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537049546_Inactive (New Admin) 12/9/2004 2:38 AM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds

Posts: 695
Zomgawsh Poster

God sorry i have been away so long promised more and delivered less on my suggestion list but life just well pfft.........

Anyways i see it looks like alot is pointing twords multi sites which i already do the only thing i would suggest if it is even possible would be an intagrated member list...  Having my users sign up for each game they are in is sometimes a pain. I dont know how you do it but i wish there was a way to have a single roster for my “Main” guild page that had every member in all my games in it.

536880999_Inactive (New Admin) 12/14/2004 12:42 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds
Posts: 736
Zomgawsh Poster


I think that paying a group fund wouldnt be too bad, but would you be charging as if each seperate site though the same guild would be a seperate site?

I could see the validity of it, but if you got a multi game guild jumping game to game.. (WoW, EQ2, EQ1, CoH, SWG) can get a bit too expensive me thinks.


536902945_Inactive (New Admin) 12/17/2004 2:33 AM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds

Posts: 809
Zomgawsh Poster

how about just openingup access to all games specific features no matter what game you're currently listed under?

maybe instead of a DAoC or WoW or EQ1 specific setting for a guild you could just have a “Multi-Game” selection....

really want the multigame features, we span 4 games now and would like to consolidate our websites....

537130478_Inactive (New Admin) 1/5/2005 6:35 AM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds

Posts: 356
Fingers of Fury!

I hate to open the security can of worms again, but one concern I would have is being able to control who could do what.  For instance, someone without characters in the EQ guild shouldn't be able to vote on issues that are for the EQ portion of the guild and likewise for WoW or whatever other game the guild is in.  The admins should have the ability to say who can view what on the site.  This would pertain to forums, polls, information, etc.  There could be a number of tactics or whatever that would be guild only and the site admins should be able to control this.

For example, in Torva Spiritus I give all of our EQ folks associate access to the WoW site even if they don't play WoW.  However, the folks that play WoW have member access and are privy to guild votes and other information only accessible by those who play the game.  At this point I haven't started actively recruiting for TS-WoW yet and have built it all out of exsisting guild members from the EQ side, but I would assume I will probably be doing the same thing with our TS-EQ site once we start pulling in new WoW members.

If the site was to become a single site, I would still want this type of control.  Maybe it is getting to a point that if we look at building guildportal to be configurable for multi-game, it might also be time to look at adding in full security control to the admins so we can create as many security levels as are necessary to fill our needs or for the basic admin, we could select to use guildportal defaults which would default them to the current security model.

Some of the other things I would like to see is more control over the design.  If the site is multi-guild, the option to have different banners on different pages would nice.  Or maybe have sub-banners to distinguish which game the page is for. 

Another thing along this line would be when we create pages, to be able to distinguish which game it is for.  This could also be used to control who in the guild could see a certain page.  (Of course we should have the option to override if we want all guild members regardless of game played to see them.)

One of the things I've been wanting for a while is the ability to have a checkbox on a site page to indicate whether it is to show up on the menu bar or not.  Another possibility would be to have a menu designer added to the admin tool.  Site pages would still be built as they are now but admins would be able to use the menu designer to indicate the other pages which show up on a particular page's menu.  For example, say you have an info page of WoW tactics and you create them as site pages instead of using the library in order to retain full control.  This might yield 20 site pages.  You probably don't want those 20 pages to show up on every single page of the site, especially the pages for other games! (I can hear the guildies bitching already about having to look at a list of pages that aren't even for their game!)  With a menu designer, we could set those pages to only show up on certain site pages while eliminating other content from those pages.  This was kinda a thought that popped in while I was typing but getting a lot of other ideas.  If the idea is something you'd like to develop Aaron, send me a PM and I'll try to put the thoughts into a more structured post... rofl

At any rate, I'll put some thought into the whole multi-game thing and post more later...

Btw, even though this is from Ladran, most of you know me as Kitario..

Kitario TS-EQ Officer/Co-Founder
Ladran TS-WoW Guild Leader

Tubzinsac (Guild Admin) 2/7/2005 7:12 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds

Posts: 781
Zomgawsh Poster


I have a multi game guild but this is not in reference to the multi-game aspect of the website. I simply wanted to say that customizable access levels such as what was just suggested are great for certain aspects of the guild. Back when I had the time to host my website on my own web server I had it set so that your participation determined your guild Rank now each of these 20+ ranks were set up as different access levels and as you gained rank it would unlock different sets of resources to that member. Worked great for provoking website participation. Now i grew out of that stage and later made the decision that if your a member of this guild all of its resources should and will be at your disposal so this function would no longer benifites me as much. But what i am saying it does have potential and function depending if your looking to reward the most active members of your guild (or most skilled or most whatever) with exclusiveness at the website. Such as exclusive forums, exclusive reasearch articles exclusive links, exclusive imbedded pages with games and such. Anyway just had to say that.


Rhoninn Thistlethorn (Guild Admin) 2/9/2005 4:02 AM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds

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Rhoninn Thistlethorn
Posts: 1002
Zomgawsh Poster

Any idea when we might see something for multi game guilds?

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KazuyaDarklight (New Admin) 5/15/2005 9:01 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds
Posts: 658
Zomgawsh Poster

So is the topic temporarily dead?  For my part I currently just have two sites both with the same name.  The WoW one is on the payment plan without the domain because the guild up and running on that one hehe.  Also have a Guild Wars one just so people know we exist or hopefully will hehe.  Anyway security and cross talk aside I would just be happy if I could have the restrictions cut on both of them for a reduced price.  Either way thanks for all your hard work Aaron, this place is great and I can see the continuing improvement through the the frequent news updates, keep it up.

KazuyaDarklight (New Admin) 5/15/2005 9:03 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds
Posts: 658
Zomgawsh Poster




Allomein (Guild Admin) 12/20/2005 4:37 AM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds
Posts: 3064
Zomgawsh Poster

I would really like to see multi-game features!  The tricky ones are the roster and the events.  There are work-arounds for the rest.

For the roster - it should be sortable by game.

For events, it should not be that hard - allow players the option to see all events or just events for games for which they are registered.  Members should be able to register for multiple games (which I think they can already do just not in the same guild).

For forums, forums can just be grouped by game - which we can already do.  It would be nice if members could decide to see all forums or just general and specific to their game.

I plan on having multiple libraries, sets of medals, and quests - but I think I can already do that.

Would be nice to have this when DDO is released

Kitario Ravenclaw (Guild Admin) 3/7/2006 2:47 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds

Kitario Ravenclaw
Posts: 2598
Zomgawsh Poster

Aaron, I hate bumping an ancient thread but I've recently had some timethat I've been able to put back into gaming (real life stuff suckssometimes.. heh) and prior to being pulled from the games this topicwas introduced here.  After spending a bit over a year with theguild being involved with two games, we face the probability of addingTorva Spiritus to Telon when Vanguard: Saga of Heroes releases. Has the idea of multi-game guild support been scrapped?  If simplypushed to backburner, any eta on when you may be able to startdeveloping it?  And is there anything the community can do to helpmake this addition possible?

Thanks again for all you and your team do.  Just trying to get some icing for the cake now, ya know?
Kitario Ashenblade - Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

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