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Forums : Your Characters' Story(s) > RP-Only Spells and Abilities
SickleYield (Applicant) 3/16/2012 2:18 PM EST : RP-Only Spells and Abilities
Posts: 384

It's canonical that wizards sometimes derive new spells deliberately, and the game occasionally throws in a new spell, wand or ability just for a single quest.  This thread is for the ones we've invented just for RP. 

This is not for the purpose of cheating - in fact, when things are written down for everyone to see, they're more likely to move into the realm of being stat-able and rolled against where necessary.  I think we all know the probably response to someone writing an SRD: Kills Everyone With No Save Regardless of Class Or Hit Points spell.

I make up things for characters on a semiregular basis, but most of them are not really for combat use (as you will see).  Where possible I've tried to adhere to the SRD format of the D&D Wiki.

In any case, the ground rule is that these will be used with the consent of other players in a way that satisfies both gamers and story, and that's the rule we all follow.

SickleYield (Applicant) 3/16/2012 2:34 PM EST : Chrono Sleeper, Sealed Room, Aberrant Hearthmark
Posts: 384

Ondranar's Chronological Sleeper

Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-affecting]
Level: Sor/Wiz 5
Components: V,S,M
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Personal, Touch
Area: One living creature
Duration: Maximum is caster's character level x hours (usually maximum 20)
Saving Throw (where relevant): Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

Invented by a wizard with many human and halfling friends who suffer from insomnia, this spell causes a magical slumber to come upon a single creature (either the caster or a single target).  The intended duration of sleep must be stated at the time of casting or of reading an inscribed scroll, the usual magic words being "Rest (number)."

The maximum DC of this spell is 10 when cast vs. a creature who is resisting.  It does not overcome elf or half-elf sleep immunity.  A creature under this spell will not be awakened by sounds, but will be awakened by damage (as little as a slap will do).

The Chronological Sleeper does not target undead, constructs, or unconscious creatures.


Ondranar's Sealed Room

Level: Sor/Wiz 9
Components: V,S,M
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Personal, Touch
Area: One living creature
Duration: 24 hours
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

Sovereign against unstatted telepathic abilities, this spell protects from psionic or arcane invasion of the mind but not against passive empathic reads.  It does not prevent noninvasive spells like Telepathy or Sending from being used to communicate with the protected individual (it does protect against spells like Charm and Dominate in their more aggressive RP-altered "mind rape" forms).

The person attempting to penetrate a mind protected by this spell instead encounters the vivid image of a windowless, doorless, white-painted room with a wooden podium against one wall.  On the podium is a sheet of parchment, which says:

You have activated the spell Ondranar's Sealed Room.  You have five seconds after you finish reading this paper to withdraw.

At the end of the five seconds, the invader must make a DC 30 will save vs. being stunned for 1d6 rounds.  Rolling a 1 results in unconsciousness regardless of modifiers.


Aberrant Hearthmark

Thanks to Aluatris for this link:

The linked page is what "real" Dragonmarks of Hospitality can do.  This entry is for the aberrant mark Dara TwoBarrels has (Darraa in game because the real spelling was taken), which can be mistaken for a Greater Hospitality mark on casual inspection.  In-game she pretends this is what it is, for reasons which should be obvious to anyone who has read what generally happens to those with aberrant marks.

Least Aberrant Hearthmark: You may use the Chairs for Everyone and Water Into Wine special abilities twice/rest (see below).

Lesser Aberrant Hearthmark: You gain an additional use per rest of the Least Dragonmark abilities.  You also gain immunity to ingested poisons, thus allowing you to remain courteous and composed in the most inhospitable of circumstances.  Does not affect contact or injury poisons.

Greater Aberrant Hearthmark: You gain an additional use/rest of the Least abilities.  You gain the Speak With Dwelling SLA (see below).

Chairs For Everyone: You reshape seats around you to fit the company you keep, up to one person per character level of the dragonmarked individual (max 25).  Seats can even fit beholders and other nonhumanoids (should you encounter nonhostile ones).

