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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!
Nklos 11/20/2014 1:16 AM
-*Warms hands by the fire.*
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
Second: Creatively - charged bard in the house. Y'all just watch out ;)
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
First: That was a beautiful tribute Vali. Thank you for sharing with us! :)
Lanaliathe 10/22/2014 12:13 AM
Shared something that I've kept to myself for far too long...
Lanaliathe 10/13/2014 12:03 PM
Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for having known you all. :)
Lanaliathe 9/23/2014 10:22 PM
*sneaksneaksneak* *waves* *random tacklehugs* *flees*
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:24 PM
Below the Charter, Calendar, Mail tabs
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:23 PM
In a tiny little bar above the forums, you should have the line of 'Forums: Search * Change Handle * Your Active Topics * Subscriptions * New Activity'
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:25 AM
hrm.... Struggling to figure out how to change the character associated with the account, since only a couple of people ever met Kara. But this is Red / Spellfury.
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:21 AM
*wave* I realize I kind of vanished a year ago and it's likely no one really remembers any more, but I actually have a bit of time for gaming again and figured I would see what people are up to?

Forums : THELANIS / XORIAT / THARASHK Server > Dedicated team main, Thelanis Roleplay. Players needed.
539382900_Inactive (Applicant) 1/24/2008 5:49 PM EST : Dedicated team main, Thelanis Roleplay. Players needed.

Posts: 28

 Basically i want a group of people that i can roleplay the game with, period.

 Im starting a dedicated team, a team that also would have our characters roleplay through the game, and have our characters bond and storylines advance together, as well as have our individual character storylines advance during. Here are the teams specifics. Some rules can be bent a little.


T.b.d. by the team.

Me, Kaegin, level 4.

T.b.d. (Probably the first applicant.)

5, including me as the leader. 2 possibilities so far.

T.b.d. by the team. At least once a week. Very important.

Thelanis only.
Roleplayers only.
Characters level 1-4, preferably 1.
Must be able to play almost every time on the scheduled play-times.
Character play exclusiveness: Character must be exclusive to the group. Can only play with the character in the team at play times with the team. You can play without the team, but not enough to advance your level ever.

Roleplay, specifics:
It would start with our characters meeting, and from there, naturally continue REGULARLY roleplaying, completing quests thoughtfully, and advancing our characters bonds and storylines, as well as our characters levels/power and the game's storylines.

 We should have our characters bond one at a time, also, we could use random players to fill in empty team spots, players that are sure to not be disruptive.

Please post and/or send me mail if you qualify and are interested

Thank you, lets have fun.

LirondillOnline@FOTGN (Member) 2/4/2008 10:22 AM EST : RE: Dedicated team main, Thelanis Roleplay. Players n...

Lirondill (Thelanis)

Posts: 9

            Hey Kaegin,

    That sounds like a great idea, I am totaly in. 
                        Just contact One of my charecters

Lirondill Blacktree - Ranger level 6
Bantian Faifolk - Wizard level 4
Tirlost Blacktree - Barbarian Rouge level 3
Drelus -  Figter Ranger level 3
Trulendill - Bard level 2
Heroc - Rouge level 2 
Xerium - Rouge level 1

Lirondill Blacktree - Ranger
Bantian Fairfolk - Wizard
Drelus - Fighter Build
Drentin - Rouge

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