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Cosmic Titan (New Admin) 12/8/2005 4:21 AM EST : Freeform HTML by Access Level

Cosmic Titan
Posts: 5580
Zomgawsh Poster

Aaron, can you add a freeform html content type that would only be viewable by whichever access level(s) was set?  Basically, I want the ability to put a content box on a page which only shows up for the appropriate access levels.

Let's say, for example, that I want box containing a set of links for my officers to use.  I only want that box to appear for those members with officer access and above and not appear at all for anyone else.

There would be many uses for this.  Information for new members, assignments for officers, etc.  We currently have the "Welcome Message" content type which shows different messages based on your access level but the box shows up no matter which access level you have.  Those content types are also linked, so you can't have different welcome message content types on different web site pages.

So, is this doable?

537508515_Inactive (New Admin) 12/9/2005 4:27 AM EST : RE: Freeform HTML by Access Level
Posts: 102
Posts With Wolves

Isn't that already possible in Control Panel/Site pages/add content and when you edit, there is a boxe that says, like, editing welcome for, drop box and choose the options for access?

Kelric (Guild Admin) 12/11/2005 4:08 AM EST : RE: Freeform HTML by Access Level
Posts: 1095
Zomgawsh Poster

dretch is right, i would explain more but i am very hungry soo i will post the info here later
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Cosmic Titan (New Admin) 12/25/2005 5:03 PM EST : RE: Freeform HTML by Access Level

Cosmic Titan
Posts: 5580
Zomgawsh Poster

Guys, as I said in my first message, I am NOT looking for the welcome box.  I want to add the "viewable by" feature to the freeform/html content type.  Why?

First, the welcome box is the same, no matter which page it is on.  So, if you set it up as a welcome box on your main page, it is always a welcome box no matter which page you put it on.

Also, welcome boxes appear no matter who is looking at the page.  You can change what's in it but not get rid of it completely without removing it altogether.

I want the freeform/html content box to be able to be displayed or not depending on who is looking at the page.  So, if I have info for my officers, it would go in the box and it would be set to only be viewable by officers.  Anyone else looking at the page would see nothing at all, not even a box....

Daeaorn (New Admin) 12/27/2005 2:40 PM EST : RE: Freeform HTML by Access Level

Posts: 2159
Zomgawsh Poster

I would like this as well.

Szleynix (New Admin) 12/27/2005 3:02 PM EST : RE: Freeform HTML by Access Level
Posts: 2231
Zomgawsh Poster

Yup, agree this would make sense - the current content types just don't let us play with game content

537477094_Inactive (New Admin) 1/18/2006 3:15 AM EST : RE: Freeform HTML by Access Level
Posts: 576
Zomgawsh Poster

I agree with this as well.

538548950_Inactive (New Admin) 1/13/2007 3:41 AM EST : RE: Freeform HTML by Access Level

Posts: 73
Posts With Wolves

Was this question ever answered?   I have not been able to find it in your forums and i have been looking through them for some time.
I have a freeform html box on my homepage and i just want that box to be only viewable to members. There is not an option to change the access level for this like for example the Information box. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Click here for a link to my site. I am trying to make the html container that has my ventrilo info available only to members.

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