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AngryLlama-TU (Officer) 11/27/2012 5:55 AM EST : The holy commandments of WvW
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Taken from is getting updated with others but i thought they were rather entertaining
1) Thou Shall only take supply from designated supply camps. Unless the need is utterly dire.

2) Thou Shall realise, in a moment of crisis, that sentry point is not important.

3) Thou Shall not attempt to sway the server into assaulting a location for personal gain, merely support the server in the hopes that the needed location becomes viable to attack.

4) Thou Shall Not partake in Jumping Shenanigans if the server is need of help. One shall have patience until a time of calm or absolute domination. (Or Friday… everyone does it on a Friday.)

5) Thou Shall Not shanghai a persons personal Golem unless permission has been granted.

6) Thou Shall sacrifice oneself to contest an object if reinforcements are nearby and need only a few more seconds.

7) Thou Shall complain about thieves at every opportunity, as they are the bane of WvW. (Even if you are a thief ;D)

8) Thou Shall realise, it doth not take 20 people to take an empty supply camp and shall support elsewhere.

9) Thou Shall acknowledge the fact that your server is nothing without Bessie (The Dolyak) and thou shall throw your life away if it means her survival.

10) Thou Shall realise that Auto Attacking a gate and/or wall accomplishes nothing, and thou shall watch ones flanks.

11) Thou Shall never use the catapults ‘Gravel’ option, as it is pointless. (Subject to change under the bearings that a brave scholar deciphers a time in which it is useful for gravel.)

12) Thou Shall complain about ‘Culling’, for it is also, the bane of WvW.

13) Thou Shall complain often about the ’OP’ness of Mesmer portals ability to back door keeps and towers.

14) Thou Shall use Mesmer Portals to back door Keeps and Towers.

15) Thou Shall use all Mesmer portals, even if one does not know where to it leads. If it leads into an enemy army, you shall thank the Mesmer for giving you the chance of dealing death upon your enemies.

16) If one see’s a fellow WvW goer duelling with an enemy one vs one, one shall not involve himself unless the enemy has some unfair advantage. (Such as being level 80 and your friend up scaled.)

17) Thou shall warn of attacks, and not justkittenabout in a tower wondering why no one is helping.

18) One shall carry supply at all times, as supply is the life blood of all things WvW.

19) Thou Shall dance upon the corpses of dead spies, if time and circumstances permit, in an attempt to make them way point.

20) Thou shall plant flame rams on thieves that abuse stealth, if time and resources permit. (soon to be invalid?) – Peetee

21) Thou shall not kill the holy grub. – djkittiek

22) If thou is commanding, ye shall always have thy holy Mesmer handy at all time. – Hymnosi

23) Thou Shall refresh Siege de-spawn timers if passing through an captured objective. (Timer not 100% confirmed but double check anyway) – PolarApe

24) Thou shall complain about the op’ness of Warriors, Guardians, Elementalists, Mesmers, Necros and Engineers whenever possible, cause they are the bane of WvW. – Aysnvaust

25) Thou shall never complain about the op-ness of rangers, cause they are not. – Aysnvaust

26) Thou shalt chuckle when the word “truce” is mentioned, even as thy eyes watch thy supposed truce “partner” take thy towers, for ‘tis a silly word in WvW. The word is only as good as the gentle who gives it, and so many gentles either don’t give or don’t honor such a word. – AveryFarman

27) As thine mother and thine first grade teacher toldest thou, if thou comest upon an empty alter of supply and thine fellow is waiting for the manna from heaven to fallest and refill it, thou shalt waitest for thine fellow to retrievest his supply before thou takest supply from the holy alter of supply thineself. For thou never want to hearest from thine mother, “Son, I am disappointest.” (Decrypted version; thou shall form an orderly queue should the supply camp be empty.) – Sotaudi

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