Water Into Wine: Or grape juice, or hot chocolate, or any substance the dragonmarked has actually tasted.  Temperature of the substance is affected as well.  Can be used on up to one gallon of water at a time (not on a whole pond or reservoir, for instance).  Nonmagical and nonpoisonous substances only.  Only small particulates can be added - this can be used to make a broth or a smooth milkshake, but not a chunky stew, for instance.

Speak With Dwelling: Costs two spell points.  You grant the semblance of life and intellect to a structure lived in by one or more sentient beings for approximately a local month, enabling it to telepathically answer your questions about its use and history.  Structures gain alignment other than neutral based on the duration for which they are inhabited by a being of a given alignment.  It usually takes at least a year for a structure to become truly good or evil; a structure that is uninhabited for a long time eventually reverts to neutral (usually over a period of time equal to twice the duration of its habitation by strongly aligned beings).  If the dragonmarked tries to use Speak With Dwelling on a dwelling of an alignment hostile to him or her, the structure gets to roll a will save (21 or higher) to resist the effect.

If the ability succeeds, you have a further chance to animate a dwelling physically, allowing floors to come alive and entangle your foes, tapestries to try to strangle them, or more often, small objects to assist you in your hospitality chores.  This requires a roll of 15 or better on the d20 unless it is a dwelling you have personally inhabited for more than one month.

SaneDitto (Member) 3/17/2012 12:03 AM EST : RE: RP-Only Spells and Abilities
Posts: 131

Dragon's Leash

School: Transmutation, Enchantment
Level: Clr/FvS 9, Wiz/Sor 9
Components: V, S, M/DF
Casting time: 10 turns, variable
Range: Touch
Area: One nonliving object
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

I. Description

This spell prepares an object to be used as a phylactery to store a portion of a living creature's soul. Khyber dragonshards are ideal components for this, but phylacteries made from other objects are not unheard of. During the duration of the casting, the object must not be moved nor be altered in shape or form, or the spell fails. Once successfully cast, the spell remains in stasis within the object, provided the object remains intact--should the object break or be otherwise physically disfigured from the shape it had when the spell was cast upon it, the spell will release prematurely to no effect.

The spell within the phylactery is triggered when it is exposed to the death of a living creature--preferably a violent and/or traumatic death, where the victim's soul is more vulnerable to injury and fragmentation. The spell draws in and seals a portion of the victim's soul, effectively enslaving them to the wielder if he fulfills either of the requirements:

- He has created the phylactery in the first place;

- Has been given permission (voluntary or otherwise) by the person who created it;

- Has direct or first removed blood ties (e.g. siblings, parent/child, direct cousins) with the victim.

 If the wielder does not satisfy the requirements listed above, the phylactery is useless in their hands; they cannot command the victim through it, but they are still able to destroy it or perform a transfer (see III. Removal/Transfer, below).

II. Effects

Under normal circumstances (without direct involvement by the wielder) the effect of the spell upon the enslaved victim is similar to a geas spell; they are magically commanded to carry out a task or refrain from activities specified by the wielder, even if it would result in the victim's death. If the victim is living, they still have the free will to operate as they wish, provided that they do not directly violate their commands and restrictions--a clever being can bend some of their conditions. Finally, when directly influenced, the victim is treated as under a dominate spell; they are compelled to perform the assigned task(s) with no distractions aside from basic needs (if living).

A victim that attempts to violate their orders or disobey a direct command given must pass a Will saving throw (DC 21+[character level] at -4 penalty) or be magically paralyzed as per a Hold spell, but only at the source of violation (e.g. a person ordered not to wield knives will find the appropriate limb paralyzed upon reaching for one; a person ordered not to lie will suddenly be unable to speak). Regardless on if they have succeeded the saving throw or not, the victim is wracked with severe agony that inflicts 3d6+[character level] damage and treats them as under a symbol of pain spell (-4 to attack rolls, skill rolls, ability checks) that persists until 1 hour after the victim ceases disobedience.

