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Forums : Pimp My Site! > Hmmm..Can't add pictures to URL line in content boxes anymore...
Fortinbras CoH (Guild Admin) 6/26/2007 5:11 AM EST : Hmmm..Can't add pictures to URL line in content boxes...
Fortinbras CoH
Posts: 622
Zomgawsh Poster

What happened? 
Now I have to add them through the new Image Map Editor in a round about way, then cancel out of it.
(and I fear that isn't working anymore either. 

When I try to paste a photobucket location in the URL line and click INSERT (like I have been for months), it tells me please select the picture you wish to insert!

*Throws hands up*  If this is an improvement, more.


If I'm doing something wrong, please tell me...

Works in News boxes and Forum posts, but not in Free Form Content Boxes...what gives?  It did like a week ago.

No alternate text supplied.


Ursan (New Admin) 6/26/2007 9:02 AM EST : RE: Hmmm..Can't add pictures to URL line in content b...
Posts: 214
Fingers of Fury!

You can now just drag and drop the image in the freeform box, though it still has to be hosted/online somewhere. So open your photobucket pic and drag it over, dont even open the 'image manger" box.

steady on that new topic button btw...two entries the same lol?

Fortinbras CoH (Guild Admin) 6/28/2007 4:29 AM EST : RE: Hmmm..Can't add pictures to URL line in content b...
Fortinbras CoH
Posts: 622
Zomgawsh Poster

Ahh...Thank you so much!

Yeah, I know.  Sorry about that, all.  It was taking forever to save my post fro some reason, and I hit the save button again, like an idiot.

Thanks again!


No alternate text supplied.


Blakkmantis (New Admin) 7/7/2007 3:32 PM EST : RE: Hmmm..Can't add pictures to URL line in content b...
Posts: 495
Fingers of Fury!

I really hate to keep beating a dead horse here, but I'm having the same issues so many others are.  I can't add pictures on my pages either using the editor.  Keeps saying I haven't added a picture, when I have like we used to be able to do it. 

I have tried to drag a pic off the web, from a site I manage, to hold my pictures for things like this.  But all I get is a blank box on my page, where the picture is supposed to be.  I tried image shack, but same results.  I know by your answer above this is a simple thing to do.  But I can't get it to work for the life of me.  You say drag and drop picture.  Why isn't it working?  Please.

Upon further attempts at doing this, I now am getting a HTML script instead of a blank box I was getting before instead of the image I wanted to add.  Grrrr

kroty (New Admin) 7/10/2007 7:41 PM EST : RE: Hmmm..Can't add pictures to URL line in content b...

Posts: 1640
Zomgawsh Poster

Hi, I asked for help on this same topic on another thread when I saw this thread here as well. I also use photo bucket. I couldnt drag it over as it would turn my editor box into a photo bucket page really weird, and I couldnt navigate away becasue I had no buttons as it was originally the editing page.

What I did do was open the photo bucket page up, click onto a picture, hit the copy button Control C, go back to my editor box and hit the paste button (Control V), and BAM!! Finally the pic showed up, thanks god!!

Jemcrystal (New Admin) 10/6/2012 9:05 AM EST : RE: Hmmm..Can't add pictures to URL line in content b...
Posts: 5
Getting Started!

Thanks for this but I would elaborate further for those using Photobucket and larger pics:

Two tabs open.  One the GuildPortal.  Other the Photobucket.  Find picture on Photobucket you want in it's folder.  Click it to make it the only pic you see.  If you try to right click over it now you will not get the copy and paste.  So you must float your mouse at the top until you see small options and at end you see the "Zoom In."  Do so and right click your mouse.  You will now see list drop down option "Copy image."  Do this and then go to GuildPortal and paste.  DO NOT bother with "Insert an Image," "Image Manager," or "Image Map Editor."  


If anyone knows how to use the Image Manager and Editor on GuildPortal please post.  I do not and this way seems fair and quick enough.

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