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Welcome to the Home of the Midnight Tide.

Courtney and Russell update

Avarnisinen, Sep 7, 10 3:10 PM.
I am certainly excited for the new Lotro content changes, though they are not the most significant changes for us at the moment (being end-game players); nevertheless, I think going Free2Play will be beneficial in that it will (hopefuly) increase the player base and increase Turbine revenues (thus reducing new content lag).

I'm also liking that some of the Lotro changes will be based off of the succesess in DDO; like repeatable quests and the ability to change world instances in the same server (this will be especially benificial for those annoying farming quests).

Though these changes are exciting, I'm not sure if they are enough just yet to make lotro our primary MMO.  Courtney and I are both endeavoring to log into lotro much more often that we have in the past few months, but for right now, DDO, and our kin of three, will likely be our primary MMO.  That being said, I like to invite any and all Tider's to join us and our DDO kin on the Orien server (my character's name is Avarn and Courtney's is Harmany).  I'd also very much like to keep in contact with you guys outside of the MMO world...please feel free to chat with me on AIM or Skype, my screenname for both is Perpetualnrg.

Hope to hear from you guys soon:)

Russell & Courtney

F2P Head start

EIIz, Sep 7, 10 2:31 PM.
I hope to see everybody soon for F2P and headstart.


EIIz, Aug 24, 10 2:22 PM.
For anybody interested in playing something else until new content comes out you can come join Russ and I in DDO. We are on the Orien server. Russ's main is Avarn and I am Harmany. We usually keep vent on as well.

Miss everybody and hope all is well.


First DN Raid a Success

balagast, Feb 2, 10 11:28 AM.
Last weekend, between our three allied kins, we held our first attempt raiding Dar Narbugud.  I would like to thank all who participated, and I think it was a lot of fun for all that came.  We successfully cleared the first two bosses, which I find very impressive for our first ever attempt.

I look forward to proceeding farther in this raid in the coming weeks.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

jimnunes, Jan 11, 10 10:46 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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