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Forums : General Discussion: ATITD > The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 12/14/2011 11:49 AM EST : The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
GP User: Gekko
Web Admin
Posts: 841

A Tale in the Desert 6 opened Dec 3, 2011

Here are some details about our first week in Egypt

December 10,2011

  • We have a basic work compound area and I've marked off a place to build a CP for our feasts/drinking/hookah smoking and partying.
  • Bonfires are back I haven't lit one up but I use them as markers - very handy
  • We are Far Far Away from everything so going anywhere is a long hike. Bring extra sandals.
  • We got our first pair of sheep and sheep pen built. Onions are on the table
  • Not planning on having too many of anything because "we" want to go walk about and I don't want to have to worry about feeding stuff if I'm off in Star Wars or LOTRO.
  • I will be picking up the sheep out of the pen if I think I will be long time away. Either me or Rana will have them on their persons.
  • I have almost completed all the basic necessities of having a half-functioning workshop CP. I hope to put the last touches on this weekend.
  • I am still planning that 99% of all high-end crafting will be done at a Public Works Shop. Our CP will be just the bare minimum needed to do stuff.
  • The population of Egypt is less than 500 players. That's players and mules. It's very very quiet but folks are mostly friendly.
  • There is no Egypt Wide chat - yet. This weekend will be a "competition" that will give out the first microphone parts needed to get E! back online.
  • There is no Goods atm
  • Highest level player is Level 6. < I said things are SLOOOOOW
  • I have not started playing/creating Mom's toon: Rana. It is still too hard to run 2 toons thru this early period. It's very very slow going. When I get the Workshop CP completed (this weekend) I will bring in Rana and start the Citizen Process. Then I'll be able to make everything she will need to get to zapped.
  • There are no advanced techs yet - Glassblowing just came out and Mining will be soon. So, there are no nails for advance brick racks - so be prepared to replace the flimsy ones every 5 or 6 rounds.
  • Foraging for herbs is identical to T4 but the "methods" are different. The plants are the same. But at L9 you can get a skill that if you have harvested an herb 7 times correctly you can auto-harvest it.
  • There are boats coming to Egypt. The ferry is now a nice mini-sail boat. I got us 1 already.
  • We are 2 min hike to Tar and Limestone. We have cactus, just over a small ridge and thorns next to the work cp (for the flax comb when it crumbles). Silt in the CP, mud, dirt, clay, sand and water in the CP too. Grass and 2 good flax areas. Lots of good wood trees. 3 dates trees near by (there seem to be a LOT of date trees this telling) and a coconut tree too. Teppy fixed the coconut bomb to be 100 max.
  • Oh and EVERYTHING crumbles - very annoying. No metal for a good loom, so for every 1 canvas/linen/sail you have to spend an equal amount of resources to repair the Students Loom. eg you have to grow 2x as much flax for every item.
  • Fishing was completely re-written in T5. There are 49 types of fish all over Egypt. You need lures for fly-fishing and 49 kinds of insects to make them. In the T5 amnesty there was some unhappiness with fishing. I'm still short a skill or two to give it a try.
  • Chariots are all broken. Takes even longer to go anywhere
  • There are lots of player names I remember but I'm not chatting much. Our CP is on the border of 3 areas: River Plains (RP), Midland Valley(MV) and Hinterlands. Good/Bad if you move around the CP area your region chat flips to another region. Nice to see what's happening elsewhere but awkward if you were reading/chating in RP and suddenly it flips to MV.
  • The landscape is different, mountains and roads not in the same places, names of areas etc. Chariots, Universities, Schools etc etc are all in new locations.
  • Teppy is still Pharaoh and I have no idea what happened to Sami or Wasim from T4 other than Sami became Pharaoh at the end of T4.
  • I've given the macros a good work out and they are great. Some have a few bugs and you have to be prepared if something doesn't go right but for the most part they are exactly what's needed in Egypt. Still beats me by Teppy won't put those in. It stills take 30-45 min to dig 100 Dirt but I only clicked a few times to get the macro set up instead of clicking manually 100 times. We have macros for Gathering: slate, grass, clay. Timers: anything that has a skill cool down like digging or whittling tinder. Flax: seed growing and flax growing. This one can be a bit tricky to set up but it works fantastic once you got it running right. 200 flax seeds with Old Egypt in less than 10 minutes. Multiple rounds of flax growing only limited by the number of seeds and what you can carry (like don't have a sheep on you and try to grow 300 flax - I did that ... BOMB)
  • I will try to get a guildhall set up this weekend for us. Any ideas on names?


