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Elldar (New Admin) 12/30/2009 5:54 AM EST : Flash intros
Posts: 10
Getting Started!

Is there an option to install my guild intro on my own guild portals site? or do i need to get it separate hosted?

I don't use pay pal (i dont know how to use it anyways) i have a domain name with my internet providor, the thing is 
i'm new at this stuff i dont know realy how to use or install something on a domain or host site like this is just keep trying and reading.

is there some sort of code to get the intro to work on guild portal?

(maybe if i can get some directions, can i re work the template? in world of warcraft Alliance style or can i get help anywhere to do this for me)

This is my site i need still to work on it,
An this is the intro where i worked on, 
(<-copy past the last link its not direct)

Best of regards 

Merenwench (MVP) 12/30/2009 4:58 PM EST : RE: Flash intros
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 2772
Zomgawsh Poster


Elldar (New Admin) 12/30/2009 8:15 PM EST : RE: Flash intros
Posts: 10
Getting Started!

Merenwench said:

Nice i'm thankful for this, on the other hand i'm screwing this up like always :s

first of all i'm just trying some stuff

this is the link to my page with that script of yours

not everything is aligning to the center "don't pay any attention to the logo" its not finished yet! 
the alliance crest you see will be the base of the logo i reworked that one with paint net, paint net is good for 
re skinning work like the crest i did so far.

But for letter types paint net is a failure i guess!? i'm in need of a good tool so i can make my logo to put in that script.

for my banner i found this site but i need there fore again pay pal so i can get the banner that i make. 

the script codes don't work on the banner section so i cant use it like i had in mind.

back to the intro part i guess i'm doing something wrong with it maybe i need to adjust some stuff to align it to the center i had first a other back ground to, that little logo you see on the test intro i made is actually a smaller re skinned crest of the big picture i 
have on my pc, i wanted to use it as my back ground of my website but for some reason it would not center on the 

anyway every tip you have is welcome i'm actually a greeny around this stuff.

best of regards.

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