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KlythTWC (Guild Admin) 11/25/2009 2:43 PM EST : Please look into creating "class required" sign-ups o...
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Fingers of Fury!

Right now, for our raids, we cannot use GP events. We have to use DNA. This is simply because in GP, when you create an event, anyone and everyone can sign up (if they have proper permissions).

With raids, when certain classes are required, we need the ability to say:

12 people maximum (everyone else is benched)

2 Tank spots (fillable by Guardian / Champion / Warden)
2 Healer spots (Minstrel / RK)
4 Utility spots (Burglar / LM / Captain)
4 DPS spots (Champion / Hunter / RK)

There would be a number of ways to do this. Ideally, in the event creation, I'd like to specify how many spots are available, and what class roles are required (or specifically, what classes).

How hard would that be?


Huthur (New Admin) 12/15/2009 10:18 AM EST : RE: Please look into creating "class required" sign-u...
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Fingers of Fury!

I was just about to post a similar subject my self. We're using the Event and signup today, but it's a REALLY demanding job for the administrator, to know what roles each member have, and even what kind of alts they have in some cases. Class roles just don't cut it in many MMO's which have a lot of classes. Like AoC with it's 12 classes, it's no way near sufficient to say Main Tank, Healer and DPS.

To make this system better I see the following:

The ideal solution
As KlythTWC mentions, I'd also love to set a max number of each class for one event, or a series of events. 

1. Max number characters for each event. You'll have to allow more than the current max number, to be able to apply for the event, but they could have a forced status like "Would like to Attend if spots are opened". Just like reserves. They'll have to be given the message that their class is currently filled up.

2. Alternative character signups. When you get the message that the class position is filled, you should be able to sign up with another character type instead. Using one of your alts.

3. Class column under events. When looking at an event, you'll get the list of Members, character names, class type etc. Again, there is very little you can do with the Class Type, except for announcing if you are a Tank or DPS specced Soldier, a DPS or Healer specced Priest and so on. We really need to have a column with the Classes! Without it, some admins might go nuts.

4. Change status for selected characters. When there is a few members on the list that you can't confirm the status on, you'll have to manually set the satus as confirmed for each of the other members. In AoC, with 24 members minimum at each raid, this takes a lot of time. We need a checkbox next to each character, and to allow us to set the status of all checked characters at the same time.

5. Character grouping. If a member signs up with different characters for an event, I'd like to see this grouped with the member. Example:

Huthur □ Huthur
□ Demitur
□ Calintur
Main Tank
Triyan □ Triyan
□ Sarylin
Priest of Mitra
Tiaka □ Tiaka Confirmed
Assassin DPS

Checkboxes is there to make easy status change on different characters (as my suggestion nr. 4). Only drawback would be that this makes sorting a bit troublesome. A soulotion would be to break it op like it is to day, if sorting on class name, class or class role is done.

A quick fix, or alternative solution
I realize that the suggestions above might take some time to implement. That is why I would like to point out a quick fix that would help many of us.

Simply implement my idea nr 3 and 4. This makes it a breeze to check what your raid team looks like, and it's fast to confirm or deny members access to events.

- Carl

What do you think?


Huthur (New Admin) 12/18/2009 3:32 AM EST : RE: Please look into creating "class required" sign-u...
Posts: 458
Fingers of Fury!

I'm a bit worried that so little people seems interested in Raid signups improvement. Is the reason that nobody uses it? I can certainly see why people don't use it if nobody's willing to improve it.

Huthur (New Admin) 1/4/2010 2:51 AM EST : RE: Please look into creating "class required" sign-u...
Posts: 458
Fingers of Fury!


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