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I understand.
Thanks Spanken
if you hit 1 year sturk I will drop you but not from here and you can always get re invited when you are back :-)
site use has been very low Hordak77
Hey guys, it Sturk. Hey, been away for a while and still will be till my divorce us settled. I'm coming back Spank. Don't drop me!
As a foundation of the server, Epic Fail is a Medium sized guild with many different types of players. Consider it a
good home if you want to meet alot of people, make some new friends, and have fun building up your
character, learning the game, or just want to find joy in failing.

We stress the following rules. Not many, but they are important. For the full list of rules please go to 
The Dirty Kobold forum to familiarize yourself with them.

1. Excellence in Character

This has multiple meanings.

First and foremost, be a good person. Don't grief anyone else on the server. As a member, your actions are
a direct reflection of yourself, our guild, and our server. 

Secondly, learn your character, get advice on how to maximize his/her potential, and try to show excellence
in your group by showing your skill at using your character.

Last, but not least, help other people. When you help someone, you're doing a great thing. Showing you are
a good person will act as a beacon to bring like-minded people over to the Fail side.

The Guild Banker position is Item, and with this change in power we carry the Motto  LEAVE NO LOOT BEHIND.
(this will add to our bankable items as well)

If you need any gear, check the bank here on the forums, and if you see something you like, request it, but
please give it back when you are done. Also, if you're not sure you have something useful, and wish to send
them to the bank to help other guildies please ask an officer before sending it to the bank. 

If you make a friend outside the guild and they'd like to join, have them send an in game mail to Spanken
or another officer and have them add him to their friends list so they will see him when they come online.
He'll run them through the membership process and if they meet the criteria to fail, they will be invited. 
(This is a must)Also have them read our guild portal site and APPLY here as well as send a mail that way I
know they have read the rules of the guild.  This will speed up their recruitment process. As of now I have
been doing some new recruiting, basically a 30 day trial to lighten my load of recruiting.  They get 30 days
to decide if they fit and we get 30 days to decide if we think they are a good fit.


The Master of Fail

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By Mycookies, Aug 8, 10 12:13 PM

For those not familiar with signing up on the raid calendar; all you have to do is click on the raid you're interested in, click the sign up/withdraw button, choose your toon, hit save then select whether you're confirmed or what not, and select whether you're dps ect. then hit save. Easy :D

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