As the effects rely on the connection between the victim's soul and the portion locked into the phylactery, these effects bypass spells and abilities that prevent or negate the related effects (vs. mental control, vs. paralysis, etc.). The damage from the aftereffects can be healed, though.

III. Removal/Transfer

The victim is freed from the spell when the phylactery is destroyed. However, this will also destroy the portion of the victim's soul locked within, represented by three effects:

1) 3d6+[character level] untyped damage from physical and mental shock.

2) Gains the "Sundered One" template (see "Sundered One", later). If the victim already has the template upon destruction of the phylactery, the effects increment by one tier.

3) Mentally afflicted as if by one of the status effects below:

- Crushing Despair
- Feeblemind
- Confusion
- Frenzy (as per the Berserk trait, without the HP loss requirement)

The affliction lasts until the victim succeeds a Will saving throw (DC 20) to shake off the worst of the effects, gaining incremental bonuses to the saving throw (+1/week) as they become accustomed to their condition and are able to accept it. They are allowed to make a save three times per day. Additionally, the victim must also pass a Fortitude saving throw (DC 25) to prevent being sickened as their physical body also reacts to the trauma (-2 to attack, damage, skill checks, saving throws, and ability checks). Upon failure, the victim is sickened for 1d4 weeks

As an alternative to destruction of the phylactery, another person can willingly offer their life and soul in exchange for the portion sealed within the phylactery. When all parties (ideally the wielder, the victim, and the volunteer) agree to the condition, the volunteer is killed, and their soul takes the place of the victim's in the phylactery and becomes the wielder's newest thrall. At the same time, the victim receives their soul back with no penalties.

Another alternative to freeing the victim from the spell without adverse effects is a wish or miracle. The condition is treated as a very powerful request of the spell/deity involved.

"You can try to fight evil while remaining good. You'll fail, because you can't. You turn evil to kill evil, so the good don't have to suffer."


Nklos (SuperAdmin) 3/17/2012 2:37 AM EST : RE: RP-Only Spells and Abilities

Posts: 2187

I'm Commander Sheppard, and I approve this thread.... or I am in Mass Effect, love Mass effect, playing it so much.

I've stickied this because I think we might want to work in some room for discussion / alteration of items / spells but yeah.  Good idea.

Any way, Nklos has a magic item I created (not gonna totally give it away but I'll give you all the gist) that was used in one story.  I found it funny because I ran it by the people involved in the story, and they were all fine with it .  One other person through a fit at me though and yelled about how its not how things work.

He basiclly has an anchor and leash?  Lack of better terms.  Two magically linked pieces.  If he needed to get into a place, and he could some how get the anchor to the place.  The other piece would get him there using transmustion magics... (not a conjuration )  The draw back of it is it does an undetermined amount of Con damage based on the distance and a few other factors.  (Mostly undetermined because Nklos doesn't use the thing often.)
Yahoo: ENIGMA1122
MSN: (Don't use often) NKLOS@LIVE.COM


SickleYield (Applicant) 3/17/2012 1:56 PM EST : Ondranar's Greater Puffy Blanket
Posts: 384


I don't see a problem with that.  It's not as if you haven't built limitations into it - with him having to deliberately place the anchor first it's not a Deus ex Machina toy.

Today's spell:

Ondranar's Greater Puffy Blanket

Conjuration (Summoning)
Level: Wiz 3, Sor 3, Bard 3, Clr 3, Artie 3
Components: V, S
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Close (within 25 ft.)
Effect: One summoned creature
Duration: One hour/level unless dispelled earlier
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

This spell summons a creature from the Demiplane Valaesyri, where this species was artificially engineered by a wizard who wanted a sick friend to feel better.

The Greater Puffy Blanket looks exactly like a large comforter or coverlet and has stats similar to a Giant Ooze.  Color varies, but is usually a soothing pastel; the creature is slightly chameleonic based on the strongest color preference near it.  It has no offensive capability and moves slightly slower than an ooze.  The creature readily allows itself to be handled, and in fact will "purr" or make another soothing noise (it varies slightly by the individual summoned) when in contact with living flesh.  The blanket will appear to be embroidered around the edges with something inspirational and relevant in the summoner's native tongue, whether it is "you are loved," "feel better," "things will improve," etc.

