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zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!
Nklos 11/20/2014 1:16 AM
-*Warms hands by the fire.*
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
Second: Creatively - charged bard in the house. Y'all just watch out ;)
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
First: That was a beautiful tribute Vali. Thank you for sharing with us! :)
Lanaliathe 10/22/2014 12:13 AM
Shared something that I've kept to myself for far too long...
Lanaliathe 10/13/2014 12:03 PM
Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for having known you all. :)
Lanaliathe 9/23/2014 10:22 PM
*sneaksneaksneak* *waves* *random tacklehugs* *flees*
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:24 PM
Below the Charter, Calendar, Mail tabs
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:23 PM
In a tiny little bar above the forums, you should have the line of 'Forums: Search * Change Handle * Your Active Topics * Subscriptions * New Activity'
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:25 AM
hrm.... Struggling to figure out how to change the character associated with the account, since only a couple of people ever met Kara. But this is Red / Spellfury.
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:21 AM
*wave* I realize I kind of vanished a year ago and it's likely no one really remembers any more, but I actually have a bit of time for gaming again and figured I would see what people are up to?
Lanaliathe 5/20/2014 11:57 PM
*sneaks in, drops a wall of text, and runs away* :)
Jaggie 3/20/2014 10:39 PM
aww... *hugs and cookies for zolt*
zoltando 3/20/2014 9:44 PM
ddo doesnt seem to want to work for me , curse you DDO!
Intayazz 2/4/2014 8:00 PM
Don't worry, we're grading on a curve. I'm sure you'll do better than half the folks!
Aluatris 2/1/2014 1:02 AM
Test!? I'm so not prepared...
Smudge 1/31/2014 5:18 AM
Hi there!
Old_Swamper 1/30/2014 8:20 PM
Intayazz 1/29/2014 10:13 PM
*taps the mic* Test, test
zoltando 12/25/2013 7:32 PM
Merry Christmas!

Forums : THELANIS / XORIAT / THARASHK Server > Future of Crimson Nexus
Turen Stormwind (Member) 8/9/2007 1:45 PM EST : Future of Crimson Nexus

Crimson Nexus
Guild Leader Turen (Thelanis)

Turen Stormwind
Posts: 419

Hi all,

I tried to write this ic but just am not in the mood. I can no longer say how much longer CN is going to be alive in DDO. I have lost a couple more members and our numbers are dwindling. I can say that I dont blame anyone and hold no grudges. There is a post on teh CN site about it. With the amount of friends I have made here, it would be nice to hear your thoughts and opinions. I will be playing an unguilded alt for a little bit to clear my head. I will also be popping in with Turen to check his mail.

Thanks all,


538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 8/10/2007 6:00 AM EST : RE: Future of Crimson Nexus

Posts: 632

Tony,  my dear Tony... I commend you for the energy and effort you have put into carrying the Crimson Nexus. Whatever your decision is, know that it has been my honor to know and work with you in my time here.

I will say this much of it - there is an awkward time in the building (or rebuilding) of a guild when new folks arrive, but they wont stick around because they think there are 'not enough ppl' etc... not realizing that their leaving isnt helping the problem. We've undergone something similar back in the day, and here is what we did to deal with it

1. Events. These help get the name out, and get people curious.
2. Scheduled guild night... this REALLY helps because people will make the attempt to be on in the hopes of running into other people. Eventually once enough of them are there, they start seeing each other on the 'off days' too... and pretty soon you really dont even need a 'scheduled' guild night any more, the members are more and around each other The scheduled night i think was what really really helped us here. So many of us were around, but never at the same time. Having a goal to shoot for... saying 'ok on thursday if i log on at 8pm i KNOW there will be ppl' helps solidify the group.
3. Support - support other rp communities and guilds in their efforts (which hey you've always tried to do so that part you're doing great!) ... what this does is OTHER guilds will start recommending yours to players looking to roleplay. They might not be a roleplay guild but they will say 'well check out such-n-such they're great'
3. Forum prowling at Unfortunately the work of a guild leader or high ranking officer is never done, so be diligent about visiting the new player / newbie / guild connection forums for people looking to join a roleplaying or even a no-rush guild sometimes too. When someone posts 'where is the rp server' or 'what are the rp guilds' throw out a shameless plug!

Now here's some CN specific advice for ya

- I will have a pow wow with Sprue, but I think the Nexus would be perfect for players who are leery of coming to forums and filling out apps. Some ppl dont like that, and since we are an allie guild, that way we can deflect some traffic your way from ppl who kinda buck on the whole 'do i HAVE to go to the website???' thing... eventually they'll start going to the web once they get to know ya hehehe but initially the lure of the Crim Nex could be a less 'involved' join process until your numbers beef up some

- You also have an old history. You can mention that you were a Fashion Show judge... how long CN has been around for the RPers... and so forth. I dont like to throw my name around, but I understand how painful it is if you feel your guild is slipping away... so what I can also do a uh...Merlask seal of approval or something? Naturally since fellowship is my guild, ppl know what I think of them in terms of recommendations but i could do something for Nexus to be like 'and this is a good place too!' I've always tried to list the Nexus when I recommend to new players.

- Thelanis Thursdays are a GREAT tool! Get out there and rp in public. Dont just rp in the group chat, get out there in the Phoenix and mingle with the people who will drop by because they're curious about roleplaying! Be persistant in forming RP only groups! In fact, if you want, I think Rowanheal is looking for an rp guild, and her ddocast presence might help you too but that's up to her and up to you on that one. But above it all, roleplayers give up if they dont see ppl to rp with readily, so you have to be persistent and patient. I refer to the players as 'fish' in a big 'sea' because it's so true on so many levels...and when it comes to RPing, you really are 'fishing' for folk to rp with, hoping someone bites your story hook

As I said, what you decide is up to you Tony, but that is what I can offer you that has helped the fellowship to go from 3 or 4 people logging in to a whole mess of roleplayers

Whatever happens, dont be a stranger

Turen Stormwind (Member) 8/13/2007 12:30 PM EST : RE: Future of Crimson Nexus

Crimson Nexus
Guild Leader Turen (Thelanis)

Turen Stormwind
Posts: 419


Thanks for all you have said and done. I take all of you advice to heart. The biggest issue I face is time. With my current workload and school (which is going to end soon), I just dont have the time to schedule events, browse forums and the like. I would love to be able to. I was hopeing that some of the members might be willing to help out that. I have never broadcast myself as better then any other member. It is my belief that the guild is only as good as its members and everyone needs to donate. I am going to hang on a little longer as a few people have contacted me regarding helping out with getting the guild going again. I also have a few members who dont plan on going anywhere. I just want to say thanks for all you have done and probably will continue to do. This thanks is for all of FotGN. See ya ingame or here. No worries, I dont plan on becoming a stranger.


538808375_Inactive (Applicant) 8/13/2007 12:53 PM EST : RE: Future of Crimson Nexus

Posts: 138

Turen, missed you in game again.. look for Sprue or Trazden in game and send me a tell if I dont see yah

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 8/14/2007 3:43 AM EST : RE: Future of Crimson Nexus

Posts: 632

Hey hon,

yes you need legs to help you in your absence get a few trusted and dedicated team members to read my advice and get them started have them work closely with our folks here in terms of coordinating efforts and so forth. This will help ya out

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