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Scott / Dane to receive first Ascendancy Commendation of Service

XxArelixX, Feb 13, 12 8:04 PM.
Commendation of Service

SWToR has been out now for almost two months and we have had a chance to get to know so many people here in the community.  One of the most striking things, for me, is that unlike so many other guilds I have been in, the community here really gets it - that we really can grow as friends, enjoy the game, give generously to each other with time, advice, gear, and even credits.  I love seeing it, and sometimes have to pinch myself to realize yes, this is the community that we all, all of us, have made and continue to grow.

Some of us have pushed the general community to do particular things - +10 datacrons, learning Hard Mode flashpoints, and ownage in PvP.

However, one person comes to mind who has given a good, consistent push in a few areas at the same time and consistently over the last few months.  Scott has been active since we rolled into TOR, posting guides, advising on the forums, being active regularly in PvP, PvE, and getting us set up in Ops nights now.  I remember way back when someone asked the question essentially about who runs the community here, and those of us who founded Ascendancy replied, essentially, that the members do.  Members don't have to wait for the green light, and Scott has not.  He's really gotten out there and motivated folks to push hard for some goals that we can achieve together, and yet has the ability to keep it fun, and even generously step out of things to make sure others get in and get geared.
  Scott has shown real care and concern for his family here through it all.  Most importantly, we believe that Scott really and truly understands what we're building here as a family friendly community.

So, without further delay, we'd like to congratulate Scott who receives our very first Commendation of Service.  You've earned it, and we appreciate your efforts.  Thanks for your motivation and organization, and making our community a fun and vibrant place to game.

+10 to Kalise for organizing the +10 to all stats Datacron run!!

XxArelixX, Feb 10, 12 5:55 PM.
Thanks, Kalise!!!

About 15 of us were able to get the +10 to all stats datacron yesterday evening.  Congratz to all and a HUGE thank you to our MVP of the week (at least!) Kalise for researching, hunting items, and organizing this tremendously worthwhile event!!

It took a while and some patience, but the value down the road - you can't put a price on it :)

Karagga Down!!!!!

XxArelixX, Feb 7, 12 1:03 PM.
Ascendancy brings it to Karagga!

 Congratz to the folks who were able to finish up Karagga's Palace last night !!

Second group to down SOA - and even enough time to break into Karagga's!!!

XxArelixX, Feb 6, 12 7:04 PM.
Friday night yielded two full groups running and downing SOA.  Here's the screenie from Quarin'rhul's group (thanks for the pic Scott!!)

We finished off in fantastic time (2 hours, with generous breaks) and so we pushed through the first two bosses of Karagga's as well.

congratz to participants, gratz on the lewtz, and what a fantastic amount of fun had by all!!


XxArelixX, Feb 1, 12 10:59 PM.
I finally found the screenshot for SOA revealing his true form after death.

  Beware, it's graphic (lots of blood)

Also, it shows my unique title since I do it like a boss...

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