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538589095_Inactive (New Admin) 4/1/2007 10:52 PM EST : PayPal, How I got mine to work!

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Becoming Adept!

Took me a few days to figure out how to put in a Donation PayPal button and get it to go to the PayPal site. But I got it to work.
A little confusing but I will try and step you thro it like I did it.

First you need to use a Free Form Text/HTML Content box.
Click to Edit.

Open another window and Go to your PayPal account and Save a Button picture you like, or use your own.  You'll need to use a host to hold your picture, like, if you don't have the premium paid account from

Next fill out your the PalPal information in the Donation section of PayPal.
Click create Button. 
You will be using the the HTML code for the Email Code.

Back to your Free Form Text/HTML Content box page.

In the editing box click on the Image Manager (a little icon up in the tools part).
Add the URL of the image URL location. example: ( http://  my paypal image .com  or Photobucket or where ever you have your picture stored).
Click Insert over to the right of the code box.

Next, you should see your PayPal button in your Editing box.

Now place your mouse curser over you new PayPal button and your curser should have a cross thingy over it. Click on your PayPal button now. It should highlight your button with lines and little box things around it.
Now, with all that highlighted like that  click on the Hyperlink Manager in the tools section (a little icon like a globe and a chain link) and open up a new tool box area.

In the URL section paste your PayPal Email Code.
In the Target part scroll and find 'new window, click on that and use that as your target.   _blank should appear in the other little box next to it.  This will open your PayPal link button to PayPal in another window.

Click save to save this part.

Back in your editing box, you should see your PayPay Button and it should be linked to your PayPal location.
Click Save.

That is it, or at least how I done mine and it works.
You can check mine out at my website.
It is on the left side near bottom.

Pugz R Us

I hope this works for you all.
Good Luck.


538742046_Inactive (New Admin) 4/21/2007 9:41 PM EST : RE: PayPal, How I got mine to work!

Posts: 87
Posts With Wolves

Cheers for this infomation it took a bit of figuring out but i still got mine to work cheers hunterella

Check it Redemption

MasonJar4 (New Admin) 6/1/2007 7:21 PM EST : RE: PayPal, How I got mine to work!
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Zomgawsh Poster

I get the button graphic part, but not the e-mail code part.  Where do I find the url for the button.

Ronstedt (New Admin) 7/20/2008 7:54 AM EST : RE: PayPal, How I got mine to work!

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Becoming Adept!

Perfect, Good job. The only thing i would add is that it is ImagePathInserter (Blue hills, red dot, no blue bar), mine is located on the right end of the top tool bar, that inserts the Button image.

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