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 12/14/2011 11:50 AM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    December 13, 2011

  • Population is just over 600 players now
  • Things are still slow but moving forward
  • Cicada test is out - but you have to be L8 to do it. I already found 5 cicadas but I cant get them. I have them marked on my map and we'll see if any are still around by the time I can pick them up. If not, there will be others
  • I've been trying to get our vegi seeds and we currently have onions, garlic, leeks and carrots - we are missing cabbage. Hopefully when Rana gets to citizen she will get some on our walkabout to the U's
  • We have a few CS stops working - I haven't tried them yet
  • We have an Egypt Wide Chat Channel now: L2PBS (link 2 PBS).
  • Most folks are stuck on some of the early Intro Tests because we need some technologies opened. The heavy duty players are working hard on that but they have the same problem we do: if you need canvas you need 60 twine for the canvas and 60 twine to fix the loom. Most annoying.
  • Our sheep pen has 2M 1F - I know its unbalanced but I'm waiting to snag another sheep-storm to even it up
  • I built a Camel Pen. Yeah I KNOW I said I wasn't gonna to do it but...   I figured if we get one we get one and we can always "do it in". No one has mega straw although I saw some players say they loaded their pens with 2K+. Our pen has 800 straw in it and I have 400 in the rack next to it - just in case we snag one.
  • I FINALLY got 4 pottery wheels in place. We were just stuck with only 1 jug. We now have about 30 or so. I'm not going all out on production, just what we need to get by. But the pottery wheels are a HUGE mile stone for us.
  • Along with the pottery wheels we now have some Firebrick Kilns (2). Again just enough to get by. One NICE thing is they have a counter to say when they are going to crumble! Oh soooo nice of Teppy
  • Some things just do not work like T3/T4. I forget all but there are some definite changes - stuff we will be getting to soonish. Mostly just a heads up to not expect everything to work the same.
  • I found out today that Gems are region specific. Diamonds in X / Rubies in Y etc.
  • Mining is on the horizon, but its very different from T4. I "think" there are much fewer mines needed because the DON'T BREAK. Yippee! So, you don't need 100 iron mines, just 1.
  • We won't be getting mines anytime soon, because I/We just don't have the production level do jump in right away. But we will get our share of stuff - iron, copper and tin if I can find some.
  • Marble Quarries are out - and I can do those but again we are short on the production line to build the quarry. So, since I'm a big old expert on how to find them etc I'm not worried about getting them. We'll get them for the tasting tables needed at the party compound.
  • We have a guild! Gone Walkabout is our name (GWA). I've moved everything into guild ownership. There still might be some leftovers to be guilded but I'll move those too as we find them.
  • We are still stuck with Flimsy Brick Racks and those you really can't guild. They crumble so fast - 3 or 4 brick runs and they're done. So, just make the minimum ones needed. When we get nails THEN Bob can do his mega production runs
  • I finally got the fishing thing tried and WOW is it different. I dunno if its better or not. It's sure a lot more "to do" than before.
    • First you get a fly fishing skill with a pole.
    • Next you get the fly-lure tying skill
    • Then you get the "bug gathering" skill
    • Now you use the bugs that get picked up in your routine chores (any chore may give you a insect) and you make a "lure" out it (2 thread + thorn + cactus sap?).
    • Then you "select" the lure you want to use (you can have a LOT of different kinds of lures).
    • Now you fish.

    Oh but you know Teppy; it ain't that easy. Some of the old standard fish you can catch any old time. But there are special fish that only are in certain places and certain times with certain lures. (49 fish types)

    As you fish you can lose your lure. Then you have to select another one.
    Now once you get a fish (big change here) you have to "Fillet It" for fresh fish within 2 hours of catching it. Or will becomes a rotten fish for fertilizer. I didn't know about this and just put my fishies in the chest and I got rotten fish the next day.

    There's more but I haven't tried again. Oh and I fished from our front porch on the Red Sea and got some phagrus and catfish (std fish) before they stole my lure.


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 12/19/2011 1:48 PM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    Lots of goings on in Egypt!  There's no grass growing under our feet!

    Kaa and Rana both got their Citizenship Zappage. Here's a great screenie of Rana's Zap.

