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Earwax (New Admin) 1/22/2007 8:31 AM EST : WoW Event Calendar Add On

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Our guild recently began using the Roster Manager Add-on and are very pleased with the results. When can we look forward to seeing a similar facility for uploading guild events.   What is likelyhood of GuildPortal supporting a calendar add-on?

Our guild is currently debating whether to use GuildCalendar or Guild Event Manager to manage in-game event signup and tracking. We would very much like to publish our events on our web site, however we've discovered that we are much more successful with event signup in game. We'd like to export our guild events to our web site like we do our roster. This allows visitors and allied guilds to see our schedule without having to give them access to the in-game calendar. 

If GuildPortal does not plan to support a calendar manager add-on, is there the possibility of defiing an XML schema we could use to upload events to GuildPortal?



Szleynix (New Admin) 1/23/2007 11:40 AM EST : RE: WoW Event Calendar Add On
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The developer of GEM has recently release an add-on (well actually a set of PHP files) call GEMphp, which you can get from Curse Gaming etc.

Along with a php server, you'll need a mysql db.

Not actually what you're after, but if you can get a php/db server then you could embed a page into your site.

Automating the updates is another thing, maybe try uniuploader (think that's the right spelling).

Although I'd love there to be a tool, saves all the hassle and gives more ppl access to great features

Earwax (New Admin) 1/24/2007 4:18 AM EST : RE: WoW Event Calendar Add On

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Actually Guild Calendar has the same sort of utilities.  It requires a web host with a MySQL database with support for php. Going the route you suggest is always an option, but neither one is integrated with the GuildPortal calendar. What I was hoping for was the capability of feeding Event Data gathered in game to the GP calendar facility. 

I believe this would be a very popular feature.  In our experience, we are much more successful with in-game signups as opposed to web site signups.  However having events published on the web though improves our attendance.  It's also our preferred means of communicating our events to Allied Guilds rather than giving them full access to the in-game calendar channel.

Since both Guild Calendar and Guild Event Manager produce data files for exporting events, I was hoping that GP would support an import from one or either.  More likely, I suspect, and more flexible would be that GP would define a format for an import file for their calendar utility. It would then be up to the Guild Calendar and GEM teams to produce a script that exports data into that format.


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