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Bupa (New Admin) 6/20/2012 4:16 AM EST : Changing to a multi game site.
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Zomgawsh Poster

Hello all,

 I hope someone can help me with my query.

 I am the administrator of a guild website that was playing just one MMO but now is creating another branch for another MMO.  I have come across some problems and was wondering if someone can tell me if what i am attempting to do is possible. I will break it down in order of importance:

 1) Is it possible to create more user groups than the ones already provided. So for instance I can set up user group permissions for members of one game and other permissions for another? I would also require this for officers/admin’s of one game NOT to be able to be officers/admin’s of the forums of another.

 2) When applying to the guild, i would like the option to be able to send the application for one game to one part of the forums and then send another application to another game to that relevant section.

 3) And this isn’t that important really more a cosmetics thing but is it possible for the forums of one game to have a background image of the relevant game and then other forums have the background image which is relevant to there game?

 Sorry for the barrage of questions

 Oh and our website is



Draugadan (New Admin) 10/8/2012 1:22 PM EST : RE: Changing to a multi game site.

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Posts With Wolves

Was there an answer to this?  I am wanting to add a new game to my groups page.  We are a CoH group, and since that is sun setting, we are moving to CO.  So can I list the site as both CoH and CO?  Or do I have to wait till CoH is formaly gone and then change it to CO? 

I did find how I can change the game.  But I couldn't figure out if I could list two games (or more).  Thank you. 

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