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All members should be using there main toon's name as there name for vent & this web site so we know who you are and to avoid being removed. If you wish to be called something eles put it in brackets beside your main toon's name in vent.

Also everyone should have there alts labeled with there main toon's name under self intro by now to avoid having them accidently removed.

Welcome to the Angels of Death website!

We are a laid back legion. Progression is one of the most important parts for us, but our priority is our members and making sure that they enjoy playing the game rather than feel that they are obligated. We strive to be a fun and crazy legion but we are family also. Though we are laid back and relaxed in how we approach the game we still take it seriously. If you are freakishly offended by everything then we are not the legion for you!!!

Keep in mind that this is a game. Enjoy it or don't play it.


Yes we do have these and they are strictly enforced.

1) Behavior- Try to be respectful towards each other. If u have an issue with someone in the legion please use  /whisper, don't argue in Legion chat. If the problem persist contact an officer.

2) Represent- When you are a member of this legion you can't be an ASS in public so remember that when u are talking in trade/channel and pugs we do not want you dragging our name through the mud.

3) Vent- It is mandatory that you have vent and a mic. If u don't have a mic buy one, if u dont have vent download it, and YES its that simple. It just makes it easy when we are doing something as a group.

4) We are one crazy Legion and we say crazy shit. So if you are easily offended then we are not the legion for you. Eventhough we do talk crazy shit, we ask people to refrain from talking about sensitive subjects.
    examples: Racism, Religion, etc.

5) This is NOT a dating site in game or on vent. Nobody wants to hear it.


New Raid Calendar is Active !

Daz2010, Oct 9, 10 12:26 AM.
The new raid calendar is now active ! Sign up for events that interest you and that your able to attend. Please show up 15-30 minutes before the event start time, signed on to vent and ready to go.

Congratulations level 50's !!!

Daz2010, Apr 13, 10 6:03 PM.
2 weeks ago we had our 1st. member reach level 50 and many others have reached it since. With several more members quickly approaching level 50 this trend will continue steadily for some time to come. GRATZ! once again all, good work!



Daz2010, Feb 10, 10 8:33 PM.
Just a reminder that this weekend is double experience!!!  So lets put those alts away and get those mains that much closer to level 50!!!
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