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Still going strong!
May 13, 12 9:15 PM
Welcome to Misfitz
Apr 25, 12 6:43 AM
LS Changes
May 18, 10 7:13 AM
Its Everyones Link Shell!
Feb 16, 10 1:46 PM
Lower Level Players
Feb 9, 10 1:31 PM

Still going strong!

*Eythan, May 13, 12 9:15 PM.
This LS has gone though hard times and good times, we have seen discontent in the shell as well as unity. Even so, a core group of people has been loyal to this LS and remained with us more or less since day one.
We are now going into our third year and last I checked ranking 18th out of all the LS in Fenrir! For one of the longest lasting LS I have ever known we are always proud to have new members. Many of us are pretty laid back, and I am glad to have each and everyone of you here. As I always say, the LS is not just about those that try to lead it, but to each and every member who puts in the hard work to sustain the popularity and helpfulness of this LS and I have to congradulate everyone because if it was not for your tireless effort, we could not have helped near as many people as this LS has!

For some history on the LS, we originated on the unicorn server. Kmomo created it as "Themisfitz" and I was co-lead. This being done after I had not been in an LS for about a year cause I was angry with never getting help from any cause I was to low of a level, so I figured I did just as well with out one. Kmomo FINALLY convinced me to join one she currently was in, and after about a week I was kicked out, not because of the LS leadership but cause of some trouble maker. So I told her I was through with LS, not to much time later she made another LS of her own, or I think she had one already that was not being used. Anyway, it was the first LS "Themisfitz" as stated above. We went though many things together on the unicorn server. After a while kmomo had to leave the game due to issues in her life. I took up leadership to the linkshell. It was not long before we were facing a server merger on unicorn that would break the LS too. I decided to keep it going, when we were all tossed onto the Fenrir server, I remade the LS under the name "Misfitz" and continued on with Kmomos legacy. Always keeping in mind the idea she always carried in her heart about what an LS should be like, I appointed new sack holders to aid me in this venture. Due to some problems on Unicorn we all decided the best option was to keep a very low number of sack holders and so I have been doing. We venture out into this new server together, we stand as one, we make new friends and we look forward into the future of FFXI and make the best out of the game as we can, while eagerly awaiting the return of our dear Kmomo!

The future can be bright, the game is what we make of it, and the friendships we will develeope in our real life will transcend the boundries of the game. We are all a family here in the world of FFXI, lets keep it that way and always help our brothers and sisters out in times of need :)

Welcome to Misfitz

Wildsprite, Apr 25, 12 6:43 AM.
Currently Eythen( *Eythan on here) is in charge, with hopes that kmomo will return(she is loved and missed very much by those who know her), if you join please let me or Eythen know so we can approve you, and once you do join please post in the forums things you would like to see happen


P.S. Happy Gaming, please try not to take too much too serious in the game, having fun should be what it is about, but please try not to anger people while having fun, that ruins it, help out when you can so everyone has fun

LS Changes

kmomo, May 18, 10 7:13 AM.
Some of you may have noticed some stuff going on in the LS.  People being pissy and issues coming up.  We have come up with, what I hope, will be a solution. 

In the near future, I will be asking some of you if you would like to be an officer in the LS.  The people I have chosen for this are people who are extremely helpful, on often, do not make drama, and have my trust in their judgment.  Some of you I have already spoken too.  We're looking at somewhere around 10~ people.  When I have spoken too everyone, I will post the list on this site.  Thank you.

Its Everyones Link Shell!

*Eythan, Feb 16, 10 1:46 PM.
Everyone in this LS is welcome to sponsor events for events they want to accomplish!  As many members do this now, I feel everyone should know that they are welcome to do so as well.  Remember everyone, the more we all work together the more we will all get what we want and we all are part of helping to make the LS a very powerful shell in Unicorn. 

P.S.  Please, please if you decide to be involved in helping ppl or being part of a group please show up and be ready at the specified time. We are making every effort to providing everyone with help little by little and have been posting scheduled events online for a month or more now.  Hopefully this website will become central to scheduling activities in the LS.

Lower Level Players

*Eythan, Feb 9, 10 1:31 PM.
Is there anyone who would like to try to get lower lvl parties going so we can get our low lvl people lvled up? I mean I would, however I typically spend much of my time helping others with harder things, I figure the more everyone in the shell gets lvled the more they will be able to help everyone else.  Seems there is alot of activity during the hours ~ 5 pm CST - 10 pm CST and later.  I cannot speak for any time outside of that as I am at work or sleeping on the weekdays.  I believe it will help everyone in the LS creating more people who are capable of helping you. 

Kmomo, feel free to leave any responses to this.
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