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*loves you all*
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Was never here.
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I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
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Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
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Forums : Your Characters' Story(s) > The Claw of Khyber
Archie (Member) 5/29/2012 12:49 AM EST : The Claw of Khyber
GP User: Slawler

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"Father, you should go out for a while. You've not been outside for a week, you've eaten little, and you've seen no one."

"Nonsense, I-"

"The boy's right, darling. Go out to your little tavern, visit with your friends. I'll still be here when you return. Besides, if you don't see anyone else, you'll become bored with me."

Arachan couldn't help but smile. After a century in Dolurrh, bedridden even after nearly a fortnight's rest since her resurrection, Ariane still teased him.

"That's utterly ridiculous, and you know it, love. Still, your wish is my command. I shan't be gone too long."

"Take the poor girl with you, Arachan; I'm sure she must be feeling neglected."

"You are right, of course. Good evening, my Lady, Starach."

"Good evening, Father."

Arachan left his bedroom and made his way out of the tower. Ilarya would probably be in the guest wing; when she wasn't being instructed, she liked to go through the backed up piles of things he had found in his adventures and, having never gotten around to putting them away properly, had packed into former guest bedrooms. Sure enough, she was dutifully sorting through a pile of weapons, separating them into magical and non-magical groups.

"Good evening, Ilarya. I'd hoped to find you here."

"Good evening, Arachan. Did you need me for something?"

"My wife has instructed me to go out for the evening. You must've spent a great deal of time alone since she returned; she thought I might take you to the Phoenix with me. She's quite right, as always. Will you accompany me?"

"I'ld love to. Give me a half hour to prepare, and may we take the carriage? It's a lovely evening."

Every evening, and every day, in fact, was lovely to that girl; she never wanted to use dimensional transport to get anywhere. Arachan always allowed her to take whatever mode of transport she liked, but never travelled except by magic himself. He would humour her tonight, however; suspending her lessons for so long, even for such good reason, made him feel as though he owed her something.

"Of course, child. I'll wait at the front gate." Arachan stepped into the front courtyard directly; no point wasting time with mundane travel on his own grounds, and he needed the time to find which of the hidden storage areas in the curtain wall even held the carriage, anyway.

Ilarya walked back to her room, carefully concealing the sense of success she was feeling. That old man was as tenacious as a dragon when it came to how he got around. When it came to most things, actually. She changed from the simple leather armor she wore in Arachan's keep to the black silver-studded leather she always wore outside. She teased her hair into a careful bun, lovely, yet functional, and applied a dab of perfume from one of the ancient bottles she'd come across in Arachan's store. She thought about how it had been acquired as she finished preparing herself. Why the man went through the lairs of his enemies and thought to take their perfume, she had no idea, but that was almost certainly how it was obtained; the old man would never buy something like that. He didn't buy half of the things he owned, actually. Furniture, silverware, liquor, art; chances were he took them from a defeated foe. Well, it had certainly done well for him, in any case. Perhaps she’ld try it.

Shortly, Ilarya had only one final preparation to make. Leaving the family wing for her walk to the front gate, she released a pair of silver ravens to carry her message to her allies: "The Raven flies for the Phoenix." She found the irony immensely amusing.

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