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About Draconian Order

Draconian Order
was established to give players a mature, friendly and helpful environment in which to enjoy World of Warcraft.  We are, at our core, a fun, family-like guild. We are never going to become so big that everyone has 50+ members they don't know, but at the same time, our goal is to become juuuust big enough so that our members have ample opportunity for PvE and PvP groups and to be able to eventually do end-game raid content without needing to ally ourselves with other guilds.

Guild History

Draco was formed many moons ago on the Star Wars Galaxies server Valcyn.  It grew from a startup guild of just two original members, to a guild of approximately 30.  It eventually went on to establish its own City.

A year later, as interest in Star Wars Galaxies began to die down and members left the game, Draconian Order was disbanded.

With the release of WoW, the original 2 members of Draco decided to re-establish the guild and set out to convince their old SWG buddies to make the switch.  When some of them agreed The Draconian Order was reborn.... first on the Kargath PvE server and now on the Ursin PvP server.

Here is our vision for Draconian Order:

  • Our overriding characteristic is that we are respectful of each other: We don't attack or insult fellow members and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this.  There is more to a human being than their skills at a video game, and no one deserves to be mocked or berated over a lack of skill, levels, experience, or gear.

  • Good players and raiders are made, not born: If you make a mistake for the first time, we will respectfully tell you what you could have done better. Heck, we were all "n00bs" once.

  • We are out to have a good time.  We aren't playing this game for "phat lewt" or a supposed sense of ├╝berness - yes, those things may be nice, but we're really playing to enjoy ourselves.

  • We are a family: When you come online, you can expect to be greeted with hello's and when you log off, you can expect to be wished a good night. If you ask a question, someone will try to answer it. We will never see you as "just a number and a class" - we truly strive to be a guild in which everyone knows each other's names, and while we look forward to bringing new people into our family, we'll strive to make building connections with our current members a priority.

  • We try to serve our members: As needs arise we work to meet them.

  • We don't pressure our members: If you have to get up early for work tomorrow, we won't try to guilt you into staying up later than you feel comfortable. This is a game, it's meant to be a break from everyday pressures.

  • Member's have a say in this guild.  Raids will not be led democratically, as they require a command structure (we will, however, privately take suggestions from everyone). The guild as a whole, however, is a guild in which we're all invested. We will all take part in shaping it's future.

So that's what our members can expect from us.

Here's what we expect from our members:
  • Be respectful to all other players you meet - not just guildmates, and not just members of the alliance faction.  When you wear the Draco guild tag you represent the guild, so consider how your interactions with others may affect your guildmates and always conduct your battles with honor.

  • Consider the language you use while in guild chat.  Although I am not personally offended by a well placed F-bomb from time to time, not everyone appreciates the art.  In addition, please do not clutter guild chat unnecessarily.  There is a fine line between being an active member and monopolizing the guild chat channel.  Try not to cross it.  We want guild chat to remain a useful place to hold conversations and exchange information, it is not a place for you to rant or ramble.

  • We do not tolerate the use of racist, sexist, homophobic or other vile and derogatory speech in guild chat or directed at other players from either faction.

  • Members are expected to be open and honest with each other.

  • Read, understand and follow our looting rules for in-house groups.

  • Make an effort to help out fellow guildmates of all levels and put the team's needs ahead of their own.

  • Enjoy a challenge.

  • Realize loot isn't why we play this game.

  • Have perseverence. Raid instances and battles against the Horde are not easy, and there will be dying and frustration involved. In some cases, lots of dying. We don't want players who, at the first sign of trouble, will say "we can't do this". If there's a way, we can and will find it.

Our current recruitment process:

How can someone become a recruit with us?

Please contact an officer of our guild in-game or post an application on our Forum

Want to become a part of the family?

Bring a Healthy Attitude, Show Courage and Respect, Act Honorably - do these things, and you will be endeared to us in no time.

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