24, 10 2:47 AM.
Eldenone, Maeflower and Holdout put together a raid to take down Omen and get the Elune's Blessing achievement tonight, 2-23-'10.  With the assistance of about a dozen others from various guilds and of various levels, we took him down!  Good job guys!

Sin'Dall Tamed!

Klinkandklan, Feb 21, 10 2:43 AM.
Guess who tamed Sin'Dall.  That's right, our own Droplet!  Tonight, with her and Sin'Dall both at level 37, and with Klout, Rosewhite and Nosha watching, she tamed the big cat!  Congratulations Droplet!
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