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The News of the day!
Jan 13, 10 9:01 PM
Facts uptodate
Jan 13, 10 6:15 PM
Service Updates
            First off I want to say Welcome  to my website. This website is mainly just for talking to your friends after school. This is a recently a new website so im still trying to figure this stuff out but I basically got board at home wanted to make a website. Make sure to check all of the Events and other crap like that. If you like the freaking AWESOME guild -_- and want to invite some1 to it please tell me. If you think this guild is lame and uncool O_O then tell me also. If you dont like my bad grammar and have a problem with it then shut up and get out of my face. If your getting board and still havent laughed yet then you have no sense of humor. If you are still reading this then theres just no telling how to describe you. Lol im just joking!=] Hope you get to like the guild. Thnx for reading! Goodbye....for now.<(0<0)>
<( O^O)>

The News of the day!

Lyrics117, Jan 13, 10 9:01 PM.
            For right now there is no news besides talking to your friends about how cool this guild is.

Facts uptodate

Lyrics117, Jan 13, 10 6:15 PM.
  Sense im the guild leader I have to keep you guys inforned about up coming stuff at school and whats new about the guild and events and stuff. Whew being the leader is tuff only if you make it tuff Jk!
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