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Merry Christmas. :)
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Second: Creatively - charged bard in the house. Y'all just watch out ;)
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First: That was a beautiful tribute Vali. Thank you for sharing with us! :)
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Shared something that I've kept to myself for far too long...
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Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for having known you all. :)
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*wave* I realize I kind of vanished a year ago and it's likely no one really remembers any more, but I actually have a bit of time for gaming again and figured I would see what people are up to?
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*sneaks in, drops a wall of text, and runs away* :)
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aww... *hugs and cookies for zolt*
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ddo doesnt seem to want to work for me , curse you DDO!
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LillyPetal (Member) 9/5/2009 10:18 PM EST : RE: Be careful what you wish for: Not One, Not Two, N...

Posts: 27

Make me Different, Make me the Same

Make me Different, Make me the Same

Lilly thought she needed to explain herself, this wish she wanted, but her reasoning seemed clear enough without it. She wanted to be like everyone else. Not something that the Twelve would want to pick apart. Not something that resembled human but wasn't. She waned a normal life, or at lest to have the closest thing to a normal given life in Xen-drik.She had read up on the spell that could grant her wish. She understood how it would work and that it would change her into becoming exactly what she wanted to be changed into. She knew this spell once caste would be permanent and so she would have to make it very clear before hand of what changes she wanted done to herself. She also knew that this spell was normally meant has punishment to the person it was caste upon. She would feel pain has her body would shift, organs changing, bones moving. A moment of discomfort was worth saving her a life time of awkward misery and solitude and never feeling like she belonged.

Her wish was granted that night, has Shiningeagle memorized and prepared the polymorphing spell. Like ants crawling and biting at ones skin, she felt the spell take hold and in what felt like only a moment it was completed. Tired to the point of exhaustion she hardly got a chance to look at her new self before falling fast asleep besides the fire.


Morning light was just beginning to break threw the tree top canopy when Lilly woke. Song birds still slept within there nests and had yet to greet the day with there melodies.Rolling over onto her side she saw that the fire had gone out, perhaps hours before, a she considered relighting it. Dragging herself up to a seating position she let out a great yawn and stretched out her arms. Has she went to brush the remaining sleep from her eyes she paused to study her hands. Soft tanned skin, completely un-marred by scars and scratches and free of any impressions made by old metal plating and pattern like tattoos. Long elegant fingers with swirling finger prints at each tip. Most exciting of all, both hands where and exact mirror image of the other. Both perfectly human hands. Four fingers and a thumb on each.

The next thing to catch her wonder and pure amazement was when she covered one eye and then the other in rapid succession. Sight with both eyes. She had been blind in her left eye sense almost has long has she could remember. Having her vision returned brought the greatest joy to her and has she spun about looking at all the beautiful sights around her while one hand covered her right eye she couldn't help but smile while tears of joy began to stream down her face. Patting her chest she knew that no one would ever mistake her for male again, while rolling up the hem of her tunic she couldn't help but let out a little giggle of excitement at finding her muscular belly sported a new oval shaped belly button.Skipping up onto her feet and nearly toppling over from a change in balance upon strange new toes she stumbled forward, catching herself against a tree and nearly tripping up into Shiningeagle.

He must have stayed there all night, his chin resting against his chest has he took in slow deep breaths. Was he sleeping, or was he trancing like other elves would do? Lilly poked him awake, "friend Shiney," she said softly. "There are far better places for a wizard folk to sleep, friend." Helping him off the ground she thanked him again for granting her wish and then suggested that they should perhaps go obtain some food and then head back to the city. Certain that he would have other business to attend to for today she thought it best to that they take leave of each other once they returned to Stormreach so that she could set to sorting out other aspects of her life while Shiningeagle could go do what ever it was that a elven Kundarak heir had to do. Shiney made a point that he had a feeling that she would need a friend, someone on her side, and he would make sure that he was available to her if she had need. Thanking him again, they did depart.


The morning had gone will, filled with joy, amazement, friendship and happiness. She had taken a fresh bath, dressed herself in one of her cleanest, prettiest and most formfitting dress and after buying a small finger piano from Yannick Drumdoom, she was ready to go out and be a bard again, filled with song and cheer. She had gone to the Phoenix tavern expecting a large crowd of familiar friendly faces and she was not disappointed. Performing, drinking, practising and learning the keys of her new instrument, making merry.

But it took only one blue warforged to remind her of the single most important thing that she had given up the moment she wished to be human. "Deriaz?"


