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Forums : Your Characters' Story(s) > Cruel Benevolence.
Elandethas (Member) 11/6/2012 11:20 AM EST : Cruel Benevolence.
Posts: 7

Speak your name and give your recounting, smith.

A cold voice spoke within the cell, somewhat tattered. Grating on ones nerves like hearing the sound of steel ground against stone. A voice like blood flowing through broken glass.

In the dark room, a spear of light shone down on a lone figure sitting in a chair. Burly and strong in nature. Thick tree-trunk like arm's, a neck just as bulging and a stomach to match.

I am Agregrias.

Several moments passed as Agregrias wet his lips and breathed out a long sigh. Tensing his jaw before he spoke. Whole body tightening up as he knew his answer would be unfavorable.

He healed my wife and daughter of sickness, that is all I will tell you filthy mongrel.

A sharp hiss would come from the darkness, a dark gloved hand darting out to try and grip the smiths throat. But stopping inches from collapsing around the meaty wind-pipe. As if having been stopped by a invisible wall.  Several moments passed before a lilting, beautiful voice echoed through the chamber.

Down my lovely pet, he is but a ignorant child to only be spoken to ~as~ a child.

Out of the shadows a woman garbed in a crimson dress stepped forth into the light. Her blond hair shone in the lone beam of light like gold. Her eyes matching the same color as her dress. Shining with a malignant intelligence unlike the beautiful and modest body underneath the dress. 

Did you know, that young man whom aided your family was a murderer? Yes, a murderer. He killed his very own father, mother, brother. Burned his home to the very ground...

The young woman said with such a perfect and sonorous voice. Brushing her fingertips through the coarse brown hair of the smith. Those blood red eyes staring almost into the large man's soul. And Agregrias could not stand it, it made his skin itch and raise. As if he was staring into the depths of some abyss. 

Silence reigned within the dark room. Until the young woman spoke once more. 

 You had your chance...Agregrias. We will find him with or without your help. Vassith...come here and show the Smith your special skill.

With that, the woman turned from the Smith who had broken out into a cold sweat, melting back into the shadows of the cell to only be replaced by a creature of pale-white skin. Bug-like eyes and long claw's. Tall and gangly, lacking what appeared to be muscle of any kind. Tilting its bulbous head to the side.

Horror flooded Agregrias heart as he looked upon the mishappen creature. Nothing could explain the fear he felt as he saw its skin slowly seem to bubble and reshape, bulging and growing in size, its skin becoming more tanned as if it had spent day's within the sun's light. Within moments he had come to look upon a exact copy of himself. Just garbed in the dark clothing of what had once been the pale creature. 

Vassith took pleasure in watching the man's horror. And then ended the pitiful creatures life, finishing what it planned to do earlier: Crushing the man's throat... 

How ironic, to be killed by another wearing your own visage.

Said the woman from within the darkness. Vassith just chuckled gently. Looking at the twitching man sitting in the wooden chair. 

Find Elandethas...and my stone. Bring them to me. So I can reunite him with his family.

The woman spoke, before silence fell over the cell once more and darkness enveloped the room...

Characters: Elandethas

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