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Burning Man FTO
Burners Unite!

The Burning Man FTO guild site for the World of Warcraft, Bronzebeard server. Might help with instance runs, banking and other assorted in-game assists.
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537273959_Inactive, Sep 8, 05 1:49 PM.
As most of you have heard, the guild has been offered the option to merge with Category Five, a 170+ person, 270+ character guild full of good people, where we can run high-end instances to our heart's content. Category Five has an insanely good website and scheduling system, a guild bank, and a whole lot more. It's a good place to be on Bronzebeard and there are a lot of people trying to get into it, but WE have been extended an invitation. In a couple of weeks, Vanth/Vinayaka will be back from Burning Man and when we all transfer over, the guild will be disbanded.

Here's how it works: Category Five does have some standing rules, none of which are any surprise to anybody with a little bit of common sense. However, the most significant one is this: All of your guilded Alliance characters on Bronzebeard must be in Category Five, a rule for which they have good reasons to put in place.

To transfer over, do this with your characters:
1) Go to Register on their website (once for each of your characters). This will help them be notified that you're coming. They also have a list of our people who will be transferring over.
2) Log on with your character and type /gquit. This will remove the character from Burning Man FTO. Then send a tell to one of their officers. Tell them you're from Burning Man FTO and you need an invite, and they'll send you one.
You can find out who the officers are in a couple of different ways. You can type /who Category Five in-game and bring up a list of who is online, and find the blue names who are guild officers and then pester them that way, or you can see who the officers are by looking at the roster on the Category Five website, too.
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