Greater Puffies are attracted to shivering organic bodies and the emotional radiation attached to fatigue and depression, common symptoms of resurrection sickness.  While they can be easily "fought off" by any conscious person, if allowed they will wrap completely around a shivering person and commence making soothing noises.  Greater Puffies are repulsed by air expelled from the nose and mouth and will thus never suffocate a person.

The creature gains its actual sustenance from airborne particulates, ambient light, and the magical energy of Eberron's environments.

It is rumored that Greater Puffies roam in herds through the hallways of the Demiplane Valaesyri, but this is unconfirmed.

Archie (Member) 3/18/2012 9:27 AM EST : Boots of Anchoring, Pendant of Excellent Magic, Arach...
GP User: Slawler

Posts: 223

Boots of Anchoring. Wearer cannot be teleported, planeshifted, banished, etc against his will. Reduces any forced movement (sush as bull rush) by 10 ft. Moderate Abjuration. Market Price: 56,000 gp. To Create: Dimensional Anchor, CL 7, Craft Wondrous Item, 2,240 XP, 28,000 gp.

 Pendant of Excellent Magic (Based on the Rod of Excellent Magic in the ELH): Once per day when casting a nonepic or epic spell that has an experience point component, the pendant supplies up to 2,000 XP, not the caster. If more experience points are required to cast the spell, the caster provides them. As a special use of the pendant, the caster can substitute the power inherent in the pendant for the experience point development cost of an epic spell. Doing so drains all the power from the pendant, rendering it useless. Caster Level: 21st; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Epic Wondrous Item; Market Price: 650,000 gp; Cost to Create: 325,000 gp + 26,000 XP.

 Arachan's Death Glare; Necromancy [Death]; Wiz 8; F; 1 free action; Close; One living creature; Instantaneous; Fort partial; Yes.

 You slay one living creature that you can see within range. The target is entitled to a Fortitude save to survive. If the save is succesful, the creature instead takes 4d6 points of damage + 1 per caster level. This spell counts as a quickened spell for the purpose of determining how many spells may be cast in a round.  Focus: A death mask worth at least 1000 gp, which must be worn over the face when the spell is cast.

Battle Robes of the Archmage. These powerful and rare robes are much coveted by magi who see combat. They grant a +6 Enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution, a +10 Armor bonus to AC, a +5 Natural Armor bonus to AC, a +5 Deflection bonus to AC, +5 Resistance bonus to Saving Throws, Spell Resistance 30, and a +30 Competence bonus to Spellcraft and Concentration. CL 20, Strong Abjuration and Transmutation. Market Price: 837,000. To Create: Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Tenser's Transformation, Mage Armor, Resistance, Fox's Cunning, CL 20, 418,500 gp, 16,500 XP.

SaneDitto (Member) 3/18/2012 1:53 PM EST : Template: Sundered One
Posts: 131

Sundered One

Applicable races: Any living and sentient life forms.

Restrictions: None.

You were once whole, but now you are wounded, less than what you should be. The unthinkable--that the spirit can be injured so--carries with it its own afflictions, depending on the severity of the wound.

There are only two-and-a-half known methods (so far) to gain this template, or increment the tiers. The first is to be repeatedly resurrected from the dead against the person's will (at least 5+ times). The second is for the person to be under the effect of a Dragon's Leash (see above), and the phylactery containing their portion of soul is destroyed. The half is when the person is at tier 4 or 5 of the template: Casting a spell or using a spell-like ability has a small chance of incrementing them by one tier.

This affliction is permanent, though certain powerful abilities can reduce or mitigate the damage.

Tier 1: Your wound is small, but it somehow makes mortality more real to you. As a result, your senses are heightened, and your flesh is quick to heal.
-1 to Fortitude and Will saving throws.
-5% maximum HP.
+1 to Spot and Listen checks.
+5% healing amplification.

