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Forums : Service Announcements > Open Letter to Aaron Lewis
Dyanthus (New Admin) 2/8/2014 3:30 PM EST : Open Letter to Aaron Lewis
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Admins: Apologies if posted in the incorrect forum. Move as needed.

Tried to leave this on his blog, but apparently it needs to be "approved" and I'm sure it won't be. 


It's now 08 February of 2014. I'm posting in this thread bc it's the last one posted by you. 

Seems no one's heard from you in at least 6+ months. Do we just... move on? Because it seems rather stupid to keep paying for hosting when there is no support. Not that a ticket can actually be *sent* as your account has expired. 

This site was legendary for offering the best variety of widgets and being the most customizable of all guild sites. I'm recently added to the superadmin group for our kin and wowza, can't believe you're throwing this away, dude. Can't believe so many folks are still sending you money for a site that no longer works without Compatibility Mode on IE and, as of last week, no longer at all on Kindle Fire. 

If you're not going to tend to the site, are you considering at least passing it on/selling it to someone who *won't* just abandon their customer base? You know, like when the site crashed and all the apologies from you rolled in. You weren't tending the garden.

Just like now. It's why I'm replying to your last post from 13 months ago, the result of said falling asleep episode. When everyone's sites crashed and you only reacted bc well, perhaps a twinge of guilt hit you? Or maybe it was the thought of loss of (unearned) revenue. 

Not sure what roused you but damn, I'd like to find something less than an SQL database f'up to do so.

Oh, and if this site is going to continue circling the drain: please, allow those of us still filling your bank accounts for services never rendered to export our forum posts. Be a gentleman about it at least.

Enjoy spending our money on things other than what we contracted for. Wait: you've been doing that for over a year, stale closing...
Um, how about 'Hope you're not dead!' Wait, I think payments would have bounced by now... 

OK, I got it! 'Hope to see you soon!'

Mariposa (New Admin) 3/13/2014 5:35 PM EST : RE: Open Letter to Aaron Lewis
Posts: 662
Zomgawsh Poster

is anyone even here anymore?

Dyanthus (New Admin) 3/23/2014 7:13 PM EST : RE: Open Letter to Aaron Lewis
Posts: 72
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Apparently no one other than the good folks who stay around and help other users. Sad.

scarlet' (New Admin) 5/16/2014 1:31 PM EST : RE: Open Letter to Aaron Lewis
Posts: 327
Fingers of Fury!

I take it no response?

We have two guilds we are considering moving considering what we are paying for is non-existent in terms of service.

Mariposa (New Admin) 6/26/2014 4:16 PM EST : RE: Open Letter to Aaron Lewis
Posts: 662
Zomgawsh Poster

sad.. no one here for admit help or respond to other messages other than other people trying to get site help. Yet someone was able to take the time to notice i was no longer paying for ad removal and turn those back on. Really miss the days when someone was around to take care of the formally wonderful website for game guilds.

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