LillyPetal (Member) 11/17/2009 9:31 PM EST : Be careful what you wish for: Not 1, Not 2, Not Here,...

Posts: 27

Deriaz went out to find her while a reluctant Jaggie followed. Lilly wasn't in any of the places that they thought they would find her. None of the places that Jaggie would normally go, should she be upset, where occupied by her broken hearted blonde haired twin. Their house was empty other than a hungry pet snake, the ruins of their broken home in Cerulean Hills where untouched other then the wild flowers that had taken over the ashes and now bobbed there colourful heads in the cool evening wind.

She wasn't in a single place in the Phairlan ward and House Jorasco was equally empty. After searching the dock and every tavern and inn along the harbor wharf they eventually found her in one of the cheap run down tavern inns. In one of the darkest corners of the bar she was sat down, leaning over a table, with her face buried into her folded arms. It was only thanks to the barkeep that she was pointed out to the two warforged. They probably would have never noticed her otherwise.

“Okay, um...” Deriaz obviously hadn't thought this through, entirely. “I don't want her to run away again, so... Maybe we should let her notice us instead of us confront her...?” Jaggie shrugged, not being of much help for this situation, leaving Deriaz to make the careful track towards the darkened end of the tavern pretty much on his own.

As he made his way over to the table, Deriaz considered for a moment if putting two chairs side by side would support his weight so he could sit and talk. Deciding against it, he slowly and quietly attempted to take a seat on the ground at the table. "Lilly?" He reached out and poked an arm hesitantly. Instantly she pulled herself upright, her arms tightly wrapping around her sides has she pushed herself back and away from the table. Her bloodshot eyes, drained of all their tears, fell upon Deriaz.

“You okay?” Deriaz tilted his head slightly.

"What-what do you want?" Lilly's head turned slightly, spotting Jaggie at the bar. "Here to just rub it in that I'm not her anymore?" She pointed at Jaggie who attempted to not notice the anger and hatred that guided that point at her.

"Why would I wanna do that? I'm just here, um, to say hi, is all. . ." He wasn't exactly sure how to answer to that question.

"Hi? Really? How long where you gone and only now you come back to say hi? Okay... yes, Hi. How are you? I'm fine or at least I would be if I didn't wake up one morning to find out I was just some copied image and that my original me wasn't standing over there at that bar acting like I didn't exist."

Deriaz winced, and stared down at the floor for a moment, thinking. "Should I come back another time, maybe. . .?"

Lilly looked away, pinching the bridge of her nose and for a moment closed her eyes, trying to not take out her anger on him. Deriaz didn't deserve it. With a huff of breath she contemplated his last question. "For what purpose? Why are you here, Deriaz....? What do you want from me that she can't offer?"

"Nothing. And there's nothing she can offer that you can't either... Can I maybe explain something before I make things any worse?"

"Go ahead.." Lilly rested her arms onto the table again. She looked tired and defeated but listened quietly.

"First off, I realize this is going to make little sense, but it makes sense to me. Two years ago, I promised her," he pointed to Jaggie, "that I'd protect her, yes? And then when you came along, I still kept the promise. Now that you're two different people, well. . . I know I might not be good at it, but maybe, um. . . Maybe the promise can apply to both of you? I just want both of you to be safe. Of course, if you want me gone, like I've always said, just say so. . . Um. . ." Unsure of how to wrap that up, Deriaz rubbed his arm nervously and turned quiet. Has the quietness continued, and Deriaz's hopes for Lilly to say something went undone, he bumbled onwards.

“I mean, you two don't have to like each other or anything. I can understand if you don't wanna talk to each other. I just, um. . ." He started stumbling over his words, trying to explain himself, but eventually gave up again.



“... I love you...” Her voice was so sad, so broken. Her voice cracked and she could barely speak louder then a whisper at that point. “..But, you can't have both of us...”

"I know I can't. But I want to at least keep both of you safe."

"You know that's impossible to do... You can't be in two places at once."

"I can sure try. Just need to find a way where both of you can get a hold of me and tell me where you are, and I can run over."

"Yeah.." her eyes slowly looked up into his, "but what happens when we both need you at the same time?"

"Then. . . I. . . Uh. . . Um. . ." Deriaz paused. "I run over, pick one of you up, take you to the other one, protect both at the same time."

“Heh," Lilly half smiled at him, "you know that won't always work though, love.... One of these days, you'll have to decide. One or the other.."

"Then I'll decide when that day comes, and I'll choose both. I've chosen an option other than the given ones before, remember? But until then, I can do it. . ."