Tier 2: Your soul has suffered, yet it survives. You are attuned not only to your own mortality, but that of others on a vague level, allowing you to perceive an inkling of their true natures.
-2 to Fortitude and Will saving throws.
-10% maximum HP.
+2 to Spot and Listen checks (+5 vs. illusions).
+10% healing amplification.

Tier 3: The extent of your wound is not without consequences. Your flesh not only craves healing, but sustenance; your appetite is ravenous. Your perception of others' life and death becomes more precise, piercing through even the most elaborate disguise.
-3 to Fortitude and Will saving throws.
-15% maximum HP.
+1.5x resurrection sickness duration.
+3 to Spot and Listen checks (+10 vs. illusions)
+15% healing amplification.

Tier 4: Your wound is so severe that you no longer need to die to perish within; your spirit bleeds out in its vain attempts to remain intact, and focusing on spells and abilities becomes that much harder. Your perception of others' mortality sharpens--even the polymorphed will not deceive you, and clerics marvel at the ease your flesh knits together. But at what cost?
-5 to Fortitude and Will saving throws.
-20% maximum HP.
-5 to Concentration checks.
+2x resurrection sickness duration.
0.5% chance to advance to Tier 5 upon casting a spell or using a SLA/special ability. 
+5 to Spot and Listen checks.
Permanent True Seeing; not deceived by polymorphed creatures.
+20% healing amplification.

Tier 5: As the senses attuned to mortality increase, so do the senses of the flesh degrade to dimness and distance. Colour washes out. All but the most pungent of food tastes like nothing to you. Even touch seems to come from far away. You are perpetually exhausted with the effort to remain yourself, let alone to concentrate on abilities and spells that once came so easily.
-6 to Fortitude and Will saving throws.
-25% maximum HP.
-10 to Concentration checks.
Permanent resurrection sickness (1st tier); 2.5x duration of worsened effects via resurrection.
-5 to Spot and Listen checks (yes, -5).
0.5% chance to advance to Tier 6 upon casting a spell or using a SLA/special ability.
Permanent True Seeing; not deceived by polymorphed creatures.
+25% healing amplification.

Tier 6: Your soul lives no longer, yet your body remains, a shell neither living nor dead.

"You can try to fight evil while remaining good. You'll fail, because you can't. You turn evil to kill evil, so the good don't have to suffer."


SickleYield (Applicant) 3/18/2012 11:21 PM EST : Caladhain's Sanitary Evaporator
Posts: 384

Caladhain's Sanitary Evaporator

Brd 1, Sor/Wiz 1, Clr 1, Art 1
Components: V, S, M
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Area: Radius (10 ft.)+ 1 yard/caster level
Duration: 1 hr + 1 min/caster level
Savings Throw, Spell Resistance: N/A

Created by an obsessively neat wizard who wanted to keep his work area flawlessly clean, this spell removes excess moisture, blood, dirt, and other grime from an area centered on the caster.  Living things inside the radius of the spell are cleaned also.  The spell will also remove deliberately applied makeup or cosmetics (any foreign substance on skin or clothes).

The spell will act on surfaces and areas that are not obviously exposed, such as the concealed sides of cushions and the insides of cupboards within the active radius.

A faint fizzle and a visual sparkle is detectable around areas that are cleaned.  Things that enter the spell area during the duration of the spell will be cleaned also, as will messes made inside the area while it is active.

Cannot be used to dispose of corpses, but it certainly will render them very clean.

Component: A pinch of talcum.

SickleYield (Applicant) 3/19/2012 4:34 AM EST : Special Ability: Orientation Detection
Posts: 384

Orientation Detection

(This seems to me like a necessary item that is omitted from this:

Special Ability (Supernatural)

A succubus or incubus with this ability is able to detect whether a potential victim will be more receptive to them if they appear male or female (or either).  They can then use the Change Shape ability (see SRD linked above) to assume an appropriate form when luring the victim away from others.

