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Welcome to The Interlopers website!

We are an Dynamis exclusive linkshell. We still have many openings for new members for our Thursday runs. Sunday is a great Vet force of nature, But we're currently looking for some people to fill out our ranks.  If you'd like to join, then go to our Members Applications section in the forums and tell us about yourself. We are mostly interested in people level 70+ at this time but it's not a set in stone requirement.  And you can also contact an Officer an hour or so before a run to see how your app is going and see if we got room for you on that run!

We gather together at 7pm Eastern (6pm Central) on Sundays and at 6:30pm Eastern (5:30pm Central) on Thursdays.

Our active Officers are :
Audriana, Deebs, Gothgirl, Khayre, Lucried, Rwen, Thorondor (Leader)

To sign up, visit our forums and post in the New Member Applications forum!



Khayre, May 28, 10 4:24 PM.
May 28th :: Dynamis - Tavnazia.

This run went really smoothly and as such we actually got many drops!

Repops destroyed our faces though!

It was a marked improvement over this April 8th run..

Many brave warriors grace our linkshell..

4/18 Bastok

I forgot to take pictures after that.. but there was much more.

4/29 Valkurm:

5/2 Jeuno

5/9 Windurst


Khayre, Mar 28, 10 10:05 PM.
February 21:: Dynamis - Qufim.

No win and few AF. Boo.

February 25:: Dynamis - Windurst

*gulp* The results? Mass carnage!

March 14:: Dynamis - Qufim

Revenge! We did win this time. Not only that, but AF drops were pretty favourable!

March 21:: Dynamis - Beaucedine. More attestation runs..


Super January/Sort of February Update

Khayre, Mar 1, 10 6:32 PM.
Omg an update? No way
. Currently battling illness and the dreaded pretend finals week before spring break, I am attempting to bring you a long belated update! Most recent runs not available since I've been, well.. sick. -sneeze- At least this virus can't go through the computer! This is what I look like as my brain melts from tiredness:

January 14th:: Dynamis - Jeuno

Toe shoes and slippers are the shoes of great fighters.

January 17th:: Dynamis - Beaucedine

Dynamis' that start with a B like to throw up AF endlessly! See below:
January 21st:: Dynamis - Bastok

More like Dynamis - Bonanza.
January 24th:: Dynamis - Xarcabard

We actually got several drops!

January 28th:: Dynamis - Tavnazia

More hydra stuffs dropped.

January 31st:: Dynamis - Beaucedine
Tried to get attestations. The wrong ones dropped! Rage. I lack screenshot evidence of this. This is what my screen looked like:

February 4th:: Dynamis - Qufim

No win...
February 7th:: Dynamis - Xarcabard

That's all I have right now. Unfortunately February run documentation is sparse since.. I currently go to bed when dynamis startslol. Here's to March being better!

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