Trying to still hold onto a smile she murmured, "That's why we love you..." With that Lilly paused for a moment before looking over to Jaggie and waved the 'forged over. “Jaggie,” Lilly said, “take care of him.”

Jaggie's mouth propped open in confusion while Deriaz looked between the two, trying to figure out what was going on. “What do you mean by 'take care of him'?” He asked.

“We,” Lilly gestured between herself and Jaggie. “We can't share you. We'd tear you apart.” She gave a short glare at Jaggie. “Am I right?”

Jaggie fidgeted before nodding, “hai.. She's right, Deriaz.”

Deriaz shook his head. "I don't think so."

Jaggie was still playing catch up on the conversation, "I could never share you. Not even with my own self...."

"You made that clear to me when you kicked me out of my own hall, " Lilly's eyes became distant. "Why else do you think I look like this now?" She gestured to her body which had been polymorphed into a human female. Jaggie only just noticed this. "So I won't be you anymore." There was a silence then. Jaggie's own mind settling in, realizing the path that she had put 'herself' in. "So... how about this," Lilly pointed at Deriaz and Jaggie. "Jaggie promises to take care of you and you keep doing what you do. Protect her."

"But what about you?" Oh, the always caring Deriaz, Lilly thought to herself.

"Me? That's none of your concern anymore. Because I'm not her anymore."

"I know you're not. . . But. . ." Deriaz paused, unsure of how to say what he wanted. He shook his head. ". . . Are you sure? Am I still allowed to at least talk to you? Or do you want me to stay away?" He seemed rather confused, for some reason.

"Do what you want... Just keep your promise to her..."

Deriaz stared at Lilly for a moment, and then nodded. "If you say so."

Lilly simply gave a slight bob of her head before turning her attention to Jaggie, "And you better take care of him," She pointed at the 'forged.

Jaggie nodded, her head tilted toward the floor, "I will..."

And that was that. There was little more to be said. Deriaz reached over to hug Lilly, who took it has their final embrace. “I'll always love you,” she whispered.

Deriaz clinged and hugged maybe a bit tighter than he should have, while nodding and repeating the same words back to Lilly. He let go after a moment, and nodded. "See you around, then? Or. . . Do you want some company for a bit?" He glanced between the two.

"No... Go on, you two." She waved the two of them away so she could be alone with her thoughts.

"Okay. You know where to find me, if you need me," Deriaz nodded, and adjusted his mask. He got up quietly from the table, standing there for a moment as if trying to think of something to say. He drew a blank though, and simply nodded yet again before heading for the door in silence.

Jaggie paused at the table, looking down at her other self. "Why? Why did you give him up so easily for me?"

"Because if we fought we'd only hurt him...." Lilly stared at her folded hands. "Go."

Jaggie hurried towards the door, wrapping her arms around the forearm of the big blue 'forged that was hers and hers alone.


LillyPetal (Member) 1/18/2010 10:05 PM EST : RE: Be careful what you wish for: Not 1, Not 2, Not H...

Posts: 27

For a while she had just let herself go. She didn't sleep and when she did she slept to much and for to long. Her body and clothes became grimy and she lost all sense of appetite. She had let herself tumble down into the ranks of depression and solitude, for what else was there to do when you lost everything and gave the rest away?

But the silence and the dark scared her and she could only bare it for so long. She bathed. She ate. She went outside into the blinding sunlight. She'd find a job somewhere or other, just like she did when she first came to Stormreach and she'd slowly climb up the ranks to make a new name for herself. She'd put on a smile and pretend everything was okay. Eventually, maybe, things would be.

Getting Rusty

It would seem that making a new name for oneself was a lot harder then she had thought. Her first obstacle at obtaining fame, riches, and glory, laid in the fact that attractive blonde haired bards were a copper a dozen. Her second obstacle laid in the fact that House Phiarlan pretty much owned the monopoly of performers contracts in the city and any of the jobs worth having where far out of her reach. Her final obstacle lay in location. She could find plenty of jobs outside Stormreach but much required long distant travel and she lacked both funds, equipment and willingness to leave the city. The few half decent jobs in the city had one fatal flaw that she simply refused to do. Any job required 'more' then just dancing and singing for it's patrons was out of the question.

And so she was left with very few options. One, become a street performer and hope she didn't become the next Natt Gann. This option wouldn't work because of the Dal Qat performers up the road. They and Tag Hardcastle would be able to out perform her to easily in her current stat. She's have to develop a purely spectacular show in order to out shy their performances.

