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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
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Was never here.
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I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
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Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
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Happy thanksgiving!
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Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
Second: Creatively - charged bard in the house. Y'all just watch out ;)
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
First: That was a beautiful tribute Vali. Thank you for sharing with us! :)
Lanaliathe 10/22/2014 12:13 AM
Shared something that I've kept to myself for far too long...
Lanaliathe 10/13/2014 12:03 PM
Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for having known you all. :)
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Forums : Your Characters' Story(s) > The wolf and the man
Haeronel (Member) 11/3/2012 6:39 PM EST : The wolf and the man
Whisper Wolf

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There was a light that shone through the forest. It were the bright rays of the morning sun that managed to get through the roof of thick leaves that covered the woods. 

The smell of forest flowers could be smelled in the morning air, each flower slowly opened once the rays of light touched its location. 
While birds where slowly waking up and sang their morning song, another song then filled the air. The song was sung by a man's voice that sounded a bit crooked and old but also comforting and confident.

"I walk all day and I walk all night"
"Walking through the woods is my delight."
"It'll be forever as may be"
"Walking through the woods means that I am free"
"Hear the birds sing their song"
"Hear the bushes sing along"
"Walking here is my delight"
"Walking through the woods makes my life bright"

An elderly man then emerged, dressed in a brown robe and his balding head showing still some grey hair  but on his face was a bright smile as he sang that song, walking through the woods with a wooden staff in his hand as he walked on his heavily worn leather sandals through the woods. 
Suddenly the man stopped as his attention was drawn to the bushes on his left, as it seemed to move while the wind didn't seem to blow.

The man, stopped and he looked at the bush, being filled with small, red  forest berries that softly moved like bells in a tower. A slight alarmed look would decorate his face as he tensed up where he stood. 
For a moment there was a dead silence and the man stared at the bushes, awaiting what would come out of it. 

A wolf then suddenly jumped out of the bushes and faced him with a growl. Then man then relaxed and chuckled at the creature that almost tried its hardest to look menacing to him and the man could merely laugh. 
    "Haeronel! You scared this old man!" He said and the wolf barked happily, wagging her tail heavily as she jumped up and down on her two front paws. The man then moved over to her to pet the wolf on her head. "Always a forest creature, hm? Stop scaring this old man if you want to have me around for a little while longer"

Haeronel then barked happily and the man chuckled. 
    "O, how much I wish I could tell what you're thinking when you're like this..." He grinned and petted the wolf one more time before he continued his morning walk.

Haeronel happily followed him, wagging her tail as she trotted after him back to his little house in the woods. 
The small house was made of natural things the man had found in the woods, some called it a shack....or maybe not even that. But to him it was his little palace, his castle, his home...and that of Haeronel as oflate.

When the man finally reached his front door, he reached with his free hand for his pocket and took out a small twig that he used as a key for the small lock on his door. Why he used a lock was far beyond Haeronel's comprehension, for as long as she could remember he always used that twig as a key to seal his door.

The door then swung open and the man walked in cheerily, humming the song to himself that he sang earlier int he woods and he let his behind fall onto a self made chair. 
It was a small, one room house, everything, I mean litterally EVERYTHING was in that room, from bed to kitchen and from kitchen to bath. 

The man let out a loud "Ahhhh" once he had settle down in his own made chair, made of that many leaves and branches that is was sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

Haeronel bolted over to her little "corner", a small piece of cloth lay on the ground, she moved herself over to there and she laid down on top of it, licking her snout as she watched the old hermit she had came to know as Darnel.
Her eyes went over to the bear rug on the ground and her memory took her back five years ago, when that rug was still a living being in the woods.

In her mind the memory replayed in her head: 
It was the first time she met this old hermit, she remembered herself going through the woods. The scene in her head showed of the large brown bear attacking the old hermit who had tripped over his own feet of fear of this massive being. The bear did roar and stood on his two legs with his front claws in the air, ready to strike. The hermit, Darnel, then raised one arm to cover is face as if he tried to protect himself.
Then his savior came, the grey wolf jumped over the old hermit and there was a battle between the two forest creatures and they fought untill there was only one winner.
Once the bear breathed out his last breath and fell with its massive body on to the ground the wolf then turned to the hermit, being injured rather badly by the massive creature the wolf then collapsed on to the ground.

Haeronel returned to the here and now and she looked at Darnel who sat there in a chair, playing with his fingers and she let out a chuckling-like sound.

The day slowly crept by and Haeronel had spent the rest of her day in the forest, chasing forest animals to her delight. The moment dawn arrived she then slowly trotted back home, feeling content with what she had done today.