SickleYield (Applicant) 3/27/2012 10:10 PM EST : Template: Penitent Reborn
Posts: 384

Template: Penitent Reborn

Applicable races: Any sentient life form. Rules change slightly for undead, and undead are not exempt from alignment restriction. See below.

Class restriction: No clerics or favored souls, because the Penitent cannot conventionally heal. Paladins/rangers may be allowed with this as “flavor” over the Dolorophage abilities (RP vs. mechanics of the video game Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited).

Alignment restriction: Good alignments only (no Evil, no True Neutral).

You lived a life of deliberate, unrepentant evil, hurting others gladly and without excuse, and were annihilated while committing or plotting evil acts. A deity has found a kernel of your soul and rebuilt you into a new being, with a chance to undo in your next life what you did in the past one. You gain the Vision of Agony and Dolorophage special abilities.

Special Ability: Vision of Agony

You are able to sense pain in others, whether physical or emotional, and regardless of how effectively they normally conceal it. The normal range of this ability is (radius) 50 yards. The radius increases to five miles when a former victim (that is, someone on whom you inflicted pain in a past life) is involved. The god who changed you has given you the ability to endure the constant awareness of others' pain without going mad. It is a normal part of your environment, and while you must seek out those who are suffering, you are able to bear proximity to them calmly in order to carry out your necessary activities.

This will not be true of anyone who attempts to make telepathic contact with you, however. They are exposed to the full agony that you perceive around you without the buffer of your special ability to endure it. Whether the source is psionic or arcane, the person attempting to read your mind must make a DC 20 will save or be stunned for one round (around six seconds). This does not apply to messages conveyed via the spells Telepathy or Sending, which involves words being told you and no real feedback from your mind to the caster's. If repeated attempts are made, the will save DC increases by five on each attempt that occurs within five rounds of the previous one.

Special Ability: Dolorophage

The Penitent cannot heal as a divine caster does (or repair warforged). You can instead transfer damage from others to yourself by touch. They will be fully healed or repaired while you experience 75% of the damage of their injuries. This does not apply to the conditions poisoned, blind, or diseased, which you will experience in full. It does not work on insanity or on congenital malformations that cause no discomfort (like a sixth finger).

The 75% is calculated as a percentage of their hit points scaled to a percentage of yours. That is, if a wounded fighter has 100 out of 1000 hit points left (has lost 90%), but your total is only 200, you will not die from 675 points of damage (75% of his total loss); you will instead take 75% of the 90% damage the fighter has taken and lose 67.5% of your total hit points, leaving you with 65 hp. If undead, you take damage as if hurt by positive energy; you are not healed by the transfer.

More simply put, if a person has a sword wound that would be fatal to them in ten minutes untreated, you will receive a sword would that would be fatal in twenty to thirty minutes untreated, even if s/he is a large, robust half-orc and you are a small, weak elf.

Transferred injuries may be healed or repaired by any normal means (potion, wand, spell, etc.). Undead are still healed by conventional negative energies such as those of the Inflict and Harm spells.  The Penitent cannot heal himself or herself with spells but can use devices if the class/build has enough UMD for that.

Emotional injuries are merely absorbed; you are aware of what they are but do not experience them. The success of healing an emotional injury depends on the injured person's ability to let go of it. A PTSD episode might be completely stopped, while grief over a loved one's death might simply be alleviated to a bearable level (an ability to remember them and cherish your time together rather than despair over their loss). Clinical depression cannot be sent away at once but might be improved with long-term exposure to the dolorophage.

While you can eat and drink if you choose, you do not require physical sustenance regardless of your species (you require rest or sleep as usual). Instead, you are physically compelled to seek out hurting people and relieve their suffering. If you do not transfer at least 20% hp damage every two days, you will gradually lose constitution at the rate of 1/day until it reaches 1. At a constitution of 1 you will sink into a comatose state until touched by a wounded person. You will then regain constitution even if they have con damage, and injuries will be transferred as normal. You remain in a suspended state without aging/dying until this occurs.

If you successfully transfer more than 60% hp damage in two days, you gain +2 to all saves for a duration of 24 hours starting from the last transfer.


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