Option two was pretty simply but required a lot of money and talent to start out. She could apply to the performers guild with House Phiarlan. She didn't need to be a dragon marked elf to gain the right to wear there colours. She just had to prove her skill to them and have the money to pay the fees. Once in she could get her foot threw the door of many excellent jobs and opportunities that would otherwise be closed to her. Of course she'd still have to get the money first. Sadly she barely had a copper to her name and so this option was still closed to her for the time being.

Last and final option, go to the bottom of the tank and find any old sleazy bar, inn or tavern that was looking for a pretty blonde haired bard to sing for it's patrons. So be it if the patrons smelt like day old trog dung, the money was there, even if only a couple copper and silver at a time, there was a roof over her head meaning she was drier then any of the street performers, and she'd always have a audience to perform and practice her bardly skills to.


LillyPetal (Member) 1/18/2010 10:11 PM EST : RE: Be careful what you wish for: Diary

Posts: 27

*Here hidden among tattered books and loose papers scattered about Lilly's bedroom floor lay the open pages of a diary.*

I feel sorry for Jeatra. Can she not see that I don't think that way of her? I don't think of anyone like that. I'm not even sure if I know how. Closest thing I had to it, this thing she wants of me, was how I felt for Deriaz. How I still feel for him... I miss him, but I think my feelings for him are not the same kind that Jeatra may be looking for.


I feel terrible for pushing her away like that. I just couldn't handle her. Just to much pressure. To much to deal with right now. Does she expect me to automatically know everything over night? Does she wish me to set my life to the side, just to make her happy? I'm not happy, not till I can sort this life of mine out. I need to be what I want to be. I can't keep acting it.


Valianna helped explain a few things and it really helped a lot. It's good to have someone like her that I can trust. I'll try not to go to her to often though, she's her own family and own problems to deal with and it must be awkward for her to try answer these questions I ask. I feel so embarrassed for having to ask her in the first place, though. I feel like a child, asking a parent how an infant is born, or perhaps, how one is made. May the gods be thankful I figured those wonderments out long ago when I was still a metal thing. But I don't understand what drives creatures to the act of creation. What attracts someone to another. Maybe I should ask Valianna that next time.

 In other news, I found a job. It's a bottom of the barrel kind of place, The Rusty Nail, but it means I don't need to travel out of the city and I wount ever need to pick up steel and have to fight ever again. I'll be able to use it has a place to practice some of my skills and magics has a bard for once. Get myself back into the music realm.



LillyPetal (Member) 1/18/2010 10:21 PM EST : RE: Be careful what you wish for: Diary : turn the pa...

Posts: 27

Versatillas re-inspired me to try working on my illusionary spells again. He was doing this amazing little trick of changing the colour of his skin. I must admit that he had me in fits of laughter. I think we was using a spell more physically real and permanent then what I may be able to do but it brought on a good idea on how I can work on my own spell making. I always tried making full moving images, but perhaps if I tried starting out with something simple like making a single colour of light and trying to change it. Maybe I can do that. See how long I can control the spell.


They look at me with prowlers eyes licking yellow teeth with slimy tongues
If there is anything that could make me break my vow to never again take up steel it would be these monsters. I knew not to expect to much when I took this job and if a better option had been available I would have taken it. I keep telling myself this is just something to hold me over, that soon enough I'll be able to afford to apply to the performers guild and be able to work under Phiarlans seal. But for now, I'm stuck grinning and bearing it till I can save up more money and hope for better opportunities.


I don't think I'll be going to work tonight. Yesterday I was trying to help fix Blindshot and I somehow made myself really really sick. Like my insides where ripping themselves apart. This happened before when I was still flesh-forged. I don't know what would have happened to me if Sereyne wasn't there to help. For some reason whenever I attempt to use my magics to cure injuries on a warforged something gets tangled up in the spell. They get healed but then I'm the one left hurting. Sereyne says it has to do with my soul web. That when I try to fix another warforged I'm somehow tapping to far into myself and the spell I release to help them ends up using a chunk of me to do so. I'm killing myself to help my own brother and not even realizing it.
I thought that being turned into a human would have altered not only my body but my soul has well. I was wrong. No matter what others can see I'm still this thing on the inside. There's no hiding from what I am.


There's this shifter that comes in a lot. Everyone calls him Rat. I don't know how to describe him other then a disgusting rodent standing on its hind legs and pretending he has the intelligence of a kobold who's been hit over the head a few to many times with a club. He's filthy and I've seen ogres who were cleaner and with better verbal skill them him. Gods I just wish he would stop making grabs at me.


