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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!
Nklos 11/20/2014 1:16 AM
-*Warms hands by the fire.*
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
Second: Creatively - charged bard in the house. Y'all just watch out ;)
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
First: That was a beautiful tribute Vali. Thank you for sharing with us! :)
Lanaliathe 10/22/2014 12:13 AM
Shared something that I've kept to myself for far too long...
Lanaliathe 10/13/2014 12:03 PM
Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for having known you all. :)
Lanaliathe 9/23/2014 10:22 PM
*sneaksneaksneak* *waves* *random tacklehugs* *flees*
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:24 PM
Below the Charter, Calendar, Mail tabs
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:23 PM
In a tiny little bar above the forums, you should have the line of 'Forums: Search * Change Handle * Your Active Topics * Subscriptions * New Activity'
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:25 AM
hrm.... Struggling to figure out how to change the character associated with the account, since only a couple of people ever met Kara. But this is Red / Spellfury.
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:21 AM
*wave* I realize I kind of vanished a year ago and it's likely no one really remembers any more, but I actually have a bit of time for gaming again and figured I would see what people are up to?

Smudge (SuperAdmin) 3/4/2012 3:41 PM EST : Prompt: Changes
GP User: Smudge_ddo

Posts: 519

Just about everyone has a turning point in their lives, whether it be something dramatic or mundane. For many, it is as simple as the year they went off to college. For others, it could be the tragic loss of a loved one.

Myself, I was a foster kid. I am the oldest kid of seven, and when I was about fourteen, without warning, we were all split up and put in foster homes. My life wasn't normal before that, but it certainly wasn't something you'd think would require such drastic measures. So from there, my life turned into a whirlwind of changes, some bad, some the best of my life. Being the oldest, I think, made it easier on me. Some of my siblings had it much worse.

In seventh grade, I'd already been getting letters from universities like Harvard (no kidding. I bet my mom still has them). This, however, threw me right off that track. In many ways, I'm glad for it. Sometimes I wonder what might have been, though.

At sixteen, I met, and moved in with my biological father, who I had no idea had existed up until that point. He was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because he was a big 'ol geek, where my family had been technophobes, it is unlikely I'd ever had had an internet connection at home (my mom and grandma still don't) and thus I'd never have met my hubby who is the love of my life.

I was a very different person back then. The core of who I am hasn't changed. I'm still a softie, still fascinated by things most people find strange, still a big tomboy. Who I have become overall, however, is very different than who I would have been had that not happened.

What are your characters' turning points? Where did their path fork and what road did they choose, or were they thrust upon? How would their lives have been different had those changes not happened?

As before, either answer in this thread, or post your story in the stories section with the subject: [Prompt: Changes]

I look forward to reading what you come up with!

I have done Smudge's before, really. I have one brewing in my head for Kerta, but it has the potential to be VERY long. So, don't expect to see it for a while.


Smudge (SuperAdmin) 3/5/2012 10:08 PM EST : RE: Prompt: Changes
GP User: Smudge_ddo

Posts: 519

*chuckles* So, for the past two days I've been pondering Kerta's story and writing it in my head. It goes some pretty dark places.
I'm on the treadmill today, and my mp3 player decides to play along. (those of you who might not know this one or may not have been around/into the music when it came out, it is about runaway kids)

Followed by:

I think Kerta has some new songs. Heh.


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