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Forums : Alliance Open Role-Play Forum > The Long Path of Redemption
ShriakNor (Applicant) 6/5/2010 10:17 AM EST : The Long Path of Redemption (Kairsh Nor)

Posts: 6

((  Anyone is more than welcome to break into the room and read the journal to get some RP going. ))

At The Golden Wing Inn, the door to one of their smallest rooms opens.  The scent of decay drifts outward as a man dressed in robes, with pale skin walks out, closes the door, locking the rather primitive lock upon it.  His eyes are deeply set into his skull, looking exhausted and worried, as if he carried a great burden.  He quietly leaves the inn, carrying with him most of his belongings.  Rumor has it, that he has paid a large sum of coin to rent the room, and extra to ensure housekeeping did not bother cleaning it.

Inside of the room, the scent of death smells strongly, almost overpowering.  It is sparsely furnished.  A flea-ridden bed roll sits in one corner of the room.  In another, a simple wooden desk, with a charred journal upon it.

The first section of the journal is unreadable.  However, the rest can easily be read, although the pages look to be in some state of decay.  It reads...

"I was arrogant.  I was a fool.  I should have known the gods would not take kindly to my research, not to mention the deeds I had done in my quest for power.  To think I could control them with magic, it was utterly stupid on my part.  However, I still feel my punishment does not fit my crime.  Forever more, forced to spend eternity as an undead creature, the very sort I used to have at my command.  Legions of undead I once had, now I struggle to command a handful, and now only for a short period of time.  My mind stripped of all it's former knowledge.

Bad enough yes, but what's worse, this... curse... they cast upon me.  Compelled to help others and fight evil at all cost, even though I do not wish it.  It's cruel and twisted, beyond any sort of torture I ever inflicted upon anyone!  Even my former minions fell to the ground in laughter at my plight...  just before they took my tower by force.  Now I must live in whatever room I can rent without drawing attention.  I managed to stash my valuables in a safe place before renting this room, as I thought it best to discourage any would be thieves by not offering any tempting baubles.  Blast!  Now I'm sounding like some goody cleric!  What's happening to me!?!?  They told me I must spend three lifetimes helping those in need to lift the curse, but there must be another way.  There has to be!  This is so very depressing.  Perhaps if I took a walk, and tortured some innocent some evil doers err help an old lady cross the street  GAH!!!  I'll just go take a walk..."

The next entry seems a little more disturbing...

"I have started the long process of re-learning what I have lost.  I can now command undead for short periods of time.  However, I still have not found another way to break this curse.  It would seem I will have to begin helping others so that one day I can just die in peace, and be done with it all.  However, and this I swear, the gods shall know of my disdain for them, and their curse!  I shall use every scrap of necromancy I can learn to perform this task.  Such irony I think a fitting way to let them know just how I feel about their so called punishment.  I still have not found a way to raise a corpse as undead yet, but I suspect this has to do with my curse.  Perhaps if I chose a subject whom was also cursed by the gods, someone they deemed fitting for such a fate..."

Lanaliathe (Officer) 6/8/2010 3:11 PM EST : RE: The Long Path of Redemption (Kairsh Nor)

Posts: 2346

((Um...  I do hate to see an attempt at RP going unanswered, but...

I dunno about anyone else, but none of my characters would break into a stranger's room, and I doubt would even follow him, without a much better reason than he smells funny and doesn't want his room cleaned.  (Sounds like my teenager... *grin*)  Perhaps there's another way to get involved in some RP with this character?))

-- Valianna d'Eberron (Elf ranger, Thelanis; Fellowship of the Golden Night)
Valianna's Journal   (last updated 2/9/09)
"A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love."  - Stendhal

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