    Rana's Citizenship Zap

    Zhukuram went on another dig and loads of folks turned out for Rabble's Do. Zhuk got a good load of Medium and Cuttable Stones. The chariots were not yet working (most are still out of commission) and Zhukuram had to run run run to the dig site. At first I thought it was only 15-20 minutes - WRONG!! It was more like an hour! Rabble was kind enough to give Zhuk a full share which will buy him his first new pair of sandals after the long run to the dig site.

    Rabble's Dig Queue for Goodies


    Then our first "Role Play Event: Supply and Demand Rules the World" happened with a thinly disguised Teppy as "Giovanni Master and Commander" who's merchant vessel crashed into Egypt's coastline, spewing boxes of stuff all over Egypt. If we collected 7 items from 7 boxes and returned them to him he gave us something of value for our efforts to help him recover his goods. It was great fun and I spent most of my Egypt Day running around looking for crates. They were all located near Chariot Stops but as most of them are broken I had to run a LONG way to get my 7 items. Teppy was excellent as Giovanni and his typed fake-Italian was a hoot.

    The next day when the prizes were award I was ASTONISHED to see the LOOT I'd received!

    Here's my list of loot:
    • 21 Ash
    • 21 Lime
    • 77 Nails
    • 21 Cuttable Stone
    • 7 Canvas

    Looks like Kaa "might" get an Improved Brick Rack or two - Grazie Signore Giovanni!

    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 12/22/2011 2:09 AM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    It's been a busy few days in Egypt. Rana, Kaa and Zhukuram have been racing around and getting lots of things set up for our future adventures.

    The Compound is coming long nicely.

    Trading has started up and Zhuk was able to get nails for Improved Brick Racks Six are now set up in the CP.

    We have a Rock Saw and cut enough of our dig stones to build our first Small Warehouse. Just in time as out Chest was overflowing. Seeds and Tools are now in the Chest and everything else in the Warehouse.

    The sheep are finally doing "their thing" and we are getting a few every day. Not a huge production but we got enough leather to make the Rock Saw.

    Kaa and Rana have been gathering wood. Zhuk did a turn at making Charcoal. Burned up a few loads so it was a good thing we had extra. Zhuk made enough CC to do the trading and hopefully will get better at the CC part.

    One of the major trade items was the Loom Frames needed for a REAL loom. One that doesn't break. Oh SOOO nice!   Now most of the twine can go into making rope rather than repairing the old student looms.

    We're heading towards our first glass smelting. The first Soda Glass Glaziers Bench is up. Now we just have to dig the limestone.

    Always something still to do - Teppy likes it that way.


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 12/29/2011 12:17 AM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    December 28, 2011


    Yes we managed to snag 2 females and 1 male camel from the wild herd floating about Egypt. They loved the straw we put out for them and moved in.

    Thanks to all the combined efforts (and off-line gathering) of Rana, Kaa and Zhukuram we gathered well over 7,000 straw over the last 4 days to catch these guys.

    Now we just need to keep them fed.

    Things are progressing fast in the Main Game Board and more techs and skills and tests are opening up. Safari and Cicadas from the Body Tests are now open. Towers from Architecture and more.

    Our compounds are doing well, we've added Rana's Compound which will be the Wine Tasting and Party Headquarters south of the workshops Kaa is looking at a nice piece of land to the north for his Grande Palazzo.

    12 new apiaries/beehives now in place.

    We are getting a nice small production setup. We will be able to make just about everything but in small "FUN" doses. Of course if we want to make A LOT we can We have lots of flexibility.

    Zhukuram has gotten 25 sigs on his Bonfire Beautification Act 1 and has turned those into the U Leadership for evaluation. Hopefully nothing will come under "Teppy Tech Veto" and it will be considered for a vote. More sigs can be gathered and turned in too. It's up to Teppy to decide how many will be needed before he puts it on the ballot. Rumour has it a minimum of 21 needed but perhaps more. At least we'll get Teppy's view on the Petition.

    Zhuk and Rana have been making the rounds at Rabble's Digs and picked up loads of cuttables and medium stones. We also hit our first Bauxite Dig and brought home a pile. Next up will be Gypsum and then on to CONCRETE! And the Oh Not Again -pounding of Medium Stones into Gravel ... the bane of Egypt.

    Here's a shot of Rana's Leadership Zappage.

    Rana's Leadership Zappage


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 12/31/2011 11:05 AM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    It's New Year's Eve Day in Egypt and our ship wrecked captain Giovanni is looking for his crew. Searching is beginning in earnest as we try to round up the lost sailors for a Happy New Year's reunion with their Commander.

