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Welcome to the Metalsmiths of Thor!
Midgard's oldest craftin family, and the smashers that keep 'em safe.

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Metalsmiths News

RIP Roleplay Ruleset

Skaman, Dec 14, 07 12:42 AM.
The Roleplay Ruleset was ended by EAMythic  as our old beloved server is now a normal server and was clustered with Merlin (You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.) and several other servers making up the Killbury Cluster.  

This was done supposedly so there would be more people in the frontier to fight against each other.  But when I have been out there, everyone has been so used to their low population servers, they think every fight should be a 1vs1 duel and not Realm vs Realm.  *sighs and goes back to the Bossiney Cluster (Classic ruleset, no ToA, no Bots) to do my RvR.   But I am playing some of my characters again on Nimue, Percival and Guin, mostly to get some coin on the Guild House CM and to get my characters into better equipment since what they were wearing was so old and rusted, only good for salvage.

Skaman ... still Keeper of the Crafts

New Classic Servers Added

Skaman, Jul 13, 05 4:09 PM.
Two new servers were brought online yesterday.   Lamorak and Gareth.  These are No ToA and limited range (5000) on conc. buffs and you have to be grouped to have the buffs.   So far they are very popular. So much so that its hard to even log onto them.   Unfortunately they did not make one with the Roleplaying ruleset.  But I haven't met any rude people on there yet.  You usually run into those types when you play Albion. 


Nimue and Percival being Clustered together

Skaman, Feb 14, 05 5:12 PM.
On 2/15/05 Nimue and Percival are being clustered together.  That means they will share the same frontier, same battlegrounds.  Each server will have its own pve and toa areas but one can port over to the other server to hunt there if one wishes.  This will be good if your trying to find a bigger group or just a group instead of soloing on Nimue.  Right now, there is an 8 hour wait if you want to change realms, ie, I have Hibs on Percival so I would not be able to play them the same night. But I could go kill my friends there!  Nimue was getting smaller and smaller so this is a good thing I think.  And I am glad they left Guinevere server alone because its usually been big enough that it has been one of the more populated servers, and any more there would be too many. 



Deleted User, Oct 29, 03 5:18 PM.
Thank you all for having me as your guildmaster, unfortunately my time in this world is done.

Take care all and good luck in the future.

My explanation is in the members section.


Gaheris Hunt

Deleted User, Aug 20, 03 6:30 PM.
On saturday the 23 there will be a Metalsmiths of Thor hunt on gaheris. Kollsvein will be leading it and it should be fun. It will commence at 12:30 eastern, 9:30 Pacific and should be fun for all who attend.

Hope to see you there. Time to try out those other realms.

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