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Guild News


HellSerac, Apr 1, 12 1:06 PM.
Ok so starting this thurs 4-5-12 we will be putting the schedule together for t3 and t4 raids we will start out with gates at 8 central!! Please submit schedule suggestions in the members forum or in game yo!

Argenteum Astrum beats T4 Raid

XWFIceberg, Apr 1, 12 1:02 PM.
With DLC 3 here we got 2 new T4 raids. I'm proud to say several members of Argenteum Astrum have sucessfully beaten "The Gates of Tartarus" upon its first few days of being released. 

Congradulations to all.

New Officer!!

HellSerac, Jan 20, 12 12:22 PM.
I would like to congratulate Wynterstorm as AA's newest officer!!! She is a real asset to the league and just a cool person. So thank you and good job bud!

2 Raids!!

HellSerac, Jan 20, 12 12:13 PM.
 Last night we ran 2 raid groups at the same time with no pugs! So this was a milestone for sure for AA!! Thank you to everyone for participating! I am looking forward to this being the norm now. The next feat for AA will be Fos2 speed feat, stay tuned villanous raiders.

Fos2 No Mics!

HellSerac, Jan 19, 12 1:43 PM.
This raid was one for the books!! Maltby went all Helen Keller on this raids ass with some of 2012 AA new recruits!! Good job to everyone!Thats really an accomplishment in this raid, especially cosidering the fact that most of them had not run this raid before so hats off!!
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