    Rabble held a Bauxite Dig and Zhukrum got a nice load. One thing in Egypt we know how to do is Queue Up for Goodies.

    The Queue For Goodies

    We also had a clever otter show up in our front yard! Safari Hunting is out and the frogs are croaking and it looks like we might be able to just sit on our front porch and get our quotas!

    An Otter in Our Front Yard


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 1/10/2012 4:27 PM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    Wow! There have been so many exciting happenings in Egypt. One may try to pick the grass but it always grows back faster than you can pick it. Events in Egypt are just the same.

    New Years Day Master Giovanni came back and asked us to find his lost men and where their camps where. So many set out to search Egypt for the 26 encampments. Egypt is a BIG place but they were all found. And a surprise was there for all who made the treks to the outback of Egypt: Gold and Silver were the rewards. Zhukuram made it to 18 of the 26 camps and Rana to 3. Later Master Giovanni said we can continue to visit the camps and pick up the gold and silver as a reward for finding them.

    Kaa and Rana have been working some on their Levels and we all went walkabout to get techs and pressies. Christmas in Egypt brought rare snow storms that dump presents for everyone who logged in. They are scattered all over and you have to make a hike or two to find the 3 gifts. This year we got: Chocolates (some giving stat boosts), Fireworks (always a pleasure to get) and an extra WAYPOINT! (hyper jump) WOW!!!

    Kaa Principles of Body Zap 01/09/2012

    Currently there is the hunt on for the ancient monuments left by our 5 forebearers. Each telling ends with the possibility of monuments being left for the future inhabitants of Egypt. But the sands of time hide them and the new generation must search for the ancient wisdom of their predecessors.  There have been 5 previous tellings but only 4 left monuments.  As there are quite of number of them to locate it's a challenge relished by the citizens.
    Zhukuram was out and about in Egypt and met Valin. Valin might be one of the Master Giovanni's lost sailors but he only speaks Latin. It was great excitement to have a chat with this stranger who seemed to be interested in Tilapia fish. Zhuk only had a grilled pepper to give Valin but Valin seemed pleased and gave Zhuk a gold before he had to leave. What fun to role play and thank goodness for Goggle Translate!

    Zhukuram's chat with Valin 01/08/2012


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 1/21/2012 4:38 PM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    Things move pretty fast in Egypt and you gotta keep your sandals oiled for those long walks in the desert.

    One of the events at the start of the tale is to locate the lost Monuments of Past Ages. As there are now 5 ages it took a while for those to be located. Grandfather directed us to bring the relics and other items to him at a location near the center of the map. When we assembled we paid homage to our ancestors.

    Grandfather: I will represent the rest of the Oracles from ages past.

    Grandfather: The relics from the First Age are affixed

    Grandfather: And now the Second Age is done

    Grandfather: The relics of the Third Age are done

    Grandfather: There are no relics from the Fourth Age, it was a False Age
    Tamutnefert: holds a moment of silence for the Fourth Age
    Grandfather: Finally, I shall now load the relics from the age before the current one.

    Grandfather: I will now load the last relic and we shall see what we have sought.

    Suddenly an enormous black obelisk appears in front of us!

    There are fireworks in celebration of the new obelisk Oracle Reliquary, raised in honor of our ancestors.

    Reliquary of the Oracles

    Roll Call of Oracles: from inscriptions on the obelisk


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 1/28/2012 10:42 AM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    The Test of Safari is one of the most fun in Egypt! Finding and tagging a series of wild creatures found throughout the landscape is a challenge. While most of the animals only leave traces of themselves like paw prints in the sand or the croaks of bull frogs, the gazelle is one of the few you actually see.

    Gazelles are fast and can easily out run the hunters and cooperation is needed to encircle the gazelle and tire it out enough so that you can run in and "tag" it. Gazelles recover from their capture fast and run off again moments later.

    Here are some nice screenies of Zhukuram with a couple of the gazelles in Egypt.

    Zhukuram pursuing a gazelle

    Zhukuram admiring a tagged gazelle


    Sabriel (SuperAdmin) 1/30/2012 6:10 PM EST : RE: The Week In Egypt and Other Tidbits
    GP User: Gekko
    Web Admin
    Posts: 841

    Zhukuram's been busy catching and tagging gazelles. He had a nice chat with some of them before they ran off into the desert.

    Zhukuram communing with gazelle


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