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katika lytefoot (Guild Admin) 12/27/2004 12:01 PM EST : Event locations
katika lytefoot
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Zomgawsh Poster

1. There is no listing for Plane of Sky. If “Plane of Air“ is supposed to be “Plane of Sky” would you please change it since it doesn't come up as “air“ in game; rather it's “skyplane“. Also, isn't Air an e-plane? It makes for more confusion.

2. Why do some of the locations have a MAP link to Allah's, yet others don't? Example: PoNightmare does, but Plane of Fear & Barindu don't.

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Whyah (Guild Admin) 12/27/2004 6:36 PM EST : RE: Event locations

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I noticed the last time we had an event to Sky, but when I got to doing research found that Plane of Sky was also referred to as Air....even though they are in fact two very different zones!
Could we please have two seperate listings? Please, please... pretty please? With ummmm......sugar and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
a Windblade on top?


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RonsterM (New Admin) 12/30/2004 3:31 AM EST : RE: Event locations
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Zomgawsh Poster

I can answer these, I think... 

First, I'm quite surprised to hear that Plane of Sky is showing as “skyplane” when you /who a character there.  For the longest time it would come up as “airplane” and was therefore the source of endless puns.  Hehehehe.  Wouldn't hurt to change it to Plane of Sky here at GP though.

As for map links, links will only be generated if there is an associated EQAtlas map (not Allah's).  At last check there was no EQAtlas map for either PoF or Barindu.


Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 12/30/2004 6:34 PM EST : RE: Event locations
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
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Zomgawsh Poster

Changed it to the way it's supposed to be.  Sorry about that, I was a victim of what Ronster was talking about -- referring to it by what we called it when I was playing.  I remember weekend-long raids in that zone... *shiver* Fun, though!

About the maps, what Ronster said is what's going on.  If you have a URL to a map for a zone that doesn't have one, or if there's a better one than what's there, let me know and I'll plug it in. 
Aaron Lewis,

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