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Sites up! Kind of...
Jan 5, 10 1:32 PM
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You approach the alcove in the Undercity you were told is where you can find the Butchers, all you can see is an old rickety, wooden door.
        As you open the door it creaks noisily, jamming slightly on rusted hinges. As you walk through the frame a Troll eyes you up and down as he leans against a wall, his eyes glow strongly of an icy blue.
His face folds into a smirk, due to the lines on his face, it looks like a regular occurrence to see.
        "Evenin' mon, how can i 'elp ya?" He says this to you calmly, ending it with a light laugh. You speak to him of your intentions.
        "So, ya wish ta be a Butcher, eh? Well i be da one ta speak wit'" His smirk slowly slips into a grin as he stretches and begins to approach you, leaving his sword leaning on the wall. You ask him what is expected of you as a Butcher.
        "Few tings, tough dey are all severely important, first of witch is Loyalty, to me, your fellow butchers, the Dark Lord Nerox, and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas. Secondly, i demand dat you always, in all things strive to grow, if only to become as powerful as ya can possibly achieve. Sound good?" He again eyes you up and down, seeing you nod, he smile.
        "Ten welcome brother, to the Butchers." He hands you a tabard, then you turn to the side some chairs, looking even worse then the door surround a table, a dagger shoved in it potruding out the under belly, off to the side of the table is a prestine, and clean book shelf, with only a few large books adorn it. Across from the table, Liorina and Maugin look to you smiling, a hint of sinister intentions about their faces.
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Sites up! Kind of...

Drezka, Jan 5, 10 1:32 PM.
Certain things still need to be done but the site is up!
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