LillyPetal (Member) 3/23/2010 9:57 PM EST : RE: BCWYWF: Diary : turn the pages

Posts: 27

I kicked Rat out today. The bouncer at the door didn't even get a chance to do it for me.
The filth actually had the gall to kiss me. Right in front of the whole bar. I swear that if I ever catch him in the bar again a kick to the loins is going to be the least of his concerns when I'm through with him.
Jordan better be paying me extra tonight. I don't deserve to have to put up with this crap all the time.


After last week and that stunt with Rat, Jordan Coulter, the bar owner, has been treating me like some golden egg laying goose. I'm the best performer he's had since the vendors moved out of his bar. Considering I've never really done any sort of actual singing and dancing till just a few months ago, I'm not sure if I should be overly proud of such a compliment.
Jordan bought me a dress today and asked me to wear next time I'm working. Personally I think it's too revealing but he says it''ll bring in more people and that means more money. The offering of more money doesn't make me feel any better though.
Perhaps if this thing had straps and somewhere for me to hide my throwing knife. I'd be more comfortable then. I do like the colour at least, but I'm too scared that it'll fall down the moment I take a step on stage. Doesn't help that the slit going up the side of it shows more leg than what any of the whores and bar wenches are showing. I half want to ask Jordan if he expects me to be like one of them. The other half doesn't want to find out.


Last show went alright. I still don't feel right in this dress but it's at least better than the heels Jordan tried having me wear. Does he wish for me to break my neck?
As to the show, it did go over rather well. I even added a few of the spells I've been working on, into it. They're pretty simple, just some dancing lights and a few sounds but I'm rather proud of how it came out. For my next show I want to try and maybe go for something bigger. I've been trying to master some more complex illusions. I've been trying to make something that looks like shifting elements. Earth, water, fire. So far they haven't been working out that well but I think I'm getting better. Perhaps I could create an enchantment or two that could give the spell a boost. I'll figure it out. I'll work on it next practice night.


I've been modifying the stage a little for when I plan to do the big performance next week. Some simple pressure discs that'll activate the moment I step on them. The enchantments I've put onto them should amplify what ever spell I'm casting at the time. I'm not sure how well it'll work but it should be enough. Worse case it won't go off as planned but it's not like anyone will notice anyway. Sometimes I think I'm trying too hard to please these monsters.
Besides modifying the stage I also had to do some changes to my red dress that Jordan gave me. Ever since Rat jumped up on stage I've been having to watch out for others trying to do the same. Last time one of them tried I got knocked off stage and took a pretty bad smack to the head. I was alright and Jordan took care of the culprits but I need to keep it from happening again. No more wearing high heels from now on.


LillyPetal (Member) 3/23/2010 10:08 PM EST : RE: BCWYWF: Scar Tissue

Posts: 27

This wasn't the first bar fight she had escaped from, but it was the first time that familiar faces were in the crowd. Great first impressions, for sure.
 Though she was proud of her performance tonight.
The dazzling display of the elements had gone off perfectly. Each pressure plate releasing its enchantment exactly as they should. Each step in beat to the music. Her voice, perfect, loud and true. Her dress sparkeling and shimmering under the dancing lights. Then cracking and shocking as the first drunkard made a grasp for her leg.
She had her dress enchanted. Lightning guard. It was meant to give her protection and it did. It still couldn't protect her from the most daringly stupid. And so came about the end of the show when she did fall.

Fingers prodded tender flesh. Shingingeagle – Teldyn, and Jeatra removed the glass that imbedded her foot and applied a balm to stave off infection. The medication left her lightheaded and with an uncontrollable urge to laugh. Instead she found herself wanting a short nap which she took in the guild lounge with a Jeatra curled up beside her.

Waking she limped upstairs to her room and finally took stock of the night's events. Teldyn and Jeatra had dealt with the ruffians in the bar, or at least enough so that they could escape. Somewhere along the way she had slipped and fallen into broken glass during their mad dash to the door. With Teldyn under one arm and Jeatra offering all the help her physically small stature could offer on the other, they made their way to the south-west corner of the marketplace and hurried inside their guildhall.

Removing the bandages, Lilly studied the wounds pressing softly glowing hands over the cuts, watching pink tendrils of energy sew the wounds shut. Once closed the injury felt no better, however. A deeper pain suggested a cut tendon or chipped bone. She could neither heal these injuries herself or afford the price of a cleric to repair it for her. She'd have to heal the slow, natural way.

Washing away dried blood and caked on medical balm she traced fingers along tiny white scars. These would be her first.

How many more would the next fight bring?


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