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Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi in Irving Good, The Scientist
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Guest, Welcome to Whisper of the Dragon
(noticing a parchment posted on the courtyard gate and the sweet smell of roses and honeysuckle)



We are a legacy of Whisper of the Dragon from the original Everquest game.  We can be found on the Freeport server in Everquest II.

Our guild is family casual, so feel free to get comfortable and look around our home to get to know us a little better.

The Courtyard is always open.

Special Notes    

Have a wonderful blessed day!

All members are asked to register to this site & to add your characters to the roster list.



Norrath: World of EverQuest® II

A world scarred by a vicious Cataclysm.

All that was once known has been rendered unknown, and new eras emerge to take their place.

Following the long, devastating Age of War, a great Rending, coupled with the destruction and raining shards of the moon Luclin, tore the continents to pieces, making alien landscapes of familiar plains and sinking many settlements into the depths of the ocean. But Norrath is a world of heroes, and of powerful villains, and neither ilk will allow their world to sit in ruin.

The Age of Destiny has begun, and the denizens of Norrath come forward to claim it.


Modrak's Sedition, Sword of the Bloodmoon

Ajlea, Apr 8, 13 11:17 PM.
A first but hopefully not last mythical weapon for Whisper of the Dragon.  Everyone congrats Modrak on a job well done and to all the Dragon's as well.  May the Whisper live on!

12/21/2011: The Bazaar Merging with Freeport

Ajlea, Dec 17, 11 2:11 AM.

We have an update for players on Vox, Nagafen, The Bazaar and Freeport servers! Originally, we had planned to start server merges on Friday, December 16, 2011. In order to minimize complications as much as possible, we have decided to delay the merges. Below is a schedule of the planned server merges:

  • Vox will be going down on December 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST.
  • Nagafen will go down on December 19, 2011 at 5:00 AM PST.
  • The Bazaar and Freeport merge is scheduled for December 21, 2011 but we do not yet have an exact time for this.
The server merges will take approximately 24 hours to complete once they have started. We will of course update you as we get any more information and updates.

Please note: the times *may* change on this. I will update everyone again when we have more information.

Message edited by Isulith on 12/15/2011 18:33:23.

Whisper of the Dragon leveled to 80 today!

Ajlea, Sep 18, 10 4:13 PM.
Thanks to all our Dragons, past and present for all your hard work, dedication, and vigilance toward Level 80.  Your contributions have made us who we are today.  Thank you.


Announcing EverQuest II - Destiny of Velious

Ajlea, Aug 11, 10 8:00 AM.
Last Thursday night at the Fan Faire Welcome Reception, SOE President John Smedley revealed the name and logo for the next EverQuest II expansion; Destiny of Velious.

In Destiny of Velious, new and veteran players will be transported to the legendary Great Wastes of Velious, where towering dungeons, dangerous beasts and epic storylines await. Find out where the ongoing tale of Norrath will lead, and see what happens when the twin Swords of Destiny are drained of their powers, and the prophecy known as Age's End begins to unfold.

On Friday, the team presented the EverQuest II: The Next Expansion! panel at Fan Faire and gave a few sneak peeks at the new content, shared some unreleased details, and revealed some exciting new features coming to EverQuest II.

Some gaming sites and EQII fansites were present and have posted their own recaps of what they learned about Destiny of Velious:

Keep watching the EverQuest II Players site for more official information about Destiny of Velious.

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