But as she walked, she felt that something was wrong, the forest was silent, dead silent and she felt her stomach turn, twist and make a knot. She looked up at the trees and all the birds who were whistling songs where now quiet and it didn't make Haeronel feel any better about it. 
But then a scream filled the air and Haeronel's feelings and fears were confirmed. With big eyes and her stomach's knot was being pulled tighter the moment she heard the scream and she ran home as she recognized the voice immediately. 

    "Where is she!" the half-Orc said with a raw voice and he grabbed Darnel by his brown robe, lifting him up with it with little effort.
      "I don't know!" Darnel replied as he looked at half-Orc in fear. 'I don't know who you're talking about!'
     'Don't lie to me!' The half-Orc grunted and he tossed the hermit back on to the ground and he slowly turned to a human and a drow, both showed several bruises and one was even limping a bit. "Go find her you weaklings!" the half-Orc shouted.
The two then slowly left but not before they threw a last glance on the hermit with a rather sadistic grin on their faces. Once the two had left, the half-Orc then turned back to Darnel, who slowly crawled backwards away from the large creature, and he cracked his knuckles, his black bastard sword hanging on his belt. 
    "Now, monk, you have caused me and my boys enough trouble." The half-Orc said with a soft growl. "Time to send your little friend a message." The half-Orc marched over to Darnel with large steps and he then grabbed him by his throat and Darnel let out another scream.

Another scream filled the air and Haeronel felt the knot in the stomach tightnign.
    Almost there, almost there! She thought and she tried to force her legs to run even faster. 
Then finally, she could see the small house in the distance, but she also spotted a man and a drow, then an half-Orc marched out of the front door and he shouted at them and gave each of them a punch. "you weaklings! The old guy is no longer a problem." 
The two grinned and the human male then took out some matches and some dry grass, with a sadistic grin on his face he then made the house burn a little on the roof before they left, following the half-Orc.

Haeronel wanted to chase the small group but she looked at the house and the worry took over and she ran to the house as fast as she could.
The front door was open and she could see Darnel, being roped up against a chair as the house slowly started to burn, he was heavily beaten up and blood flowed where it shouldn't. 

Darnel gasped for air as the house burned and Haeronel bolted towards the front door, but in her haste she placed her right behind leg in a bear-trap. The large claw-like trap swung shut with her leg still in it and she let out a loud howl of pain that echoed through the woods.
Darnel looked at Haeronel, who was still trying to reach the front door even though her leg was trapped in a rather painful trap.

    "Go..." he moaned, gasping for air as he spoke. "Go...away"
But Haeronel did not listen and she continued to try and reach Darnel but the fire was raging to heavily and before she could reach the front door she could only watch how the roof collapsed under the head and enormous flames raged through the house. 

All Haeronel could do was watch as the flames swallowed the house whole and Darnel with it.
As the fires raged she howled to express her grief and the flames burned higher and higher, and eventually they jumped over to the nearby trees.

Pain, grief and anger, those where the feelings that now ruled her mind, when she was done howling she noticed the flames had spread beyond the house and now were raging through the forest. Haeronel felt trapped as her leg was stuck in a bear-trap, with each movement she felt the pain going through her and the heat then slammed in her face as if she hit a burning wall. 
The flames spread around her and she had to gasp for fresh air as the heat then slowly killed all the oxygen in the air, smoke slammed in her face and she dropped to the ground, gasping and then eventually, she had no more energy to stand to run and was more then willing to accept that what was inevitable and she passed out.

Haeronel whimpers as she woke up, the fresh smell of burned meat above a fire in her nostrils was a warm welcome and slowly she opened her eyes. 
She wondered where she was, was she not supposed to be dead?
Before her stood a campfire, burning brightly while a rabbit hung above the fire.

    "Good morning sunshine!" A man said brightly, checking up on the meat. He was a rather handsome young man with blond hair that was tightly pulled in a pony tail.
Haeronel then tilted her head to one side a bit puzzled of what happened, she then looked at herself and she saw the injuries of her leg from the bear-trap being as good as healed. She slowly got up, ready to find those people who had Darnel's death on their hands, ignoring the human completely.

    "Bye!" the man then said brightly and he turned his attention to fire again.
Haeronel looked at him and she pondered, though she was convinced that she wanted to avenge Darnel's death, but when she took a few steps she dropped to the ground.

    'You miiiight be best that you simply lay down and rest for a while." the man then said, grinning at the fire as he was now poking it with a stick.
Haeronel then looked at the young man, poking the stick like there was no tomorrow, as if it was his own little game to torment the flames with his little stick. She looked then back at her leg and then at the man.

    "I am ELandethas!" The man said brightly, looking at her as if he almost expected her to speak to him, grinning brightly still from ear to ear.
Haeronel tilted her head in wonder, mainly wondering if that guy was well in the head. 
A chuckle rolled over his lips "Alright! No need to speak!"

((more coming soon))
Characters: Haeronel

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